Jul 15 – 21:

Story of Waning Western Influence in Sri Lanka Should Not Be Over Blown

by Alan Keenan

We need to be careful here. While there is some truth to some of the arguments in this piece and in the Washington Post article that inspired it, it misses some crucial points. To wit: [DBSJ]

Connections Video: Land in post-war Sri Lanka

Featuring on the Connections Programme of Jul 16, 2012 are:

Over the last couple of weeks, the people of the North under the leadership of Tamil Political Parties such as the Tamil National Alliance, raise concerns with regard to land acquisitions by the Government, by holding demonstrations in the North amidst strong intimidation and opposition. [TW]

Vocalists across the Palk Straits join for a duet

by Saba-Thambi

A beautiful melodious song “Aval Oru Melliya Poonkaatru” rendered by two accomplished musicians is becoming popular among the You-tube viewers. Padmashree Hariharan of South India & Sarangan Sriranganathan of Sri Lanka have joined together to create a catchy melody which is luring the young and old music listeners and carnatic and fusion music lovers. [TW]

TNA to field Muslim Candidates also for Eastern Provincial Poll

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) regarded as the chief political formation of Sri Lankan Tamils is gearing up to face the forthcoming elections to the Eastern Provincial council under the house symbol of the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi(ITAK)without aligning with any other political party or group.

Earlier the TNA was exploring the possibility of tying up with either the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC)on a common symbol or contesting together with the chief opposition United National Party(UNP). [DBSJ]

United List to be Submitted for Sabaragamuwa Polls Under CWC Symbol on July 16th

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

In a significant political development, strong grassroots pressure exerted by the Tamils of Sabaragamuwa province has led to political parties representing the interests of Up Country Tamils sinking their differences and uniting to contest the forthcoming provincial council polls by submitting a combined list of candidates under the symbol of cockerel. [DBSJ]