Toronto area MP questions stance of Globe and Mail on slain LTTE Negotiator

John McKay, MP for Scarborough – Guildwood, in a response to The Globe and Mail has queried the absence of editorials against “state sanctioned assassinations of peace negotiators.”

The premier broadsheet in Canada, Globe and Mail – recently wrote an editorial “What were those MPs thinking?,” in critical of Toronto area Liberal MPs attending a vigil held in the town of Markham paying tribute to the slain LTTE Peace Negotiator. John McKay, MP also says that “one cannot take sides in pressing for the resumption of peace talks”, in his letter to the Globe and Mail.

[Hon. John McKay, MP]

Full Text of John McKay, MP is as follows:

What was the globe thinking?

Your editorial What Were those MPs Thinking? (Nov 7) over looks the central point of the Markham Vigil for S.P. Tamilselvan: His death was the result of an assassination attempt by the Sri Lanka’s government.

The Oslo peace accord negotiations are instructive here. As repugnant as Yasser Arafat was to the Israelis, they knew the only possibility of the ending the conflict was through negotiation, and that Mr. Arafat, for better or worse was the recognised leader of Palestinians.

Regrettably, the Sri Lankan government hasn’t taken this approach.

Despite its opinion of Mr. Tamilselvan, he was the chief negotiator for one side in this conflict at the Norwegian mediated peace process. His assassination sends the signal that the Sri Lankan government has chosen a military solution when none exists. The most likely outcome of this assassination will be the further escalation of violence and the end to the peace process in Sri Lanka.

My attendance at the vigil was intended to urge Canadians on both sides of this conflict to press for a resumption of peace talks. To do this, one cannot take sides.

I conclude by turning the question around: Why didn’t you condemn the Mr. Tamilselvan’s assassination and its inevitable disastrous consequences? Where is your thundering editorial condemning state Sanctioned assassinations of peace negotiators? What were you

John McKay
MP for Scarborough – Guildwood

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