Many facets of Thai Pongal: Pongal as Tamils’ Passover

by K. Thirukumaran

Many facets of Thai Pongal:


Thai Pongal is marked with cultural festivities to uphold tradition and heritage

(1) Among other things, Thai pongal has long become a festival marking or taking gauge of prosperous sentiments in the lands of our roots, as one aspiring to be a farmer declined over a generation or two ago, the time of the year Thai Pongal falls and the traditions associated with its celebration make it an ideal time to take stock of sentiments.

One key aspect of it is that how important “Pongal Santhai” (Pongal market) became when markets in the Jaffna peninsula used to convene on alternate days etc. When the market convened for the final time before Jan 14th, the crowds and spending habits would be the gauges on how well other sectors and the general spirit of the people would be too.

They all depended on a bountiful harvest. However tiny, this aspect of our root still exists.

Speech by Seyon Sooriakumar 1st place winner of speech competition-Old Students of Urumpirai Hindu College, Thai Pongal Villa 2014, Toronto, Canada

Celebrating own heritage amid many cultures

(2) Several festivals such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa etc gained added significance in their respective diaspora communities to fulfill the calendar of holiday time with one’s own heritage.

Celebrating the charming Tamil Thanksgiving Festival in January, just after the holiday season of December adds more glitter to Pongal fanfare.

By Seyon & Seyvita Sooriakumar-Thai Pongal Villa 2014 in Toronto

Thai Pongal in Home away from Home and in light of leading non-agrarian life styles

(3) In terms of Thai Pongal’s “irrelevance” – that may also become a new reason to “celebrate” it. This one festival of Tamils can be said that is causing it to be not celebrated in the same way as our forefathers did, particularly its outdoor events and then also it falls in the colder months where the most Tamil “exodus” have taken place.

In that sense it can become our own “Passover”.

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