On January 8, 2015, “Exercise the public trust, as a Chief Magistrate”

by K. Thirukumaran

This is a first post on this blog (tamilweek.com/thiruvedkai) urging “civic action”; or it might as well be “political” too, in the eyes of readers :)

Exercising the privilege of voting – in any election is an utmost importance among civic duties.

Paaventhar Bharathithasan, Grover Cleveland and Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

Paaventhar Bharathithasan, Grover Cleveland and Subramaniya Bharathiyaar

As US President Grover Cleveland said, “Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust”.

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Owing a closure to the soul: 60th birth anniversary of V. Prabhakaran

Owing a closure to the soul:


Nov 26 is the 60th birth anniversary of Veluppillai Prabhakaran.

In these five years passing since May 2009, yet to be duly and wholly recognized – that his soul has left the body, spiritually speaking.

Prabhakaran is a man of spirituality as well or has shown spiritual leanings, it is said. This being established based on his inclinations with Bhagavad Gita among other things.

Poet Laureate Kannadasan’s lyrics – “Maranaththai Enni Kalangkidum Vijaya..”, is set around Lord Krishna instructing a reluctant Arjuna to engage in his duty as a warrior and commencing the discourse of Bhagavad Gita. The song is rendered by Sirgazhi S Govindarajan to the music composition of M. S. Viswanathan and T. K. Ramamoorthy . This song is a favorite of Prabhakaran.

There also comes the recurring question whether Bhagavad Gita is justifying violence?

Mahatma Gandhi and the Trappist monk Thomas Merton, renowned for their stands of peace and had also read Gita did not think so. Gita is “not a justification of war nor does it propound a war making mystique,” writes Barbara Miller in “The Bhagavad-Gita”, (Random House Publishing, June 2004).

Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathi – his works include a Tamil translation of Bhagavad-Gita and the multifaceted journalist, poet and freedom fighter – also so the esteemed spiritualist. His referral to Bhagavad-Gita too may have stemmed due to those times he was living amidst the Indian freedom struggle.

So there is reason to see Prabhakaran’s leaning to Bhagavad Gita coming from his streak of spirituality and not of its setting in a battlefield. In that’s sense his soul is owed a closure and a reconciliation of spiritual leanings.

song (in Tamil) soundtrack

The following is a translation of Poet Laureate Kannadasan’s lyrics:

Arjuna, who’s distressed about death
Essence of death I shall recite
Human soul will not die
It will be reborn

Kill the body
It too a bravery
Even if you don’t
It will go up in flames someday

You became conscious of me
Lives all I (foster) also you come to realize
Krishna’s got heart of stone
This why the longbow you renounce?

Monarch and the mass I (foster)
Tree, plant and vine are I (foster)
Said so is Krishna
Saying so is Krishna
Stand audaciously
So Dharma will prevail

If the world sees therein merit
Krishna only bears this merit
Let the praise of proponents
And curse of cynics
All too go to Krishna
Krishna directed
Krishna delivered
Krishna destroyed
Let the longbow rise
Fire up your mastered archery
Field herein in its crimson, let live

Song in Tamil begins at 6:50

“Happiness” is seeing an epic Kamal Haasan Blockbuster

by K. Thirukumaran

♫ Today November 7 is 60th Birthday of Actor, Singer, Director, Lyricist & Producer Kamal Haasan ~ He’s the artiste of these times with an inspiring array of artistic works and admirable humanistic views.



Happiness” is seeing an epic Kamal Haasan Blockbuster, for his ardent fans; especially for Tamil movie goers he never disappoints, with everyone of his movie being startlingly different and better, notably over the recent past decades.

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Song in Praise of Lord Siva ♫ Rendered by the first superstar of Tamil moviedom

There are many “non traditional hymns” of Tamil songs as well that are of devotion about several deities – but the ones for Lord Siva of that type are very few; rare in Tamil movies and/or as popular light music melodies by well known singers.

A rare popular sing in praise of Lord Siva song was rendered by the first superstar of Tamil moviedom, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar in 1938.

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Kanda Sashti: Ornate Kandan, obliterate obstacles ♫

by K. Thirukumaran

Kanda Sashti, the annual fasting days in devotion of Lord Murugan falls this year from Friday October 24 – 29th.


“Why does by Fasting the soul renews life” queries Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar to Lord Krishna in one of his poems. That was preceded by query, “Why in ailment, one be laying down?”

நோயிலே படுப்பதென்னே?
கண்ண பெருமானே! — நீ
நோன்பிலே உயிர்ப்பதென்னே?
கண்ண பெருமானே!

The poet cum journalist born in 19th century sung about the renewal a soul attains via fasting in those lyrics.
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Immortal Lyrics of Poet who lived on Earth for just 29 Years ♫

by K. Thirukumaran

“Crisscrossing the currents of misery
Becoming a raft is melody”

Remembering the “People’s poet” on his death anniversary, October 8, 2014

Celebrating life and times of Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram – lived on this earth just twenty nine years but left it with fabulous poems and lyrics to eternity; his songs of blissful love and life were rendered by an array of reputed singers, starring popular actors of the time in box office hits.

Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram – April 13, 1930 – October 8, 1959

Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram carries the mantle of social reforms in his works just as his mentor Paaventhar Bharathithaasan.

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“Crafted with passion their labor” ♫ A Tributary to Mandolin U. Srinivas and Gala for The Guardian Goddess

by K. Thirukumaran

Featuring Translation of the Song “Vellai Thamarai Poovil Iruppall”


A Song what can be referred as the “Anthem” of the Goddess of Wisdom, Saraswathy is “Vellai Thamarai Poovil Iruppall”. This song was written by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar and has been rendered by many artistes, both as vocal and also instrumental. The song is especially featured during last there days of the Nine night festival “Navarathri”. The poet sees that not just learning, but anything aesthetic, compassionate words or even adorable tot-speak and birds tweet in nature’s wonder are that of divine manifestation via goddess Saraswathy.

“Navarathri”, the festivities of nine nights mark the first three days for Goddess of bravery Durga and Goddess of wealth Lakshmi the next three days.

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A “Global” Praise: ♫ “Guardian Goddess” and Mother Nature

by K. Thirukumaran

Yathum ure yavarum Kelir” – All the world is my world, all humanity is my fraternity:”- Kaniyan Poongkundran-Translated by Rev Fr Xavier Thaninayagam

Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (Dec  11, 1882-Sep 11, 1921)

Subramaniya Bharathiyaar (Dec 11, 1882-Sep 11, 1921)

Sakthi is the “Guardian Goddess” of Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar. He has said that Navarathri is a favorite festival of his and that he look forward to celebrate it every year.

In 2014, Navarathri is from September 25th to October 3rd. Calendars in USA and Canada have marked the beginning date as September 24th.

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