Nov 27 – Dec 3

“Great Heroes Day” (Maaveerar Naal) is a LTTE Event and not a Tamil National Day of Mourning


November 27th 1989 was the day on which the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)first observed its annual “Maaveerar Naal” or Great Heroes Day (GHD). Twenty –seven years have passed since then and the 27th anniversary of the event is today Nov 27th 2016. [DBSJ]

Nov 20 – 26:

Mano Ganesan says People in North can Celebrate “Maaveerar Naal” (Heroes Day)Without Mentioning the name of the LTTE


Ajith Sriwardana and Indika Sri Aravinda

National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganesan said today that people in the North could celebrate Maaveerar Naal (Heroes Day) without mentioning the name of the LTTE, as it was a proscribed organisation. [DBSJ]

Nov 13 – 19:

“We will Fight Racism, Bigotry, Xenophobia and Sexism Without Compromise” declares Bernie Sanders



Millions of Americans registered a protest vote on Tuesday, expressing their fierce opposition to an economic and political system that puts wealthy and corporate interests over their own. I strongly supported Hillary Clinton, campaigned hard on her behalf, and believed she was the right choice on Election Day. But Donald J. Trump won the White House because his campaign rhetoric successfully tapped into a very real and justified anger, an anger that many traditional Democrats feel. [DBSJ]

Nov 6 – 12:

Murder Most Foul of Moderate Tamil MP Raviraj Ten Years Ago in Colombo



Former Tamil National Alliance(TNA) Jaffna District Parliamentarian and Lawyer Nadarajah Raviraj and his Police bodyguard Sgt.Lakshman Lokuwella were gunned down on a Colombo street in broad daylight ten years ago. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Investigation report on Sri Lanka (OISL) presented at the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in September 2015 summed up the shooting in the following manner- [DBSJ]

Tamil Family in Colombo Suburb Suffers Terrible Ordeal at the Hands of a “Religious Mob”

Nila Loganathan

I have realized, again, that this world, as usual, is a ‘heavenly’ land full of religion, religious hatred and a land of people at the height of their barbarism, passed on through thousands of years of religions.

This time it were Buddhist monks who opened my eyes. [DBSJ]

Oct 30 – Nov 5:

Controversial Shooting of Two Jaffna Undergrads by Policemen in Kokkuvil



Last week’s shooting incident in Jaffna in which two male Jaffna varsity undergraduates lost their lives because of alleged Police firing has given rise to a raging political controversy.Initially it was announced officially that the deaths were due to an accident but subsequently it was stated that the Police had to open fire on a motor cycle with two persons as they had disobeyed instructions to stop.Five Police officers have been, arrested,remanded and interdicted in connection with the incident which occurred at Kulappiddy junction in Kokkuvil.The deaths and the crude attempt to cover it up has resulted in huge protests by Jaffna undergrads. [DBSJ]

Oct 23 – 29:

Tamil National Alliance Unequivocally Condemns Incident in Jaffna in which Two Undergraduates were Killed

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) unequivocally condemns the incident that took place in Jaffna today, killing 2 university students.

The leader of the TNA, and The Leader of the Opposition, Hon R Sampanthan MP met His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena while attending an event in Trincomalee this morning and raised concerns regarding the incident.

Since then, a special police unit has been deployed to Jaffna to investigate the incident on the orders of the President and the police officers who had allegedly involved in the incident has been taken into custody. [DBSJ]

Oct 17 – 23

Formation of Hindu Political Group “Siva Senai” seen as a Regressive step in Sri Lankan Tamil Politics

By PK Balachandran

The formation of a Hindu political group “Siva Senai” (Siva’s Army), with the vowed purpose of defending Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus from “other religious groups” and securing for the Hindus their rightful place in Tamil political parties commensurate with their dominant status in Tamil society, is seen by observers as a regressive development in Sri Lankan Tamil politics.

Veteran columnist D.B.S.Jeyaraj sees it as an attempt to bring back an inter-religious division in Tamil politics which was there in the first three decades of post-independence Sri Lanka. Jeyaraj remembered that in the 1970 parliamentary election in Kakesanthurai, C.Suntharalingam, an orthodox Hindu, had challenged Samuel. J.V.Chelvanayakam, the Christian leader of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), by asking voters to choose between the “Siluvai” and the “Soolam” – the Cross and Trishul. But the largely secular Tamils chose neither and voted for Chelvanayakam. the Christian leader of the secular Federal Party. [DBSJ]

Oct 2 – 9

Lankan Plantation Workers Protest for More than a Week Demanding Raise of daily Wage from 620 Rs to 1000 Rupees

Meera Srinivasan

Thousands of Indian origin Tamils, employed in Sri Lanka’s famed tea estates, are on protest for a week now, demanding higher wages.

They are asking for a daily wage of LKR 1,000 (around Rs. 450), which estate owners have deemed high, citing the current “risk-prone” business environment. [DBSJ]

“Wigneswaran is a Politician and not a Racist who is Trumping up Nationalism Because he is Unable to Show Results”- Mahinda Rajapaksa

Dharisha Bastians

Former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa took a moderate stance on issues pertaining to controversial Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and the release of Tamil political prisoners that were at odds with his usual rhetoric, in discussions with journalists from the Tamil media yesterday. [DBSJ]

Sep 25 – Oct 1

When Asked About Wigneswaran Led TPC Rally in Jaffna, TNA and Opposition Leader Sampanthan Says “People are Entitled to their Democratic Expression”


Meera Srinivasan

Thousands of Tamils on Saturday participated in a rally in Jaffna, led by Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

Thousands of Tamils on Saturday participated in a rally in Jaffna, led by Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, drawing attention to “Sinhala colonisation” and “rampant militarisation” of Sri Lanka’s North and East. [DBSJ]

What If Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa had been Attacked by Pro-LTTE Elements in Malaysia?


Sri Lankans were shocked and disturbed in the first week of September by two violent incidents directed against a Buddhist prelate and a senior diplomat in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur(KL). In the first incident on Saturday September 3rd the chief Adhikarana Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia – Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera was attacked opposite the Buddhist Temple at Sentul in KL. This incident however was of a minor nature. In a more serious incident on Sunday September 4th , Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in Malaysia Ibrahim Sahib Ansar was assaulted within the precincts of the Kuala Lumpur International AirportKIA). As is well known, the suspected assailants in both instances were members of the neo-fascist political outfit known as the “Naam Thamizhar Katchi (We Tamils Party) in Malaysia. [DBSJ]