♫ Mahasivarathri, Spiritual night of Lord Siva

Mahasivarathri (“great night of Lord Siva”) is celebrated on February 27th this year – 2014; it falls on the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight. Mahasivarathri is considered the most important day for the devotees of Lord Siva, and there are special celebrations at Sivan temples.


It is believed that ardent Lord Siva devotees and their generations lead life with full of happiness and of no major obstacles.

An ideal way practiced by devotees is to fast and devote Mahasivarathri by chanting of hymns in praise of Lord Siva during the night.

There are many “non traditional hymns” of Tamil songs as well that are of devotion about several deities – but the ones for Lord Siva of that type are very few; rare in Tamil movies and/or as popular light music melodies by well known singers.

Amid such a rarity, “Dheena Karunakarane Nadaraja” was rendered by the legendary singer and first superstar of Tamil moviedom, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, in the movie “Thiruneelakandar”.