Sweet reminiscence – Ninaiththale Inikkum: Love ~ Our philosophy for the universe

A Musical celeberation of valentine’s day

by K. Thirukumaran

Ninaiththale Inikkum, sweeter memories at mere thought of it are the songs from this 1979 melodrama, just as the sensational sweetness of Panangkatti, that indulge our taste buds at the mention of it.

The film Ninaiththale Inikkum features a song with opening lyrics from Tamil poet Kaniyan Poongkundran’s universal kinship and friendship verse – “Yathum oore yavarum kelir”, a glittering virtue at the pinnacle of Tamil heritage and traditions, written early on in circa 200 BCE – 100 CE, Sangam era:

mp3 ~ ~ Yathum Ure Yavarum Kelir ~ Anbe engall Ulaga Thaththuvam ~ “love ~ our philosophy for the universe” ~ யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்

‘Nothing tastes like “Kuttan” (Tiny Jaggery)’, and nostalgically bring lusciously composed melodies. The sugary syrup melting in the mouth reminiscently lasts in everyone indulging on them; be it a right out bite on chunks or simply licking as it cuddled on the palm, the panagkatti is nature’s best savory for sweetness at tea.

Panangkatti – its moist texture and rustic surface riddled with pebbles invoke memories of the palmyra abundantly growing “Tamil soil”, hallmarking its traditional simplicity.

Nothing tastes like “Kuttan” (Tiny Jaggery). Famous among Jaffna Tamils☺.Tastes best with plain tea ~ via http://twitter.com/DushiYanthini

Ninaiththale Inikkum is a tiny spectacle of the many musical masterpieces of Tamil Moviedom. Yet it endures a sweet memory in millions of hearts and minds, just afresh as sipping on a palmyra pollen sack – fondly referred as Kuttan, that revered palmyra leave woven pouch, tightly packing the jaggery.

Ninaiththale Inikkum,” the sweet musical river glazed silver screens in 1979. (Apparently there is another movie made recently with this title).

Ninaththale Inikkum Sweet reminiscence~ sugary even at a thought ~ though with a heartbreaking love tale of the leading stars, symbolizes that art endures. Starring Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth and Jayaprada, the super hit movie is a K. Balachander directed melodrama splendidly sprinkled with over a dozen and a half melodies.

Poet laureate Kannadasan’s lyrics were composed by King of melodies M.S. Visvanathan, adding a shining jewel to their crown during those well early years of musical winds from the folklore entering Tamil silver screens through Ilaiyaraaja and Vairamuthu.

mp3 ~ ~ Ninaiththale Inkkum ~ Song in two words ~ நினைத்தலே இனிக்கும் ~ இரு சொல் பாடல்

Most of Ninaiththale Inikkum melodies include a fusion of west and East amidst virtuosic instrumental involving drums, guitar, trumpet and saxophone etc.; and a “song” only in two words too – “Ninaiththale Inikkum“.

mp3 ~ ~ Vanile Medai Amainthathu ~ Setting stage on the cyberspace…? வானிலே மேடை அமைந்தது..

mp3 ~ ~ Thatti kedka all illenda thambi தட்டி கேட்க ஆள் இல்லேன்னா தம்பி.

Songs by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam in the movie are masterpieces at the peak of his singing avatar, securing his place as a mega male vocal artiste.

mp3 ~ ~ Sambo Siva Sambo ~ rendered by ‘King of Melodies’ M.S.Visvanathan ~ சம்போ சிவ சம்போ

M.S.Visvanathan’s ~ “Siva sambo” is another Kannadasan take on Saṃsara with a maestro performance that is owned by the King of Melodies himself.

Two of Ninaiththale Inikkum songs have lyrics in English as well, You are like a fountain and What a waiting are among the super hit songs of Ninaiththale Inikkum.

The songs mostly rendered around epic love and tragic end of the leading pair in a musical troupe touring Singapore.

mp3 ~ காத்திருந்தால் வருவேன்…? ~ “what a waiting” rendered by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam

mp3 ~ நீர் ஊற்று…. ~ “You are like a fountain” rendered by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam

Sujatha (S. Rangarajan) – pioneering new wave writer drawing youth to literature was the story-script writer of Ninaithtale Inikkum. This movie was the debut for Engineer turned writer S. Rangarajan into the cine world , who wrote under pen name Sujatha. He has said in an interview that the story line was altered due to scheduling issues with the stars shooting the movie, at foreign locations – in Singapore.

One wonders if Sujatha wrote the original script with a tragic ending, as the terminally ill heroine passing away and/or agreed with what ever change from his version by movie’s director K. Balachander.

Other songs from Ninaiththale Inikkum:

mp3 ~ ~ Bharathi Kannamma ~ Kannadasan’s praise for Bharathiyar’s Kannamma ~ பாரதி கண்ணம்மா

mp3 ~ ~ Namma ooru Singari Singapooru vanthaalam ~ நம்ம ஊரு சிங்காரி

Sweet fate of love: Don’t stop loving, only love that is love ~ is that continues:

mp3 ~ ~ Nizhal kanndavan naalum inge, Nizhalai thodarnthu odukindraan ~ Destiny in search of the face, following the shadow ~ நிழல் கண்டவன் நாளும் இங்கே, நிழலை தேடி ஓடுகின்றான்

Global reach again 2 decades later Poet Kannadasan envisioning in 1986 for Churning of the Milk Ocean in Ninaiththale Inikkum lyrics ~ “where did Devas (Demi gods) go, we want to churn the ocean for Amrita ~ Nectar of immortality”~ a display opened in Bangkok in 2006:

Mythology and Memory

Mythology and Memory

“The Churning of the Milk Ocean” is a Hindu Mythology. Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu wrapped around with Serpent Vasuki below the Mount Mandara is displayed at the Suvarnabumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand ~ By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Soulful singer L.R. Easwari dazzles in Ninaiththlale Inikkum:

mp3 ~ ~ Ananda Thandavamo ~ rendered by L.R. Easwari ~ கடல் கடைவோம் அமுதெடுப்போம்
தேவர்களே எங்கே போனீங்க
அழகைக் கண்டால் சிறையெடுப்போம்
அசுரர்களே எங்கே போனீங்க

mp3 ~ ~ Inimai Niraintha Ulagam Irukku ~ இனிமை நிறைந்த உலகம் இருக்கு, இதிலை உனக்கு கவலை எதுக்கு

mp3 ~ ~ Engeyum Eppothum Sangeetham Santhosham ~ எங்கேயும் எப்போதும், சங்கீதம் சந்தோஷம்

It is a brilliant endeavor by all artists, as the movie in more ways than one reminiscences sweetly of music, compassion, enduring virtue and love of humanity year after year – like the peck on tiny pouch of palmyra pollen sacks sugaring hearts and minds, bringing back sweet memories of the “Tamil soil” they are found in abundance.

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