Picturesque groves, Nurture you on this earth – didn’t an untold number of Comrades shred Blood on your roots!

Paaventhar Bharathithaasan’s poetic works dealt with socio-political issues that are true and relevant to this day.

Many of his works have been featured in Tamil movies as well. His song “Siththira Solaikale” was included in the film “Naan ean piranthen” – Why was I born?, starring Makkal Thilakam M.G. Ramachandran.


Bharathithaasan was born on April 29, 1891 in Pondicherry, French India and passed away on April 21, 1964 in Chennai (Madras), India. His original name was Subburathinam. In 1909, he was introduced to Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar, and his interactions with the Mahakavi had a major impact on him.

Bharathithaasan was greatly influenced by Periyar and and his writings anecdoted at times in the political journey of C.N. Annadurai and M.G. Ramachandran. And his works stand true to contemporary issues, as a true poet’s ‘poetic justice’ comes to life at all junctures in history.

The poem “Siththira Solaikale” parallels nature, labor and machines that are bettering life on earth for humanity wherein beneath it lies numerous sacrifices. This poem, a tribute to the hard working labor resonates with other times too.

Its underlying message – in recalling of sacrifices and the plight in the past, shall intend to set course in charity to help those in dire need today. It reminds against becoming complacent that sets in as time goes on etc.

Translation of “Siththira Solaikale”

Picturesque groves
Nurture you on this earth – didn’t an
Untold number of Comrades shred
Blood on your roots!

Lotus blooming ponds
In those days you sprung – Of our
Holiest comrades fallen beneath
Shall I recite of it in this world!

Machine clusters that mill
Your first and finale – shall I recite
Laboring our villager’s toil
Didn’t it give rise to truth?

World that’s witnessing labors’ toil
Purging hunger plunders life – Saying so
Wealthy you are
Is this justice just? – Paaventhar Bharathithaasan’s poem,

Translated by K.Thirukumaran

சித்திரச் சோலைகளே!
உமை நன்கு திருத்த இப்பாரினிலே
முன்னர் எத்தனை தோழர்கள் இரத்தம் சொரிந்தனரோ!
உங்கள் வேரினிலே

தாமரை பூத்த தடாகங்களே!
உமைத்தந்த அக்காலத்திலே
எங்கள் தூய்மைச் சகோதரர்
தூர்ந்து மறைந்ததைச்சொல்லவோ ஞாலத்திலே!

ஆர்த்திடும் இயந்திரக் கூட்டங்களே!
உங்கள் ஆதி அந்தம் சொல்லவோ?
நீங்கள் ஊர்த்தொழிலாளர் உழைத்த உழைப்பில்
உதித்தது மெய் அல்லவோ?

தொழிலாளர் உழைப்புக்குச்சாட்சியும் நீயன்றோ?
பசி தீரும் என்றால் உயிர்போகும் எனச்சொல்லும்
செல்வர்கள் நீதிநன்றோ ?

– பாவேந்தர் பாரதிதாசன்

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