Songs of Mahasivarathri, Spiritual night of Lord Siva

by K. Thirukumaran

Mahasivarathri (“great night of Lord Shiva”), observed on the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight falls on February 20th this year – 2012.

Mahasivarathri is considered the most important day for the devotees of Lord Shiva, and there are special celebrations at Sivan temples. [click for ~ HA- Pictorial on Sivarathri ~ first published in March 2008]


At Thirukoneswaram – One of the five Eswarams – Sivan Temples in Sri Lanka – Pic by Dushiyathini Kanagasabapathipillai

It is believed that ardent Lord Shiva devotees and their generations lead life with full of happiness and of no major obstacles.

An ideal way practiced by devotees is to fast and devote Mahasivarathri by chanting of hymns in praise of Lord Siva during the night.

There are many non religious Tamil songs as well of devotion on several other deities – but the ones for Lord Siva of that type are very few.

Perhaps it may be so because it is hard to match the “sacred utterance” – Thiruvasagam of Saint Manikkavasagar, rendered in praise of Lord Siva.

It’s often said that, “Those who don’t become benevolent for Manikkavasagar’s “Sacred Utterances” will not soft hearten for any other utterance”.

Ilaiyaraaja rendered a maestro presentation of ‘Thiruvasakam in Symphony’ along with the Budapest, Hungary orchestra in 2005, showcasing the synchronization of the Tamil divine classic at ease with western fusion:

‘Masatra Sothi’ ~ Thiruvasagam from Ilaiyaraaja’s album, featuring pictures from Keerimalai~A Land of Sacred Springs & Spirituality, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.

But a non classical-religious Tamil song that stands out praising Lord Siva is “Thillai Ambala Nadaraja”, rendered by T.M. Soundararajan.

Lyrics of this epic song was written by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram, the poet who lived only 29 brief years on this earth (April 13, 1930 – October 8, 1959) but presented such infinitely memorable verses; this for the movie released in 1957 – Sowbhagyavathi, with Music by Pendyala Nageswara Rao.

In praise of Lord Shiva enshrined in the Temple at Chidambaram:

Singing the splendor of Lord Nadaraja residing at ~ (Thillai Ambala nadaraja) ~ Chidambaram. The temple was built in 400 AD:

Mp3 ~ Thillai Ambala Nadaraja

Siva Thaandavam in sculputures carved on the side of the main Kopuram of Sri Muththumaariyamman Temple in Matale – picture by Dushiyanthini Kanagasbapathipillai

Siva Thaandavam is a form of cosmic dance by Lord Siva in Chithamparam.The dance consists of 108 Karanams. Siva Thaandavam is a cosmic dance of creation, protection and destruction. The Lord Siva had prformed seven different Thaandavams. They are Ananda Thaandavam, Sandya Thaandavam, Kalika Thaandavam, Vijaya Thaandavam, Oorthva Thaandavam, Uma Thaandavam and Samhara Thaanda