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June 27, 2010

Jun 27- Jul 3:

6 member Tamil National Alliance delegation leaves to New Delhi on 4th of July for talks

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

6 Member Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentary delegation led by Trincomalee district MP R.Sambandan will leave for India on July 4th [TC]

Govt Must Stop Setting up New Army camps in Wanni and building houses for Army families

By Veerasingham Aanandasangaree

I am frankly of the opinion that the opening of an Army Camp at Mullaithevu as a fore-runner and the decision of the Government to build permanent houses for the Army are ill-timed, counterproductive and will very soon prove disastrous. [TC]

Weerawansa's Outburst: Will Govt allow people to take up arms against the UN staff working in Colombo?

by Karu Jayasuriya

We are astounded by the irresponsible and deplorable call by MP Wimal Weerawansa, a Minister in the present government urging the Sri Lankan public to take up violence and commit acts of aggression against the United Nations offices and their staff in Colombo. [TC]

In Sinhala society today exists a mirror image of what LTTE and its Diaspora supporters could not see before May 2009

BY Dushy Ranetunge in London

The pressures that the Sri Lankan state is under at present is its own creation in failing to strategically position Sri Lanka in a rapidly transformed post LTTE landscape. It is remarkably similar to the predicament of the LTTE, which was also its own creation. [TC]

10 measures at work already in the Sri Lankan economy to withstand GSP + withdrawal

By The Economic Research Unit – Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Current reports indicate that the Generalized System of Preferences plus (GSP+) facility granted by the European Union (EU) would not be available for Sri Lanka after 15 August 2010, and based on such reports, there has been considerable speculation. [TC]

China backs Sri Lanka's opposition to UN rights panel [TC]

Authoritarian Regimes Vs. NGOs: Learning bitter lessons from contemporary persecutions

By J.C. Weliamuna

The constant struggle between authoritarian regimes and NGOs reminds us of the historic struggle for freedom - the world over against oppression. Determined groups defeated feudal leaders to authoritarian dictators in the past. Probably the difference today is contextual. [TC]

Breaking the backbone of Civil Society in Sri Lanka-Time to challenge the anti NGO propaganda

By J. C. Weliamuna

History of civil society is as old as civilization itself, which is an indication that it is no easy task to “eradicate or eliminate” NGOs, however much one wants it to happen [TC]

Bollywood star Salman Khan films in Sri Lanka after awards row

Khan told reporters on Wednesday that he was delighted to film in Sri Lanka because the country is close to India and its landscape is suitable for Indian productions. [TC]

No reason for Sri Lanka anger at UN war panel -Ban [TC]

As Sri Lanka Threatens UN Staff, Ban's UN Makes Excuses, Calls It Gandhian 

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, June 30 -- As Sri Lanka's minister of housing called for UN staff to be held hostage until any war crimes inquiry is stopped, the UN in New York made excuses for the threat. [TC]

Govt must assure the public of the independent status of the Attorney General

By The Friday Forum

The Friday Forum is an informal gathering of public spirited persons wishing to contribute to the future development of Sri Lanka within a framework of democracy, social justice and pluralism. [TC]

India Loses to China in Africa-to-Kazakhstan-to-Venezuela Oil

By Rakteem Katakey and John Duce

Indian Oil Minister Murli Deora traveled to Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela this year, leading a record number of delegations to gain oil for the world’s third-fastest-growing major economy. [TC]

International community is tilting against the Sri Lankan state in a bid to forestall Sinhala domination over the Tamil people/areas

by Dayan Jayatilleka

Sri Lanka’s once shattered and broken territory – the boundary of the state — has been fused, but the nation remains fissured. How is it to be unified? [TC]

North - Eastern people of Sri Lanka will go against South Indian Film Industry very soon

by Vidya Abhayagunawardena

The ongoing debate on Sri Lanka in the Indian film world in general and the South Indian Film Industry (SIFI) in particular is intriguing and thought provoking. [TC]

A new war: SL backed KP vs India backed TNA

Colombo props up "KP" led ex-LTTE outfit to defeat New Delhi backed TNA in Northern polls

by Upul Joseph Fernando

Though some are waiting in expectation for the release of  KP alias Kumar Pathmanathan, it was a long time  since he had been  released. The fact that he was freed came to light officially when he recently toured the North East along with the leaders of the Tamil Diaspora. [TC]

Fonseka 'ready to talk' with UN panel 

BBC Sandeshaya

The detained former military commander in Sri Lanka says he is prepared to meet the special panel appointed to advice the UN chief on alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka. [TC]

Sri Lanka denies deal with 'rump Tamil Tigers'

By Charles Haviland, BBC News, Colombo

Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has denied reports that the government is forming an "alliance" with the "rump" of the Tamil Tigers. [TC]

UN sets up limited inquiry into human rights in Sri Lanka 

By K. Ratnayake

The Sri Lankan government has reacted angrily to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s June 22 appointment of an expert panel to advise him on human rights violations in the final stage of the island’s civil war. [TC]

India's hands are tainted with the blood of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka

By V Suryanarayan

During President Rajapaksa’s visit to New Delhi, the problems and prospects of India-Sri Lanka relations came under close scrutiny. The joint statement spelt out the directions in which bilateral relations are likely to proceed ahead. [TC]

Sri Lankan military encroaches into civilian economy after end of war [TC]

The antiquity of Thamizh: An Epigraphic perspective

Tamil-Brahmi inscripted 200 BCE Pottery Found in Tissamaharama by German Archaeologists
By Iravatham Mahadevan [TC]

.....and I say ‘Cheese’

By Ranjan Abayasekara [TC]

Karunanidhi announces road map for promotion of Thamizh as Classical Conference concludes

laments over lack of political solution for Sri Lankan Tamils

by T.Ramakrishnan, K.V.Prasad

The first World Classical Tamil Conference here came to an end on Sunday with Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi announcing a plan of action for Tamil promotion and development. [TC]

The "Glass House gang of four" behind the Moon move to appoint A UN Panel on Sri Lanka

By Ranmali Fernando

Ban Ki Moon has appointed his panel to invesitgate the last stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka or the end of terrorism as many Sri Lankans would put it. [TC]

'Why should I worry about others? If India and neighbours are good with me, that is enough for me' - President Mahinda Rajapakse

President Mahinda Rajapakse speaks to K Venkataraman of The Times of India [TC]

Tamil diaspora must contribute towards rehabilitating ex-LTTE combatants appeals TDD

By Franklin R.Satyapalan

Members of Tamil Diaspora for Dialogue (TDD ) yesterday, made a fervent appeal to members of the Tamil community especially those members of the Tamil Diaspora to contribute whatever they could towards rehabilitating the remaining 8083 ex-combatants in government custody so that they could enter civil society without delay. [TC]

Sri Lankan govt reaches agreement with LTTE faction led by Pathmanathan alias "KP"

By Shamindra Ferdinando

One year after the conclusion of war, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government and the LTTE rump have reached an agreement, thereby giving the SLFP-led ruling coalition an unprecedented political advantage. [TC]

Benefits could accrue if Sri Lanka responds positively to EU demands instead of rejecting them

by National Peace Council

The Sri Lankan government has said it is rejecting the 15 conditions set out by the European Union in relation to extending the benefits of the GSP Plus tariff concession since such demands constitute a violation of our national sovereignty. [TC]

Jaffna, where women weep

by Melani Manel Perera

The civil war has widowed tens of thousands of women in Jaffna, their husbands, civilian victims of the conflict. The women have to cope with an unhelpful government and social prejudice in Tamil society. [TC]

Tamil Classical Conference and self-serving politics of "Kalainjer" Karunanidhi

by M.S.S. Pandian

The World Classical Tamil Conference, which is being held in Coimbatore by the DMK government at the cost of Rs. 400 crore, is born in anti-intellectualism and draws sustenance from the self-serving politics of M. Karunanidhi, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. [TC]

The vanquished and the victors in the spoils of war

by Pearl Thevanayagam

The recently concluded war with all its human miseries such as loss of lives, widowhood, displaced and maimed civilians, orphans, destruction of properties and denigration of agricultural lands and the disruption to normal life throughout the island was not all that bad as far as a significant part of the populace was concerned [TC]

Pathmanathan alias "KP": Rajapakse regimes "very bestest, bestest friend"

by Namini Wijedasa

We’ve said this before but what the heck let’s churn it up again: Sri Lanka is a nation of such appalling paradoxes that it puts all paradoxes everywhere in the world to dire shame. [TC]

With Friends like India do we need enemies…?

By Gamini Weerakoon

Even going back to the legendary times of Lanka’s Ravana abducting Sita from India, Sri Lanka had to be friends with the many kingdoms on the sub-continent, for the sake of peace and self preservation. [TC]

Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood": Righting wrongs, restoring justice, re-learning politics 

By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

I hope everyone saw Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe in the title role. The BBC History channel backed it up with a two hour programme, piecing together the legend from historical fact and circumstance. [TC]

Complying with EU conditions will actually enhance citizens sovereignty

By Kishali Pinto Jayawardene

I do not think that there is a thinking person among us who will deny that international criminal justice targeting egregious human rights violators across national boundaries, is more often arbitrary if not capricious. [TC]

National constitution should be a social contract between the people and the state

by Dr. Nihal Jayawickrama

In the past four decades, whenever a political party or alliance secured a substantial majority of seats in parliament, that group of politicians has claimed the right to foist a new constitution on the people of this country. [TC]

Need for harmonization of Sinhala - Tamil relationship in post - war Sri Lanka

by Gnana Moonesinghe

When reflecting on warring Sri Lanka or post conflict Sri Lanka, the predominant thought that comes to mind is the need for harmonization of Sinhala Tamil relationship. What is it that is necessary to achieve this goal that has eluded this country for over six decades, a sad epitaph for our political leaders? [TC]

Constitutional changes must not be done in secrecy or in haste

An Interview with Ruana Rajepakse by Namini Wijedasa [TC]

Stephen Sackur checkmated Defence Secretary on several occasions during “Hard Talk” BBC interview

By S.V.Kirubaharan, France

The recent BBC series of hard talk programmes on Sri Lanka presented by Stephen Sackur was well-received globally. This telecasting has shown the good, bad and ugly sides of Sri Lanka [TC]

Video & mp3: Tradition vs modernity dilemma in Tamil literature

by B.Kolappan

When music director A.R. Rahman wanted a preamble for the song Theendaay Meitheendaay in the film Yen Suvasakaatrey, lyricist Vairamuthu did not think twice about the choice. [TC]

Muthuswamy  Master: Illustrious Tamil Music Composer of Sinhala Cinema

22nd Death Anniversary ~ June 27th 1988

By Firoze Sameer

Ramaya Asari Muthusamy was born on January 5, 1926 in the village of Nagerkovil bordering Kerala in South India. He was the only son of the versatile South Indian musician called Ramaya Baagawadher. [TC]

June 19, 2010

June 20 - 26:

Russia reprimands Ban-Ki-moon for setting up panel on Sri Lanka [TC]

Audio & Transcript: Radio Australia Interview with Marzuki Darusman, UN Panel Chief on Sri Lanka [TC]

Sri Lanka says UN panel 'will not be allowed' to enter

The Sri Lankan foreign minister has said that a UN panel on human rights will not be allowed into the country. [TC]

The 15 EU conditions: 'Erode authority of the Govt. of Sri Lanka' - Ministry of External Affairs

Here are the 15 conditions spelt out by the European Commission for renewal of GSP+ and followed by response from the Ministry of External Affairs, Sri Lanka: [TC]

Five Day World Classical Tamil Conference begins in Coimbatore today

by T.Ramakrishnan

Tamil, which has the oldest literature among living languages, will be the focus of the festival of letters coming up in Coimbatore. Beginning on June 23, the five-day event organised by the Tamil Nadu government will celebrate the glory of Tamil with special focus on Classical Tamil. [TC]

Criteria for affording classical language status to Tamil

by V.C.Kulandaiswamy

There is lack of clarity even among Tamil scholars on the issue of criteria for according classical status to a language. It is therefore necessary to examine the attributes that qualify a language to be reckoned as classical. [TC]

UN panel an unwarranted unnecessary interference on sovereignty - Sri Lanka

By Ministry of External Affairs, Colombo

The Government of Sri Lanka strongly opposes the appointment, by the Secretary General of the United Nations, of the Sri Lanka – Panel of Experts announced by his Spokesperson in New York on Tuesday, 22nd June 2010. [TC]

Is Gotabhaya Rajapaksa a one man deterrent to discussion and dissent - The lifeblood of democracy?

by Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu

Many readers may have seen if not read about Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s interview with Stephen Sackur of the BBC HardTalk programme in which he calls Sarath Fonseka a liar and threatens to hang him for his position on a war crimes investigation.[TC]

Sri Lankans must unitedly use the weapon of "boycott" against international interference in our internal affairs

By S. L. Gunasekara

On the 18th May 2009, Sri Lanka awoke from the nightmare of separatist terrorism which had plagued it ever since the 22nd of May 1972.[TC]

New British Prime Minister hopes magnanimity would follow victory in Sri Lanka

by Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha

It was depressing, on my first morning in England this time round, to attend a debate at the House of Commons on Sri Lanka in which the usual suspects revived their attacks on Sri Lanka and its government.[TC]

UN Panel on Sri Lanka: 'Public report for one death, secret for tens of thousands of deaths?'

Indonesia's former Attorney General Murzuki Darusman, a member of the panel of Advisers on Sri Lanka announced by Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon also served on UN panel inquiring the death of Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and that panel's report was released to the public.

However, in Sri Lanka case though, UN did not say today if the panel's report will be made public, nor if any of the three members will take questions from the Press, according to the Inner City Press (ICP). [TC]

Ban panel 'roadmap' for international investigation in Sri Lanka: HRW [TC]

Champika Ranawaka’s apology is a positive step towards reconciliation

by Mano Ganesan

JHU general secretary and Minister Champika Ranawaka’s apology to Tamils on burning down of the Jaffna library is a positive step in the long journey for reconciliation between Tamils and Sinhalese. We welcome this testimonial declaration in the right spirit. [TC]

Champika Ranawaka apologizes in Jaffna for 1981 arson attack on Jaffna library

By N. Parameswaran

The Jathika Hela Urumaya yesterday apologized to the Jaffna citizens for what it called an ‘unpardonable and disgraceful’ attack on the Jaffna library carried out by ‘violent elements within the UNP’.[TC]

Radio Australia Audio & Transcript: UN panel on Sri Lanka civil war almost finalised [TC]

UN Sri Lanka Panel To Include Steven Ratner and Yasmin Sooka of South Africa, Reconciliation or Accountability?

By Matthew Russell Lee

On Sri Lanka war crimes, sources tell Inner City Press that the three names including not only former Indonesian attorney general Darusman but also American lawyer Steven Ratner, and South Africa's Yasmin Sooka, who served on that country's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, who was proposed by Ban advisor Nicholas Haysom, also of South Africa. [TC]

Sri Lanka furious as UN's Ban names war crimes panel [TC]

Kandiah Kandasamy lived and died for the finest cause in the world

by Shanie

Today, twenty two years ago, Kandiah Kanthasamy, lawyer and human rights activist, was abducted in Jaffna by one of many armed groups that roamed the streets of Jaffna then [TC]

No hostage to the past: An encounter with Mervyn de Silva

Mervyn de Silva: 11th Death Anniversary ~ June 22, 2010

By Asanga Welikala

The eleventh anniversary of the death of Mervyn de Silva, the great Sri Lankan journalist and editor, falls on 22nd June. [TC]

Hardtalk 4: Is Sri Lanka really entering a new era?

Presented by Stephen Sackur:

"HARDtalk has come to Sri Lanka, a year after government forces finally defeated the Tamil Tigers, to end Asia's longest running war. But now the talk is of reconciliation and rebuilding;[TC]

Video: Protest against Burma Military Junta, near Burma Embassy in Colombo [TC]

‘Sri Lankan Model’ of Terrorism vs Terrorism  is no model to Follow

by T.V.S. George

If it takes a thief to catch a thief, can we say it requires terrorism to defeat terrorism? That is the theory Mahenda Rajapakse put into practice in Sri Lanka.[TC]

Contribution of Sri Lankan Tamil priest Thaninayakam towards classical language status of Thamizh

By Rev. Fr. Thamil Nesan

The World Classical Tamil Conference is scheduled to be held from 23rd to 27th of June, 2010, at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu fulfiling the wishes and aspirations of Tamil scholars, not only from Tamil Nadu but also from all over the world. [TC]

The difference in "economics" between Ranasinghe Premadasa and Mahinda Rajapakse

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Until a few months ago, Greece was a lavish spender with defence expenditure topping its bloated budget. Using its cold war with neighbouring Turkey as justification, Greece spent more of its GDP on defence than any other European nation. [TC]

Foreign policy shift by Sri Lanka in post - war situation

By Sumanasiri Liyanage

Leon Trotsky, a leader of the Russian Revolution, once said that when a specific music is played, the issue is not which key is important, but when a particular key should played. [TC]

Jayalalithaa urges implementation of an 18 point plan to alleviate Tamils' plight

AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalithaa on Saturday June 19th listed an 18 point request to help Tamils in Sri Lanka. [TC]

Magistrates of Chavakachcheri and Vavuniya transferred out of North suddenly

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Two magistrates from the Chavakachcheri and Vavuniya Magistrates’ Courts have been transferred with immediate effect to different areas for no specific reason. [TC]

US ambassador at large for war crimes Stephen Rapp says Sri Lanka panel doesn't meet standards

By Matthew Russell Lee

Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa administration insists that its panel on "Lessons Learned" is a sufficient response to reports of tens of thousands of civilians killed in the final stage of the conflict last year.[TC]

Veteran LTTE Leader Pathmanathan alias "KP" meets Gotabhaya and GL  Peiris along With Tamil diaspora group

by Ananth Palakidnar

A group of nine Tamil intellectuals including former prominent militant sympathisers who had been operating internationally for the militant outfit along with Pathmanathan (Kumaran), the former head of the LTTE’s activities abroad said they would assist in the post conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the country. [TC]

The hijacking of a military victory by one political family to consolidate its own power

By Kishali Pinto Jayawardene

The day after the military victory over the LTTE last May, the street down which I live was fluttering with national flags hoisted atop each and every conceivable point. [TC]

UNP must renew itself as a party and take on the dictatorial Rajapakse regime

By Ranil Wickremesinghe

Politics is a dynamic process, so political parties cannot afford to be stagnant. Whether we win or lose, parties need to renew themselves periodically because the needs and desires of the electorate keep changing. [TC]

Ex-LTTE cadres unite in wedlock at mass marriage ceremony

By Sarasi Paranamanna

Attending a mass marriage ceremony is quite an unforgettable experience, because, being part of a marriage ceremony always gives a joyous feeling, and when it is on a mass scale, the celebration is amplified. [TC]

Freed Sri Lankan journalist Tissainayagam arrives in U.S.

The Committee to Protect Journalist welcomes the arrival in the United States of Sri Lankan journalist J.S. Tissainayagam, who arrived at Washington’s Dulles International Airport on Saturday morning. [TC]

National Reconciliation begins when the pause after war drives a nation to Its senses

by Rt.Rev.Duleep de Chickera, Bishop of Colombo

It is now a year since the civil war has ended in our beloved Sri Lanka and sadly national reconciliation continues to elude us. In these circumstances the CR de Silva Commission on "lessons learnt and reconciliation" is timely and welcome. [TC]

A Royal Visit From Trincomalee to Colombo

By Sharlene de Chickera

The day was June 2nd 2010. Our mission was to receive 86 school boys from Trincomalee District and host them at Royal College, for a day! [TC]

Tim Martin of "Act Now" seeks justice for Sri Lankan Tamils

Tim Martin, one of the directors of human rights group Act Now was invited to Oxford on Wednesday, June 9th to give a lecture at the Oxford Union, once described as the "world's most prestigious debating society". [TC]

No International War Crimes Investigation against Sri Lanka for now

By Namini Wijedasa

The Tamil diaspora is likely to be livid. International human rights groups like Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group and Amnesty International will not be happy. And this certainly was not what Navi Pillai, the UN high commissioner for human rights, had hoped for. [TC]

A video look at US Gulf coast oil disaster as Sri Lanka announces offshore drilling in Mannar basin

Sri Lanka's Petroleum minister Susil Premajayantha recently announced that offshore drilling in the Mannar basin will commence from late January 2011 to May 2011. [TC]

Fidel's legacy and left scholarship [TC]

June 12, 2010

Jun 13 - 19:

Leave re-settlement process and the development projects of Vanni in my hands

By Veerasingham Anandasangaree

Please permit me to bring to your notice the pathetic plight of the re-settled Internally Displaced Persons. [TC]

Grieving and mourning seem to be criminalized in the newly "liberated" North

By Ruki

Today, 18th June 2010, has been declared a public holiday by the government. Many Sri Lankans, especially Sinhalese from the South are expected to respond enthusiastically to the government’s elaborate plans to celebrating the war victory over the LTTE. For several days, citizens in Colombo had to put up with closed roads in preparation. [TC]

'Our armed forces battled carrying gun in one hand and the Declaration of Human Rights the other': President Rajapakse [TC]

BBC HARDtalk III - Sri Lanka's child soldiers [TC]

President Rajapaksa's New Delhi visit: 'Much ado about few things'

By Col R Hariharan

From Indian point of view the much hyped visit of Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa to New Delhi from June 8 to 11 can be summed up in one sentence as much ado about few things, with apologies to Shakespeare. [TC]

Charges of Financial irregularities in SL media rock IFJ world congress In Spain

Accusations about the Asia office of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) turning a blind eye to financial irregularities in Sri Lanka’s media organizations led to several key figures being ousted from office at this year’s IFJ world congress. [TC]

Tamil diaspora Organizatins  Desperately Attempting to  keep Concept of Tamil Eelam Alive

By Asutosha Acharya

Amid media reports indicating that Tamil organizations made up of diaspora in different countries are still making desperate attempts to keep alive the concept of "Tamil Eelam", [TC]

British House of Commons debate on Tamil civilian plight in Sri Lanka [TC]

Hard Talk Part 2 -Democracy Sri Lankan style

In the second of Hardtalk's exclusive series of programmes in Sri Lanka, Stephen Sackur talks to journalists who live with the threat of intimidation and murder. He talks to the opposition presidential candidate, former General Sarath Fonseka, who is now in detention facing court martial. [TC]

'BBC meets its match in Sri Lankan Defence Secretary'- The Manila Times [TC]

NYT Editorial: The Truth About ‘Bloody Sunday’ [TC]

India faces flak in Sri Lanka; seen as a bully

by Sutirtho Patranobis

Mahinda Rajapaksa recently said India should benignly look out for Sri Lanka like its little sister. But not many here currently seem to share that tender emotion; India is being looked upon more as a big bully. [TC]

HARDtalk - Sri Lanka Part 1 - 'Has military victory put an end to the Tamil problem?'

Hardtalk on the road in Sri Lanka:

In May 2009, after almost 30 years of civil war, Sri Lanka's government announced its defeat of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). But with the government refusing to talk of autonomy for the Tamil people, is the current peace sustainable? [TC]

Samantha Power: "Make hope and history rhyme"

Samantha Power, special assistant to the president on multilateral affairs and human rights, and David Pressman, National Security Council director for war crimes and atrocities, will hold four days of meetings in Sri Lanka. [TC]

World Tamil Classical Conference in Tamil Nadu Will Boost Chief Minister Karunanidhi's Image

By Pushpa Iyengar

The man considers himself—and there are many in the state who will agree—to be a Tamil icon. [TC]

A new (cultural) campaign against Tamils in Vanni

by Melani Manel Perera

The provinces of northern Sri Lanka “are undergoing a different kind of attack, not military, but cultural and religious this time.[TC]

Post -war reflections for Tamils

by Old "Yaarlppaanathhan"

What is the objective of any one’s writing or what every one wants to achieve? [TC]

Sinhala leadership must be based on co-optation, consensus and pre-eminence and not on domination, coersion or monopolistic ownership

by Dayan Jayatilleka

Sri Lanka has peace but is not yet at peace with itself. The critics who say that peace has not yet arrived in Sri Lanka are wrong. For anyone who has lived through thirty years of war, the absence of war deaths, of organised armed violence against the state and society is peace. [TC]

Nobody can fiddle with our constitution behind closed doors without asking us first

by Namini Wijedasa

Sri Lanka’s old left parties (and, yes, the adjective “decrepit” was passed up with much difficulty) recently came out blazing against a proposal to remove the two-term limit on the executive presidency. [TC]

Military mass wedding: "Rehabilitation rendered a publicity stunt"

"Freedom when?" was what many in the "wedding ceremony" asked according to BBC Sandeshaya and tweets remarked the military marriage of militants "hugely oversteps ethical boundaries". [TC]

LTTE: Remnants and sympathisers

By B.Raman

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorist-cum-insurgent organisation is dead. So is most of its leadership at the senior levels, including Prabakaran, its head. [TC]

Sri Lanka’s 207 Centimetres Tall Tamil Netball Champion

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Meet the tallest female netball player in Asia - Tharjini Sivalingam.

She stands at 6ft 10in (that’s 207 centimetres) and she is also a Tamil.

Her sport, netball, is like basketball but you can’t run with the ball or bounce it. [TC]

MIA: 'I'm here for the people'

"From day one, what I've been saying is that I'm here for the people, talking about the citizens, not the Tigers. I don't know the Tigers, I don't know what they do, I don't give a shit. It's about the Tamil people, because I only know it from that experience." - M.I.A. [TC]

Sri Lanka becoming battlefield for proxy cold war between China and India

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The Indian International Film Awards (IIFA) became a test of strength between the Rajapakse administration and Tamil Nadu Tamils, and, at the end of the day, Colombo was the loser. [TC]

For India, Sri Lanka is not indispensable, but for Sri Lanka, India is indispensable

An Interview with Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka

By Rathindra Kuruwita

Question: President Mahinda Rajapaksa left for India recently and he is set to show his Indian counterpart a draft of the proposed Constitutional amendments. This is seen by many as a gesture of subjugation and their requests to open a Deputy High Commissioner’s office in Kandy and a consulate office in Hambanthota and their insistence of implementing the 13th Amendment are seen by many as attempts to impose their will on Sri Lanka? [TC]

Ravi Karunanayake is sabotaging the peace hopes  of the Tamil speaking people

Is it the official stand of the UNP asks Mano Ganesan

By opposing the mere thought of India talking to Tamil-Muslim parties, UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake is unethically sabotaging the peace hopes of the Tamil speaking people in this country. [TC]

Does international outcry about war crimes in Sri Lanka help North-Eastern IDP's of Tamils ethnicity?

By Kishali Pinto Jayawardene

So here we are, caught once again in the debilitating cross fire of international calls for a war crimes investigation on the one hand and on the other, (internally) by the misdeeds of a remarkably conscienceless administration.[TC]
India - Sri Lanka Joint Statement reveals differences on resolving Tamil question

The visit by Sri Lanka's President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has reaffirmed the country's close ties with India and provided both sides the opportunity to signal a readiness to take the bilateral relationship to a new level [TC]

Only 2 Billion for resettlement but 201 Billion For defence: Indicator of the future Tamils can expect under Rajapakse regime

by Tisaranee Gunasekara

It defies reason. The year the war was at its most intense and critical, Sri Lanka’s defence allocation was Rs. 177 billion; but in the first year of peace Sri Lanka’s defence allocation increased by a massive Rs.24 billion to Rs. 201 billion. [TC]

BBC's Hard Talk interview with Gotabhaya was propagandistic rather than journalistic

By C. A. Chandraprema

It was the other day that the BBC aired the full version of the Hard Talk interview with Gotabhaya Rajapakse, and there are certain issues that need to be raised, not about what Gota said in that interview, but about the BBC programme itself. [TC]

June 04, 2010

Jun 6 - 12:

Tissa’s pardon – we’re still waiting

by Jim McDonald 

Well, it’s now been 37 days since the announcement of the pardon, and the government still hasn’t issued it! [TC]

The New Nations of 21st Century will not be born through Liberation struggles but Resolutions Endorsed by the Global Community

By Mangala Samaraweera

One year ago, with the defeat of the LTTE, a new window of opportunity opened for our long suffering country to move forward along with the rest of the world, as a modern democratic and prosperous nation, united in its ethnic and cultural diversity. [TC]

Tamils must work hard and seriously to win the support of India

By S. V. Kirubaharan, France

The President of the US, Abraham Lincoln once said, “you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” [TC]

Football World Cup 2010 can be used to combat Racism and Discrimination Globally

by Navi Pillay

The Football World Cup kicks off on June 11. This is an opportune occasion to reflect on the fact that sport is meant to foster social cohesion, bring different cultures together in a celebration of healthy competition, and to overcome the diffidence and even contempt that all too often divide countries and communities in the political and social arenas. [TC]

Suicide Bombers of Sri Lanka

by Dr.Daya Somasundaram

The phenomena of suicide bombers in Sri Lanka share some similarities with but also have some marked differences with what is seen in other parts of world today. [TC]

India -Sri Lanka Joint Declaration on President Rajapaksa Visit to New Delhi [TC]

Current situation in the Vanni: Report by the Tamil National Alliance

Our visit and our interaction with the internally Displaced Returnees enabled us to gather information in regard to several immediate concerns of the Returnees. We identify such concerns as the following: [TC]

'India knows criticizing Sri Lanka gov too harshly may risk losing more strategic space to China' [TC]

Why do we say we are proud to be Sri Lankan?

by Charles Sarvan

T he dictionary defines “proud” as the feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction, the result of one’s own achievements, qualities or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated. [TC]

Is there a move to make Venezuela part of the Tamil separatist network in Latin America? [TC]

International community seriously misapprehended the facts when it failed to call for an investigation of both sides

by Louise Arbour

If international criminal justice is ever to be effective, its enforcement cannot be selective. We recently marked the first anniversary of the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, yet the international community — in stark contrast to its approach on other conflicts — still has done nothing to address accountability for war crimes committed in its final months. [TC]

Learning old lessons from a new ‘Lessons Learnt’ Commission?

By Kalana Senaratne

One year after the war, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has established another commission; known as the ‘Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission’. [TC]

More Colombo families targetted for eviction

By W.A. Sunil and R. Shreeharan

Government officials told shanty dwellers living near the Grand Pass canal in north Colombo on May 31 that all structures within six and a half metres of the canal bank would be removed. [TC]

Huge civilian toll in Lanka war: Indian doc [TC]

The continuing saga of mass graves in Sri Lanka

by M.C.M. Iqbal

The recent discovery of mass graves at Ganeshapuram in Kilinochchi and at Nachchikuda in the Mannar Districts has been very much in the news during the past weeks. [TC]

India expecting dividends from Sri Lanka for its support during war

by Col R Hariharan

When Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa visits New Delhi from June 8 to June 11 he will be stronger than ever before. [TC]

Sri Lanka threatens to execute General Sarath Fonseka

By Stephen Sackur
Presenter, BBC HARDtalk

The threat, issued by Sri Lanka's powerful defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, is the latest sign of a bitter and intensifying feud within the Sri Lankan political establishment, little more than a year after the end of the Tamil war. [TC]

How and why film maker Chandran Rutnam was arrested, jailed and released

By Halik Azeez

Renowned film director and producer Chandran Rutnam was recently arrested and imprisoned by the Mirihana Police on charges of possessing explosives.[TC]

A Sinhala supremacist victory cannot lead to a Sri Lankan peace but to a Pax Sinhala

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The Rajapakse brothers may look enviously at Israel’s brutal raid on an international flotilla bringing symbolic aid to the blockaded Gaza. [TC]

Sinhala Film Industry Given shabby treatment by organizers of  Bollywood IIFA ceremony

by D.B. Nihalsingha

The much touted IIFA awards finally arrived in Colombo with (reportedly) some 2,000 Indian delegates in tow. Prior to that Colombo was agog with urgent preparations at breakneck speed and with much fanfare. [TC]

Mahinda “Boycotts” IIFA function because Hindi film stars did not come to”Temple Trees” for  brunch

Sinhala Film Industry also boycotts IIFA awards ceremony

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday kept away from the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards’ gala night at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium along with almost all of Sri Lanka’s cinema personalities. [TC]

Lanka trapped by US Into accepting UN “role” in war crimes investigation

By Gomin Daysri

The United States' Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake at a Washington news conference in the presence of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Minister G.L. Peiris said it all: [TC]

A Conversation with detained General Sarath Fonseka

By Chandani Kirinde

One year ago, General Sarath Fonseka was the country's Army Commander and was being feted as the leading hero of the war victory against the LTTE. [TC]

The new constitution should target national unity as one of its primary objectives

by Dr. A.C. Visvalingam

Most of our politicians, intellectuals and other opinion-makers continue to give prominence to the issues that divide us and offer myriad solutions to deal with the fragmented society that we have become. [TC]

Why not signing the CEPA is inimical to the interests of Sri Lanka

by Prof. Rohan Samarajiva

When the first bilateral agreement setting a legal framework for services trade, the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, went through, it became the main issue in a general election that saw Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, its principal proponent, win. [TC]

The "Intermestic" Tamil issue in Indo-Lanka Relations

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj


The term “Intermestic” was first used by Henry Kissinger to explain international issues having domestic economic implications like for instance the middle-eastern situation abroad impacting on the price of gas in the US. The term coined by Kissinger took the “inter” from International and “mestic” from Domestic. [dbsj]

Sinhalese in South celebrate and Tamils in North mourn for the same occasion

by Shanie

Years of conflict and living amidst suffering and death has traumatised a whole people. Particularly the 300,000 or so who survived the final months of the war in Vanni have seen much and undergone much. [TC]