Video ~ Militarization and Eviction: Plight of people from Mullikulam and Ashraff Nagar

Connections Productions Team: Shifan Ahmed | Jovita Arulanantham, Bhagya Rajapakse | Amanda De Silva

Featuring on the Connections Programme of Jun 4, 2012 are:

A glimpse of Home: Residents of Mullikulam attend a Special Mass

·In the Musali division in the Mannar district lies the village of Mullikulam. The village of Mullikulam, was once home to approximately 400 families-an entirely Tamil Catholic community. A significant feature in the village is the historic church of Our lady of Assumption. On the 19th of May the former residents of the village were given special permission by the Navy to hold a mass there. Here’s a short report on the on the mass held and some of the views expressed.

Evicted from Ashraff Nagar : Residents seek legal redress

·The residents of Ashraff Nagar situated in the Ampara district have faced displacement time and time again due to various reasons. This time their displacement is a result of occupation in their land by the army. A few families however haven’t given up the fight for their land.

Connections programme of June 4, 2012

Brigadier PR Wanigasooriya on the role of the Military in post-war Sri Lanka

·Questions on the role of the Military in post war era in Northern Sri Lanka, as well as concerns about their continuing presence in those areas have been regularly raised over the past three years. Jovita speaks to Brig. Wanigasooriya of the Sri Lanka Army to find out more.

Walking for a cause: Supporting war affected soldier families

·The Viru Daru Society was established by the children of disabled and fallen soldiers of the three decade long war. The main objective of this organization is to uplift the education of the children of soldiers and of the children who have been affected by the war in the North and East. A walk was organized to collect funds, and inform the public about their cause.