Vocalists across the Palk Straits join for a duet

by Saba-Thambi

A beautiful melodious song “Aval Oru Melliya Poonkaatru” rendered by two accomplished musicians is becoming popular among the You-tube viewers. Padmashree Hariharan of South India & Sarangan Sriranganathan of Sri Lanka have joined together to create a catchy melody which is luring the young and old music listeners and carnatic and fusion music lovers.

The You-tube posting has hit 3000 viewers on the third day and still growing. The lyrics were written by Pa. Vijay and the music was composed by Sarangan himself. Padmashree Hariharan is a well known vocalist in India, and Sarangan Sriranganathan a young multi talented instrumentalist and vocalist have created this duet at the MFI studios.

Sarangan’s mother, “Kalasoori “ Arunthathi Sriranganthan is also a well known vocalist in Sri Lanka . The viewers wish the duo for a million-hit -wishes for this melodious song.


  1. Excellant Performance bt Sarangan. Son of Sri Lankan Soil residing in Australia has done it well. He will take Sri Lankan Tamils’ pride to greater heights! Well done Sri-@ Hari !

  2. Very well composed song. Sarangan not only composed the song very well but his voice is also very sweet. A long way to go. Kudos to Sarangan!

    S. Aravinda Babu
    Embassy of India

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