Connections Video ~ Space for Right to Dissent

Connections Productions Team: Shifan Ahmed | Jovita Arulanantham, Bhagya Rajapakse | Amanda De Silva

Featuring on the Connections Programme of Jul 2, 2012 are:

The Right to Dissent: Under Threat?

The space left in Sri Lanka for dissent comes into question again with the recent threats and intimidation leveled at Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri of the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations.

This segment looks at civil society reaction to the incident and the governments response to some of the concerns that have been raised.

Dr Nimalka Fernando receives the Citizens Peace Award

Dr. Nimalka Fernando, who continues to highlight issues of national concern despite threats and intimidation faced, was recently awarded the Citizens Peace Award 2011 by the National Peace Council.

Politics through Cartoons by Anjana Indrajith

An exhibition held by political cartoonist Anjana Indrajith