T.M. Soundararajan: In Devotion of the Melodious Tamil Voice ♫

First Death Anniversary

Compiled by K. Thirukumaran

Singer T.M. Soundararajan, lasting voice of Murugan devotional songs and popular stars in Tamil silver screen passed away on May May 25, 2013.


A melodious voice in harmony with all senses and in natural state

Thuguluva Meenatchi Iyengar Soundararajan, born on March 24, 1923 has been rendering popular melodies for well over five decades.

The voice of T.M. Soundararajan, is the voice of Murugan and Krishna devotional songs and philosophical songs of great Tamil lyricists is still unmatched.

How one is to peruse among his hundreds of memorable songs, that constantly plays in our ears and daily routine?

Impeccable performance – in Thiruvizhaiyadal, the song & its existence ~ both are I, sings the songster

One of many TM soundararajan, MS Viswanathan duo for the love of Gita via poet laureate Kannadasan lyrics

T.M. Soundararajan is bestowed with many titles for his acclaimed singing and music, from “Geetha Varithi” to “Bhakthi Isai Paavalar”.

His voice can be said that of the one in harmony with all senses and in natural state, where other singers pitched low or high above T.M. Soundararajan’s neutral tone.

Sister-brother love – The voice of T.M. Soundararajan was virtually in sync with Sivaji Ganesan the most over decades

Entire generations grew up with the melodies of T.M. Soundararajan – here a tribute to families

Emphatic and enthusiastic rendering of philosophies of politics and humanity

The drunk star in ~ “Neethi”

Rendering for a drunk, the main character of the movie “Neethi”

In the song of an overnight millionaire

All legends – here as Poet Kalidas- It is said that this song was played when ‘Nadigar Thilagm’ Sivaji Ganesan was appointed to the Rajya Sabha in the 80s

yet another song that popularized Mahakavi Bharathiyar poems via Tamil movies

Paaventhar Bharathithaasan’s poem, recalling of sacrifices and the continuing plight while calling now to set course in charity to help those in dire need. It reminds against becoming forgetful along with complacency that sets in as time goes on regarding those still suffering in the aftermath of catastrophes-starring “Makkal Thilam” M.G. Ramachandran in “Naan Ean Piranthen”-Why was I born?

Numerous romantic melodies & duets between the stars who later become Chief Ministers in Tamil Nadu

MGR hitting out schadenfreude ~ Spreading the ‘Puradchi Thalaivar’s” charisma musically

Singing for the Romance King of Tamil movies-Gemini Ganesan

For silver tongued S.S. Rajendran

Voice for the first Tamil Bond Jaishankar, he as a mailman

For love in all that it bonds together, from nature to family- rendered for Jaishankar


Singing for the first ever flamboyant Tamil mega star – Ravichandran

Lit at best – on Sangam era Tamil – starring Mellow star Muthuraman

Song by poet Suratha, renowned for allegorical poetry he wrote to feature in many Tamil movies – ‘Vinnukku meladai’ where the male and female singers verse the ‘perfect outfit’ for everything from the space down to earth and therein

The usual playback singer role in the sidelines paused – T.M. Soundararajan appears to begin the song that stars Nagesh that portrayed him as an actor of par excellence; thanks to the wisdom of the makers of the movie to include the legend in a few scenes of this movie-Server Sundaram

TM Soundararajan is an immortal – natural singer, he devoted unique singing styles with utmost dedication that was seen never before for various mega stars of Tamil sliver screen – says ‘Vaigaipuyal’ Vadivelu

Sings praise of the lord of beauty, valor and wisdom with Seergazhi Govindarajan-in Deivam

The great singer is a melodiously living voice amidst Tamil arts and culture. He lives in the hearts and minds of his fans around the globe.

The great singer T.M. Soundararajan leaves behind the devotion of his unmatched melodious Tamil voice forever.