March 19-25:

Tamils Have no Choice But to Accept Incremental Gains and Continuing to Engage With Sinhala Community



The Constitution of Sri Lanka must fulfil the aspirations and needs of the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims, the Burghers and the Plantation Tamils in order to unify them.Unity in diversity should be the guiding principle. It needs to be inclusive, guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities to all Sri Lankans without any form or shape of discrimination. Only under these conditions Sri Lanka as country can prosper without conflicts and wars. Sinhala, Tamil and English must be made national and official languages.All religions i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity must be equally recognized. Children in all schools in Sri Lanka must be taught all 4 religions and all three languages. [DBSJ]

The Crown Prince of Sri Lankan Politics who was Never Crowned as King

D.B.S. Jeyaraj

“Politics is a blood sport” was a famous saying by former Sri Lankan president Junius Richard Jayewardene. In the cut-throatish competitive world of Sri Lankan politics there have been many casualties who aspired to high office but failed to fulfil their ambition. Even people with powerful bloodlines in Sri Lanka’s dynastic political realm fell or were felled in this blood sport arena.One such striking political personality was Anura Bandaranaike who passed away nine years ago on March 16th 2008 [DBSJ]