Oct 26-31: Kantha Sashti, favorite days of Lord Muruga

The six days of Kantha Sashti are favorite days for Lord Muruga.

The special days of fasting and festivities fall this year – from October 26th – October 31st.

Murugan Temple in Verugal, Sri Lanka East-pic by: drs. sarajevo

Songs in praise of Lord Murugan beautifies hearts and minds – here an excerpt from The Hindu of Jan 21, 2005 on The special charm of Lord Murugan saying it all:

THIS GOD of Love, beauty and knowledge has been exerting His charm on millions of people ~ The word Muruga is derived from the Tamil word ‘Murugu’ which means honey, beauty, fragrance and eternal youth. He is handsome, brilliant, elegant and enchanting. He symbolises valour, youthfulness, benevolence and compassion.

Songs by Soolamangalam Sisters, on beauty and charm of This god of Love:

mp3 ~ ~ Azhagellam Murugane

mp3 ~ ~ Muruga unthan sirippu Muthamizhin uyir sirippu

mp3 ~ ~ Muththu Vel Raththina Vel

mp3 ~ ~ Thiruparang Kundraththil nee siriththaaal

mp3 ~ ~ Thiththikkum moovirandu mugagnkall konnda engal senthamizhin selvan allavaa

mp3 ~ ~ Paal Kavadigall aadi varum aaddaththile