Connections Video: Land in post-war Sri Lanka

Featuring on the Connections Programme of Jul 16, 2012 are:

Over the last couple of weeks, the people of the North under the leadership of Tamil Political Parties such as the Tamil National Alliance, raise concerns with regard to land acquisitions by the Government, by holding demonstrations in the North amidst strong intimidation and opposition.

Here’s a short report on concerns in relation to land in post-war Sri Lanka:

Unsuppressed thoughts on Media Freedom

Media activists are concerned by what they term as a fresh wave of suppression in the form of legislation being introduced to regulate online media. It was to highlight this and a spate of other concerns relating to media freedom, that the Collective of Media organizations organized a protest in Colombo recently. This report brings you highlights from this event as well as views from the Government and academia on the matter.

Filmmaker/Photographer Jennifer Samuel on the Migrant experience

Jennifer Samuel-A Sri Lankan American Filmmaker and Photographer, based in New York and working on issues such as migration, race and identity speaks to us and shares her work on Connections.