JHU is living in the past says Mano Ganesan

“JHU monk MPs and others in that party are living in the past. Political proposals of this party tend to take the country towards more confusion. This party, claims to be based on Buddhist ideology, is proposing anarchy. They are telling the Tamils to go to Tamil Nadu in India and claim self determination and search for their origins. Tomorrow, they may tell the Muslims to go to Arabia and search for their origins. If we accept this Mahavamsa theory, The Vedha community may ask the Sinhalese also to go to India. Appropriately, it will require the Sinhala men to go to Orissa and Women to go to Pandiya Kingdom in Tamil Nadu, so the original inhabitants, the Tissahamy’s Vedha dynasty could claim this land”, said Western Peoples Front Leader Mano Ganesan MP.

[Mano Ganesan MP]

He further said that, “I cannot understand whom they are telling to go to India. Is it the Lankan Tamils in the North and East? We know the Lankan Tamils have been living in this land along with the Sinhalese since the pre historical period. The current British High Commissioner said recently that when they came to Sri Lanka, there was a Tamil kingdom in this country. Therefore JHU could not have told the Lankan Tamils to go to India. If it is the Tamils of recent Indian origin, JHU is mistaken again. JHU should know that Indian Tamils first came to this country as Kings. I am referring to the Kandyan Nayaka dynasty. On that occasion too, they never came as conquerors. The Indian Tamil royals were requested to come and take up throne in Kandy by the Kandyan Sinhalese leaders. Later plantation workers were brought in as bonded laborers by the British. British rulers did this by conning the innocent Tamil laborers. There too, at one occasion India decided to stop the migration of the Indian Tamil laborers to Sri Lanka because of the inhuman conditions prevailed here for the laborers. But the Sinhala leaders went to India and requested then Indian administration to change their decision. So the Sinhalese came in migrant boats, Indian Tamils were brought in royal ships first and semi slave boats later. I challenge any historian to disprove this piece of history.

Therefore, nobody is going anywhere. The Tamils are going to live in this country with Sinhalese and Muslims. JHU’s fundamentalist Sinhala-Buddhist extremism strengthens the Tamil extremism. This country has enough right thinking fair minded wise men and women. We will together democratically defeat all kind of extremisms and create a situation where all the ethnic communities could live equal to each other. That is the Sri Lankan dream. We will make it come true.”

[Full Text of Press Release]

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