Paaventhar Bharathidasan: As Popularized in C.N. Annadurai Blockbuster

compiled by K. Thirukumaran

“Thunbam Nergaiyil”

Paventhar Bharathidasan’s song Thunbam Nergaiyil, made famous in ~ “Oar Iravu”, the C.N. Annadurai written Tamil Movie ~ rendered by many reputed singers are compiled here:

Thunbam Naergayil from Madhurasangamam by SSJ03 Anjana in Super Singer Junior 3

Sudha Ragunathan

Rendered by Sudha Ragunathan

The song evokes several moods with meticulously joined flowering words in Tamil to make this garland of a song.

mp3: Bombay Jayashri renders the song

mp3: O.S. Arun renders Thunbam Nergaiyil

mp3: Thunbam Nergaiyil, rendered by Sanjay Subrahmanyan

mp3: Nithyasree Mahadevan renders Thunbam Nergaiyil

Thank you Madam Navi Pillay – March 2014 ♫ Rendered by Saindhavi

mp3: Saindhavi renders Thunbam Nergaiyil

mp3: Violin instrumental: Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan renders the song

mp3: Violin instrumental: Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan renders the song along with Valayapatti A.R. Subramaniam in Thavil

mp3: Veena instrumental: Rajesh Vaidhya renders the song

mp3: Jalatharangam instrumental: Anayampatti S Dhandapani renders the song

Seergazhi Sivachidambaram

Thunbam nergaiyil – Dhandapani Desikar – Unnikrishnan

mp3: M.S. Rajeswari renders the song along with V.J.Verma

Moving hearts in “Oar Iravu” ~ M.S. Rajeswari renders the song along with V.J.Verma ~ The movie featuring Lalitha and Nageswara Rao are feast to the eyes with the charming song and it is just mesmerising.


  1. Great Selection and glad to note that you have included my favorites Sanjay Subramanyan and O.S.Arun! Hope you can get versions of another Bharathithasan’s great song: சித்திரச் சோலைகளே
    Keep up the good work!

  2. what a wonderful collection of great artists. One song can be sung in so many diffrent ways. This is great and I listen to these songs many times and every time I listen it refersh my mind and thoughts. The song consists full of relaxation to our minds, which are pre-occupied with emotions, sadness, hopelssness, and all other sadness in the world.

    Pls continue your good work.


  3. There is a very important part that is missing. This song was tuned by Sri. M.M.Thandapani Thesigar. He has mentioned in one of his music cassettes that he took two years to find the right raga for this song. It would be nice to include his rendering too. I would also like to mention that as a schoolboy in Jaffna Ceylon, I learnt this song many years before the song was released in the movie Or Iravu.
    Another good rendering of the song is by Smt. Sudha Ragunathan (available in one of the Amutham CDs)

    • Dear Dr. Panch,

      It was very interesting to note that you learnt this song many years before the song was released. More interesting to learn from your comment is that it took two years for Sri M.M Thandapani Thesigar to find the right raga !!!.


  4. There is no words to express the feeling I have when I listen to this song. What a nice meaning of all the words in this amazing song? Don`t you really feel that you are floating in the air to listen to this lovely raga.
    Extremely good job.

  5. one of the immortal songs of our musical world.We should be proud of our music genii who produced such masterpieces.My worry now is the diaspora Tamils are losing their knowlege of the language , our rich traditions and heritage along with such heart wrenching musical melodies .

  6. I have no words express my feeling when i listen this song. Paventhar Bharathy Thasan was great. Wonder ? look at the lyrics. Thank you for creating

  7. This song is very close to my heart. I am so grateful for compiling the different renditions. The song is evergreen. It will live long after we are dead and gone. Thanks.

    Krish, Canada.

  8. welldone ! for the great work. I have no words to express. The great feeling I get each time when i listen to different instrumets or
    great artists sing. THANKS A LOT.
    Sothi bala

    • Fantastic, allthese great singers & Musicians singing & playing this song nicely.This old song my father likes it & I liked it for years.Tks for organizing beautifully on this website

  9. Very nice song,this was there for a long time,My father liked this song a lot. I am enjoying this after long time.
    Tks to Krish

  10. This compilation is superb.This gives rejuvanation of this type of music which seems to decline. Please keep up the good work. Congratulations

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