In Pictures: Aftermath of Colombo wet weather

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Two days of thunder showers forced several thousands to seek refuge in schools and temples. 150 millilitre rain fall recorded in Colombo district.121,375 people are homeless,15 died,14 injured, 280 houses are completely destroyed,1,266 houses are slightly damaged according to the National Disaster Management Centre in Colombo.

Colombo, Gampaha , Galle and Kalutara have been affected by the recent rain. The displaced people are staying in 30 welfare camps. 51,300 people were displaced in Colombo district, 40,088 people were displaced in Gampaha district, 17,488 people were displaced in Galle district, and 12,499 people were displaced in Kalutara district. There are 300 people staying at R. Premadasa International Cricket Stadium.

Rains caused trees to fall, and flooded many roads in Colombo city causing traffic chaos on Thursday and Friday. The government has allocated four million rupees for the flood and landslide victims.

People have sought refuge at the R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in Keththarama.

“My house and belongings are under water. I have come here with my children. Camp life is very difficult with no help” said Fathima Beebee (34) from Maligawatte

Displaced kids are playing criket at the stadium

Diplaced people complain that, they are neglected

Mohamed lost his house due to floods

Kids play in the muddy water

“Nobody is helping us. We have to buy our food from the shop. Nobody cares about our well being. I have young daughters, who live with me in the open space. There is no privacy. We are left alone” said Fathima Kani (49) of Keththarama

Water has not receded in certain areas

The people want to go back to their houses, once the water recedes

Women walk through flood water in Keththarama

Fathima Beebee (77) sits with her granddaughter Fathima Habiba (11). Fathima Beebee complained this is the seventh time that, she got displaced from her house due to floods

People walk through floods in Maligawatte

Kids say that, they have not attended school for two days,and will not be able to attend next week as well, because their uniforms have swept away with water

People are in need of purified drinking water

Floods caused traffic chaos in the city

Repair work has begun in Wellawatte on Galle Road, opposite the Roxy Theatre

Traffic diverted through by road from Wellawatte on Galle road due to the crater

Most of them left their belongings in their houses

A resident walks through water to check out the status of his house

Clothes which were soaked in floods are put to dry

Source: humanityashore


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