In Pictures: Vesak in and around Colombo, Sri Lanka

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Vesak is a celebration to commemorate Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, death and attaining nirvana. It’s celebrated in Sri Lanka on May 1st and 2nd 2007. These two days are declared as holidays in Sri Lanka.

Buddhists go to viharaya and observe meditation and take part in religious rituals. They participate in alms giving as well on these days. Vesak lanterns and pandols are adding beauty to the celebration in the city. Festive-goers thronged to view lanterns and pandols.

The Lord Buddha is woven by coconut palm.

Vesak pandol at Gangaramaya temple reflects in water.

Vesak pandol in Grandpass.

Festival – goers in Grandpass.

Vesak lantern which is made by the officers of Criminal Investigation Division is displayed in Gregory’s road.

Sri Sambodhi Maha Viharaya on Gregory’s road is lit with lights.

Full moon in Colombo 7.

Vesak pandol at Nawaloka junction in Peliyagoda has been installed for the 51st time.

Peliyagoda junction is decorated for Vesak.

Vesak landern made by trhe naval officers of the Sri Lanka Navy is displayed on Gregory’s road.

Lanterns are hung on a tree branch near Gangaramaya temple.

Devotees at Gangaramaya temple in Colombo 2.

Vesak is Buddhism’s holiest day.

Vesak marks birth, enlightenment , death and attaining nirvana of Lord Buddha 2501 years ago.

Vesak lantern made by the officers of the Sri Lanka Police traffic section.

Colourful lights are illuminated everywhere.

Vesak lanterns at Palm Village Hotel in Uswetakiyawa

A lantern is displayed on Gregory’s road

Vesak is celebrated with vivd colours and joy.

Alms giving spot for Vesak is decorated in Hendala.

Source: humanityashore


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