Feb 1 – 28:

Seventy Years Of Independence and the Tamils of Sri Lanka

by D.B.S.Jeyaraj

Three score and ten years have passed since Sri Lanka then known as Ceylon gained Independence from Britain on February 4th 1948. The Island nation has been under colonial bondage for a very long period. Portugese rule came first in 1505,followed by Dutch rule in 1658.Finally came British rule in 1796 that lasted until 1948. It was the British who unified the Island under a single administration in 1833. They also introduced universal franchise and electoral representation through the State Council in 1931. [DBSJ]

♛ Singer A.E.Manoharan Was Crowned “Thamizh Poppisaich Chakkaravarthy” (Emperor of Tamil Pop Music) ♫

By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

“Ithaya Oasai”(Sound of the Heart”) was a drama put on the boards by the students of St.John’s College,Jaffna in 1963/64. The play proved so popular that it was staged to members of the public in Jaffna,Kandy,Trincomalee,Batticaloa and Colombo. The chief actor in the play was a handsome curly-haired student in the then Higher School Certificate(HSC)class. He was a hosteller as his family was living in the central highlands. [DBSJ]