Photo Essay: In Season – Jumbo Prawns, Crabs and more

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Anura Nandana Silva (42) has been a fish monger for more than 20 years. He resides on the coastal belt in Moratuwa. His house was destroyed in Boxing Day Tsunami. He rebuilt his house from his own savings.

Anura buys lobsters and crabs from fishermen in Dehiwala, and walks to Wellawatte daily to sell them on roads.

“I earn Rs.2,000/= daily as an average income. I save some money as I do not have to pay a rent to anybody, because I am on mobile. I choose a place according to the demand. I walk from Dehiwala to Wellawatte now to sell lobsters. A kilo of lobster is sold for Rs.750/=.

Sometimes I walk to Bambalapitty to sell lobsters and jumbo prawns, if there is a demand. My regular customers convey the message to me, if there is a demand in other places” said Anura Nandana Silva.

He has three kids to take care, they are still schooling.

Anura sells lobsters & jumbo prawns on Ramakrishna road, Wellawatte in the mornings

Scientists say ocean species sometimes evolved differently across the continents and oceans. Sri Lankan lobsters and other seafood variety remain highly sought after globally, for their unique and sumptuous delicacy.

Anura moves to Welawatte market on Sundays with his assistant where he could sell more seafood

Seafood lovers say that the price of jumbo prawns is too high. “Lobsters can live more than 100 years. They grow bigger the longer they live” said Anura Nandana Silva.

Anura wants to continue as a fish monger

Wellawatte market bustles on Sundays.

Sri Lankan prawns and shrimps are sought after by seafood lovers around the globe.

Anura sells crabs, lobster and shrimps. A kilogram of crab sells for Rs.900/=

Source: humanityashore


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