Nagore E.M. Hanifa: A Voice that transcends Tamil as The Language of “Bhakthi”,

by K. Thirukumaran

A Voice that transcends Tamil as The Language of “Bhakthi”, (“Tamil Is the Language of Bhakthi – The Devotion to the Sacred and Holy” – Rev. Father Xavier S. Thaninayagam.)


Isaimurasu Nagore E.M. Hanifa, the gifted singer is the uncrowned king of the world of Islamic devotional songs and light music. He bears the name of the town he hails from, Nagore as his virtual first name and making it beheld in the hearts of fans across many lands and faiths and accustoming them to its revered status. He passed away at the age of 90, on April 8, 2015. He will be missed by millions of fans entharalled by his devotionally adorning voice.

Kalaimamani Nagore E. M. Hanifa renowned for enchantingly rendering the songs, revive the minds of audience and listeners across the wide Tamil speaking world. His Islamic songs are listened to faithfully by numerous fans and listeners of other beliefs as well. Though Nagore E. M. Hanifa had no formal training in music, the gifted singer enthralls benevolently with precised presentations.