First Non-Profit Community Hall and meal donation facilities open in Karaichickudiyrppu – Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka North

In memory of Dr. Subramaniam and Parvathy (Ruckmani), their daughter Maheswary Parameswaran and family, have built a community hall extension to the Mullaitviu Karaichickudiyrppu Veerakathi Vinayagar temple. This facility named “Ammah Amuthasurabi Hall” can house functions in Mullaitivu and was ceremoniously opened on Feb 06, 2014 by retired Commissioner of Cooperative President Mr. S. Santhirascgaram.


“We saw a need when we visited Mullaitivu last year, a place to house community functions and Ammah Amuthasurabi is the first non-profit organization in Mullaitivu to provide a space of this kind. Any and all proceeds directly go back to the temple and the community it looks to serve”, says Tharsica Parameswaran, daughter of Maheswary Parameswaran.

Residents of the area attended the auspicious ceremony to declare open the “Ammah Amuthasurabi Hall”.

For the opening ceremony, attendees included Northern Province Council members: Mr. Anthony Jeyanathan, Mr. A. Ravikaran,, Ex Member of Parliament Mr. Kanagaratnam, Attorney at Law Mr. S. Paramsoothy, Mr. J.P Tharmakulam. Uttankarai temple chief priest Mr. Pathamaraja Kurukkal, Provincial Secretary Mr Karathuraipatu and Mr. T. Thrishkumar.

The memorial stone was declared opened by Vattrapalai Amman temple president Mr. S.Kugathasan. Stone carved Geetha verse declaration at the venue was opened by temple treasurer Mr. S. Paramsoothy.

Concluding and vote of thanks speeches were given by Mr. SriElangsianthan and Mr. Vanniyarasa.

If you like to dedicate an annathanam in the memory of your late parents, families living in Sri Lanka and other countries can send $200 to the following contacts;

Contact information:

Canada- Sivasundaram 1- 416-519-7871
U.S.A.- Parameswaran – 952-378-4225
U.K- Sutharsan 044-2088611447
Sri Lanka- Balasritharan 7766385

Karpagavalli Nin PorpathangaL pidithen ♫ Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan Violin Instrumental

Featuring opening of “Ammah Amuthasurabi Hall” ♫ at Mullaitviu Karaichickudiyrppu Veerakathi Vinayagar temple, Sri Lanka

Pictorial from the opening day event of “Ammah Amuthasurabi Hall”: