Connections Video ~ ‘Promising answers’ and ‘addressing issues’ of political prisoners

Connections Productions Team: Shifan Ahmed | Jovita Arulanantham, Bhagya Rajapakse | Amanda De Silva

Featuring on the Connections Programme of Jun 11, 2012 are:

- Youth Unemployment matters in Post war Sri Lanka

Exploring matters of youth unemployment in Sri Lanka and the paradoxical situation of labour shortages on one hand and high unemployment on the other.

- Promising Answers for Political Prisoners

A report on the protest held in front of Welikada prison and the hunger strike in Vavuniya, to draw attention to the plight of political detainees, who have been detained for months and even years without charge. The Government has now promised to begin looking into their cases within a month.

- Lakshan Dias on ‘Addressing issues of Political Prisoners

Shifan talks to Human Rights Lawyer Lakshan Dias to learn about some of the practical issues and how feasible it will be for the government to deal with the cases of the political prisoners in the way they propose.

- Police Department takes over Colombo Checkpoints

A short report on the withdrawal of the Army from checkpoints in Colombo and it’s handing over to the police.