Nov 6 – 12:

Murder Most Foul of Moderate Tamil MP Raviraj Ten Years Ago in Colombo



Former Tamil National Alliance(TNA) Jaffna District Parliamentarian and Lawyer Nadarajah Raviraj and his Police bodyguard Sgt.Lakshman Lokuwella were gunned down on a Colombo street in broad daylight ten years ago. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Investigation report on Sri Lanka (OISL) presented at the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in September 2015 summed up the shooting in the following manner- [DBSJ]

Tamil Family in Colombo Suburb Suffers Terrible Ordeal at the Hands of a “Religious Mob”

Nila Loganathan

I have realized, again, that this world, as usual, is a ‘heavenly’ land full of religion, religious hatred and a land of people at the height of their barbarism, passed on through thousands of years of religions.

This time it were Buddhist monks who opened my eyes. [DBSJ]