She renders everything for the Motherland, Muthumari

I will wholeheartedly, be your servant Muthumari
I live, due to your benevolence Muthumari

The Holy ‘Nine Night’ Festival celebrating the Goddesses of Bravery, Wealth and Wisdom begin this year – in 2011, on Sep 27th for 9 days, followed by Vijayathasami on the 10th day. The 10th day is celebrated particularly to start learning – education and the arts.

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The goddess encompassing all these forms is Sakthi.

Sakthi is Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiaar’s guardian goddess and he was very fond of celebrating Navarathri. “We worship Parasakthi during the nine nights”, he wrote in an essay about Navarathri.

The world lives because of Sakthi
We like to live
Therefore we pray Sakthi,
says Bharathiaar in a brief essay about Navarathri.

He also quipped in the same essay that “Navarathri is one festival celebrated by those entire flock of us with faith in vedhas, from the Himalayas in North, to Kumari in South”.

Dr. Shobhana Vignesh

Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiaar wrote many poems in praise of Sakthi. His famous praise of the goddess invoked Sakthi as Mother of the nation in the form of Muthumari, the main deity in many of the rural parts of Tamil Nadu and diverse Southern India.

O.S. Arun ~ picture courtesy: The Hindu

mp3: She renders everything, the nations Muthumari ~ “Thedi unnai saran adainthen” rendered by O.S. Arun