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April 23, 2010

Apr 25-May 1:

Through the Eastern Eyes IX: Kaluwankerny [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes VIII: Saainthamaruthu [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes VII:Poonochchimunai [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes VI: Paalaiyadiththoona [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes V: Puthukkudiyiruppu [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes IV: Kalkuda [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes III: Ninthavur [HA]

Through the Eastern Eyes II: Kaaraitheevu [HA]

Through the Eastern eyes: Periyaneelaavanai 

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

The youth of Periyaneelaavanai have taken a new turn in their lives today. They have had their maiden photo exhibition in their village. The 12 member Photo Voice team has undergone a professional training in Photo Journalism for one year, which was provided by Terre des hommes. [HA]

Transformative Entrepreneurship For Economic Revival in North and East

By Dr Muttukrishna Sarvananthan

Entrepreneurship is about putting ideas into action. It is the function of scientists to invent and the entrepreneurs to innovate. [TC]

President Rajapaksa scores public relations coup with Buddhist Mahanayakes

By C.A.Chandraprema

By appointing D. M. Jayaratne as prime minister, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been able to kill two birds with one stone.[TC]

Concerns Naturally Exist In India About Growing Chinese Involvement in  Sri Lanka

by G.Parthasarathy

May 2009 saw the end of the three-decade long and bloody ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, in which an estimated 80,000 people perished. [TC]

India and Japan must openly support "Accountability Initiative" by Ban-Ki-moon in Sri Lanka

by Meenakshi Ganguly

Sri Lanka’s authorities have failed seriously to investigate the allegations of abuses committed during the first months of 2009 - the endgame of the twenty-six-year internal armed conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).[TC]

Specific brand of Sinhalese Nationalistic Buddhism endorsed by Govt. of Sri Lanka

by Madeleine Wightman

A couple of months ago I arrived in Sri Lanka and visited a Buddhist temple for the first time. I had discarded my fascination with Eastern philosophies and religions when I became a Christian in my early 20s. [TC]

A way forward for Sri Lankan Canadians

On April 11, a mixed group of Sri Lankan Canadian young professionals and business leaders met at the Holiday Inn in Markham, Ont., to change precisely that. [TC]

Chimpanzee tries to punch Basil Rajapaksa [TC]

It is time for a dialogue with the Tamil National Alliance

By Kath Noble

There are, I suspect, a lot of people in Sri Lanka who would rather cut out their own tongue than talk to the TNA. [TC]

Reporters without borders wants Mervyn Silva removed as Media Deputy Minister [TC]

Whither the Left movement in Sri Lanka?

by Upali Cooray

The decline of the socialist movement in Sri Lanka, which began in the 1960’s with the decision of the LSSP to join the coalition government of Mrs. Bandaranaike has continued unabated [TC]

MIA to release new album "Born Free" on June 29th in London

Mathangi "MIA" Arulpragasam is to release her new album"Born Free" on June 29th.

MIA’s new album has been subject to a leak (anyone think these leaks are so frequents that they must be deliberate?). [TC]

Amithabh Bachchan strives for compromise on Tamil protests against hosting IIFA award ceremony in Sri Lanka

Hindi film mega star and icon Amithabh Bachchan has initiated steps to bring about a discussion between organizers of the IIFA award ceremony in Sri Lanka and leaders of the Tamil group that picketed outside his house in Mumbai protesting against the function being held in Sri Lanka. [TC]

Saving Murali's Doosra: Five unsung heroes

By Michael Roberts

Gunasekara, Wijesinghe, Dhillon, Wijesuriya, Foster. These are five names that should be etched into the commemorative epitaph marking the third stage of the saga around Muttiah Muralitharan.[TC]

Fourth Anniversary of Suicide Bomber Attack on Sarath Fonseka

by Apsara Fonseka

Today, we will be celebrating 4 years of survival. [TC]

Why West and India have a different perception of the ethnic divide than Sinhalese

by Dushy Ranetunge in London

Dr. Sudharshan Seneviratne’s article expressing his outrage of Jeremy Pages’s piece in the Times is an important contribution towards building a new Sri Lanka. Many with a similar mind set to Seneviratne have been silent for too long, because of the belligerence of fascists on both sides of Sri Lanka’s ethnic divide. [TC]

Decline of Tamil representation outside the North and East

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Whenever demands or proposals are put forward to devolve more powers so that the Tamil and Muslim people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces could have a greater role in administering their areas of historic habitation one of the standard responses is to point out that more Tamils and Muslims live outside those two provinces. [dbsj]

When will the Tamil refugees return to Sri Lanka?

by Prof V. Suryanaryan

“How long may we stay in another man’s land?” sang Kasi Ananthan, the Poet Laureate of Tamil Eelam, few years ago, in a Tamil poem that begins with the worlds, “The parrot and the woodpecker may return to their nests without hindrance, but we the Tamil refugees may not”. [TC]

Sajith Premadasa can do it but the question is will he do it?

by Dayan Jayatilleka

President Rajapakse’s choice of Prof GL Pieris as Foreign Minister is by far the best that anyone could have made, while the Deputy Minister has been excellently chosen too [TC]

Why so much of "fuss" about Pirabhakaran’s mother’s deportation?

By Chackravarthy

When the North Indian media and politicians were awash with IPL scandals and Deputy Minister Sashi Tharoor and his girl friend Sunanda Pushkar, in contrast Tamilnadu was after Prabhakaran's ailing mother Parvathi Ammal‘s deportation from Chennai airport. [TC]

Mano Ganesan speaks out on the national list MP dispute in the UNF

Pancha-Kalli (Gang of Five) led by Ranil is distancing the UNP away from Tamil people

President phones Mano says Praba Ganesan MP

UNP leader has distanced himself from Tamil people by not accommodating our party leader and the internationally recognized democratic Tamil voice Mano Ganesan in the national list of the UNF. [TC]

April 16, 2010

Apr 18-24:

Don’t forget healthcare services in east [TC]

April elections marked a new beginning for ordinary people of post-conflict zones in North and East

By Darini Rajasingham Senanayake

On April 12, 2010 the majority of citizens of Sri Lanka’s main linguistic communities celebrated the “Sinhala and Tamil New Year”, and the categorical end of war and terrorism with considerable optimism despite lack of a clear political solution to the ‘ethnic conflict’.[TC]

Ranil Wickremasinghe makes a mess of national list MP appointments

by C.A.Chandraprema

The National List appointments of the UPFA and the UNP are known, and as we pointed out on an earlier occasion, what really was worth observing was not how the government appointed its National List MPs but how the UNP did it. [TC]

Tweeting the torrid weather in Sri Lanka [TC]

Was KP Planning to Rescue Prabhakaran via Submarine and Helicopter?

By Upul Joseph Fernando

The Indian Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) which is investigating the possible conspiracy behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi has recently informed that it has need to investigate KP, the former leader of the Tamil Tiger International chain presently under detention in Sri Lanka. [TC]

Why Ranil must stay as UNP leader until Rajapaksa regime runs its course

By C. A. Chandraprema

The UNP is now a party known more for leadership struggles than for anything else. There have been leadership struggles after the 1999 presidential elections, the 2000 parliamentary election, the 2004 parliamentary election, and the 2005 presidential election. [TC]

Mervyn Silva more popular among a certain demographic than a lot of other politicians

by Kath Noble

The mood in Colombo since the election has been quiet verging on apathetic. We knew who was going to win, and we had a good idea of by how much.[TC]

The tragic trajectory of Chanaka's Liberal Project

by Dayan Jayatilleka

Some of us are born at the wrong time or in the wrong place or in both the wrong time and place. Nietzsche said he was born posthumously. [TC]

President Rajapaksa must complete what SWRD Banadaranaike and JR Jayewardena failed to do

By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

One hasn’t the slightest inkling at the time of writing but one does hope that President Rajapaksa’s choice of a Cabinet will be heavily laden with the most popular and qualified among the true-blue ‘middle path’ SLFP moderates, which would not only reflect the balance of forces in the government and the country at large, but be a vehicle for the tasks that face the post war, second term Rajapaksa administration.[TC]

Sri Lanka’s New Parliament Must Drop Emergency Laws, Says Amnesty International [TC]

Slow process of reconciliation is on track in Sri Lanka

A Response to Jeremy Page

By Sudharshan Seneviratne

Professor of Archaeology, University of Peradeniya
Director-General, Central Cultural Fund

(This article is placed before public knowledge in an effort to rectify erroneous and callous reporting and not for purposes of engaging in a public debate. As much as the reader is free to express his or her views on this subject, the author will not respond to supporting or opposing views any further). [TC]

Four "New" Sinhala Doctors Conduct a  Medical Camp in Mandaitheevu

by Fr.Lasantha de Abrew s.j.

The North- South Dialogue Desk of The Lanka Centre for Social Concern organized a Medical Camp conducted by the recently passed out doctors of Colombo Medical College from 5th April to 7th April 2010. [TC]

Caste in modern Sri Lankan politics II

by Mudiyanse

Prof. Roberts, I wish to write some comments below with reference to usage of some words in Lankan vocabulary, explained by you. Kindly clarify: [TC]

What place for the Tamils in the Rajapakse Yugaya?

by Rajan Philips

A new political yugaya is haunting Sri Lanka, and it is the Rajapakse yugaya. It is being compared to the Bandaranaike yugaya that lasted from 1956 to 1977 with a five year (1965-1970) UNP interregnum. Before that and for nine years after independence was the Senanayake yugaya.

T.N.A. Performs creditably in parliamentary elections

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) contesting under the House symbol of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK)has performed creditably in the recently concluded Parliamentary elections. By the dint of this performance the TNA has strengthened its claim to don the political leadership mantle of Sri Lankan Tamils. [dbsj]

Sri Lanka’s low voter turnout: A sign of coming class battles

by K. Ratnayake

The record low turnout in last week’s general election in Sri Lanka provoked consternation in Colombo ruling circles because it highlights the extent of popular hostility to the entire political establishment. [TC]

Red Cross Red Crescent launches appeal to support displaced people [TC]

April 10, 2010

Apr 10 - 16:

Conflicting history of Sri Lanka and the ensuing discords

By Dr. S. Narapalasingam

The comments on my previous article ‘Create the conditions that will banish the idea of separatism’ show the misconceptions and mistrusts that exist in the minds of some Sri Lankans. [TC]

"There’ll be no New Year until I find my daughter"

Uthayakumari, 39, lost her husband and a son in fighting between Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and government forces in 2009, and is still searching for her daughter who went missing earlier the same year. [TC]

"Vikirththy Varudam": New Year dawns with renewed hopes for a better future with sustainable peace

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Sri Lankans celebrate the first post-war Tamil and Sinhala new year.“Puththaandu” or “Puthu Varusham” literally translates New Year. The New Year is the harbinger of spring. [HA]

Tamil goons of UPFA conduct terror campaign against TNA MP Piyasena

By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Tamil goons of ruling UPFA conduct terror campaign against newly elected Tamil National Alliance MP from Amparai (Digamadulla.

Podiappuhamy Piyasena the Tamil speaking Sinhala MP from TNA is confined to "house arrest" due to threats and unable to move about freely. [TC]

Lanka born Sumi Kailasapathy runs for City Council in Michigan

Sumangala Kailasapathy, currently a resident in the city of Ann Arbor, has announced in a press release that she officially filed her nominating petitions recently to appear on the Aug. 3 primary ballot for City Councilperson in Ward 1. She will challenge incumbent Democrat Sandi Smith, media in the City of Ann Arbor reported. [TC]

HRW: Discriminatory Policy Against Afghans and Sri Lankans by Australia Violates International Law

The Australian government should reverse its decision to suspend the processing of new asylum applications from Sri Lankan and Afghan nationals, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Immigration Minister Chris Evans today. [TC]

'Vikirththy' New Year Greetings ~



Sinhala and Tamil New Year's Greeting from Secretary Clinton [TC]

Will The President move forward through a "Grand Bargain" with the TNA (ITAK) on constitutional reform?

By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The results of the election to Sri Lanka’s parliament came in almost on the eve of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Will the election usher in an auspicious new beginning for these constituent communities in post-war Sri Lanka? [TC]

Reviving The Common Cultural Legacy of Sinhala and Tamil New Year

By Randima Attygalle

Erabodu mal blossomed and withered, the Koha larked and flew back, crackers mingled with the volition of cannons, mothers and wives sighed at the avurudu nekatha. Kevum and Laddu tasted bitter, the air of kovils and temples enveloped with pleas of devotees invoking the powers of gods above to unite the brethren hailing from common roots [TC]

Tamil rituals performed during Sinhala and Tamil  New Year

By Sarasi Paranamanna

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is a platform for national unity as people of both nationalities welcome the New Year with joyful celebrations. [TC]

Tamil Spokesman: Australian Asylum freeze makes little difference to those fleeing Sri Lanka as last option

by Phil Mercer, Voice of America

Australia could face legal action over its decision to suspend processing asylum claims from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The government says that security in both countries is improving and asylum seekers are increasingly being sent home. [TC]

Australia suspending Sri Lankans claim of political asylum at odds with plight of media workers there

by Matt Wade

THE treatment of journalists is one bellwether of the human rights climate in Sri Lanka.[TC]

Information technology sector makes rapid progress in Tamil Nadu

by S. Sivathasan

Information Technology has made its impact on several economies, in terms of both investment and return. In the last quarter century, the services sector has been on an ever expanding mode.[TC]

President Rajapaksa must suspend his party organizers for Nawalapitiya and Trincomalee

by S.L. Gunasekara

Election malpractices are regrettably nothing new in Sri Lanka: nor is the wholly hypocritical ritual condemnation of them in tones of simulated righteous indignation by all major parties.[TC]

Popular Sovereignty is a Propellant of Sri Lankan Govt Stand on National/State Sovereignty

by Dayan Jayatilleka

A decent enough interval has not lapsed between Dr Nihal Jayawickrama’s first expression of views on sovereignty a fortnight ago, and his more reasoned and most recent expression, for the reader to have forgotten his original stand.[TC]

No solution possible for Tamils through confrontational politics

Between the pro government Tamil parties on one side and those advocating nationalism and self determination on the other, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) competing on a "moderate approach" in the middle won most of the seats this time, says D.B.S. Jeyaraj. [TC]

Violence within UPFA before and after elections comparably very high [TC]

U.S. Government Statement on the Parliamentary Election in Sri Lanka [TC]

President Rajapaksa's highly personalised politics and Sri Lanka's future

By Col. R. Hariharan

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa has scored a double whammy with his thumping success in the parliamentary elections April 2010 after his triumph in the presidential poll in January 2010. [TC]

April 02, 2010

Apr 3 - 9:

Rajapaksa should reach out to Tamils after election: Robert O. Blake, Jr. [TC]

Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections concluded yesterday could define its future

by Sandeep Gopalan

Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections concluded yesterday could define its future.[TC]

Australian leader Abbott ignorant on boat arrivals

by Julian Burnside

Tabloid readers might not realise the numbers are tiny, but the Liberal leader should [TC]

Amnesrty International: Don’t use asylum seekers as political footballs

The Australian Government has announced a blanket suspension on the processing of new asylum claims by Afghan and Sri Lankan nationals. [TC]

Fears of Rajapaksa dynasty as Sri Lanka votes

by Jeremy Page, South Asia Correspondent, Times, UK

Almost a year after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka votes today in parliamentary elections that could expand President Rajapaksa’s already vast powers, extend his rule beyond 2017, and lay the ground for a dynastic succession. [TC]

Parliamentary Elections 2010: Election day media communiqué: No 3 [TC]

Parliamentary Elections 2010: Election day media communiqué No: 2 [TC]

Parliamentary Elections 2010: Election day media communiqué No 1 [TC]

End of polling day video update: Parliamentary Elections 2010

M.H.M Ajmeer, coordinator at the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV), speaks on the nature of the Parliamentary election after polls closed. [TC]

Lord Buddhas advice to his son Rahula and current Buddhist practices

Reply to readers’ comments on ; Converting To and From Islam: Rifqa Barry of Sri Lanka/USA and Malini Perera of Sri Lanka/Bahrain

by Chakravarthy

"Rahula, develop a mind similar to earth. When you develop a mind similar to earth, arisen contacts of like and dislike do not take hold of your mind and stay. [TC]

UNHCR: Q&A: Northern Sri Lanka emerges from conflict but challenges remain [TC]

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella calls for US investigation on Iraq deaths [TC]

Travails of an "ordinary" Tamil detained as a terrorist suspect

by Kath Noble

This month marks a year since the arrest of a man I am going to call Jeyaratnam. It isn't his real name, but that hardly matters. He is a small person.[TC]

India, China and NAM displeased with Sri Lanka about UN panel on experts issue

By Upul Joseph Fernando

When charges were mounted against Sri Lanka before the UN Council of Human Rights (UNCHR) , after the conclusion of the war in 2009 May, the countries of the Non-Aligned movement (NAM) joined hands with Sri Lanka to defeat the resolution.[TC]

“To Jayasuriya…or not Jayasuriya”: Sanath and the “Hamlet” dilemma

By Prof. Michael Roberts

When Sanath Jayasuriya burst unto the international cricketing scene in 1996 as an explosive opening batsman, he presented major problems for opposing opening bowlers [TC]

South Indian nuclear plants could pose danger to Western Sri Lanka

By Namini Wijedasa

Across the Palk Strait, that narrow strip of water separating our two countries, neighboring India today possesses one of the fastest growing nuclear reactor populations in the world.

H.L. The "Hulftsdorp Lion": An Anniversary Tribute to H.L.de Silva

by Kandiah Neelakandan

I had known Deshamanya H. L. De Silva, President’s Counsel as one of my respected Seniors of the Bar for almost four decades. [TC]

Elections and Minorities: Present Problems and Alternatives for the Future [TC]

Converting To and From Islam: Rifqa Barry of Sri Lanka/USA and Malini Perera of Sri Lanka/Bahrain

By Chakravarthy

Fathima Rifqa Bary who is 17 years was born on 10th of August 1993 to Ayesha Rizana and Mohamed Barry of Galle, Sri Lanka. The family is traditionally gem and jewelry merchants with respect in the Southern Province and Colombo. [TC]

The Buddhist shrine of Kilinochchi and the Buddhist archaeological offensive

by Jeremy Page

Recent visitors to Kilinochchi, the former capital of the Tamil Tigers, had noticed something unusual — there was a single, new building standing among the bombed-out ruins of the abandoned city in northern Sri Lanka. [TC]

Aanandasangaree Complains to President about the Armed Forces Constructing Buddha Statues in the North - East [TC]

Tamils freed – but future bleak for those who backed Tigers

by Jason Burke in Vavuniya

From dawn, as noon came and went, and through the sudden downpours of mid-afternoon, the names were called out over crackling loudspeakers. [Guardian] 

"News" about President Rajapaksa shouting at Tamils in Jaffna not true

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

"News" about President Rajapaksa shouting at Tamils who hooted at him for speaking in Tamil in Jaffna is not true. What really happened? [TC]

Return of Varatharajapperumaal and future of the 13th constitutional amendment

By M.S.M. Ayub

The first Chief Minister of the North-Eastern Provincial Council instituted under the two controversial arrangements, Indo-Lanka Accord and 13th Amendment to the Constitution, Varadharaja Perumal is in Sri Lanka after a long lapse of time. [TC]

It is now clear President Rajapaksa is no more interested in offering anything to the Tamil people

by Kusal Perera

President Rajapaksa is clear about his post election life. “Whether one likes it or not, I am here for seven years” he belted out at a public rally in Kalutara District. [TC]

Tamils Must Settle With Sinhalese to Stop Sinhala Settlement of Tamil Majority Areas

by Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The Coen brothers’ movie with Javier Bardem was called No Country for Old Men. What should we begin to call this one? I mean the country, not the movie.[TC]

Who was responsible for introducing doctrine of state sovereignty into Sri Lankan political discourse?

A Response to Dr.Dayan Jayatilleke

by Dr. Nihal Jayawickrama

My friend, Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke, whom I have known for over a quarter of a century, has rushed to challenge my assertion that the doctrine of state sovereignty, in so far as it relates to the treatment by a state of its own nationals, had been significantly eroded in the past fifty years .

J.R. Jayawardene, Mahinda Rajapaksa and the presidential elections of 1982 and 2010

by Rohini Hensman

Over the past year, events have moved quickly in Sri Lanka. At the end of the war, less than ten months ago, the Sinhalese people appeared united and triumphant.

Classical Tamil sculptures park (Semmozhi sirpa poonga) opened at Maamallapuram

By T.S. Subramanian

A Classical Tamil Sculptures Park (Semmozhi Sirpa Poonga) has come up on spacious grounds at the Beach Resort Campus of the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TNTDC) in Mamallapuram, 55 km from Chennai. The park boasts of 27 sculptures, most of them depicting events and scenes from classical Tamil literature.[TC]

Tamil National Alliance enters critical third phase-2

By D.B.S Jeyaraj

The press communique issued on October 22nd 2001 heralding the formation of the Tamil National Alliance(TNA)was signed by four persons representing the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF)All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF). [TC]

The pathetic state of people’s sovereignty

by Rajan Philips

The 1972 Constitution introduced two concepts to Sri Lanka’s political and legal vocabulary: sovereignty of the people and the unitary constitution. The concept of sovereignty was passionately articulated by Dr. Colvin R. de Silva. [TC]