We need a King?

By Lakshan Dias

When the twelve tribes of first Israelites or Jews realize they are not fancies as other nations around them and do not produce lucrative social out comes they thought they are lacking some thing. When they search for missing point they found that they don’t have a king like others. They immediately decided that king the paradigm what they lacking as other people have a king to lead them, Super authority over them, some one can defeat their enemies and the king is some one can build the nationhood and really make people patriotic. They went to Samuel then the governor of the twelve tribes and by status he is a prophet. Prophet Samuel agreed discuss this matter with God even though he was not in favour a king. When he meets the leaders of twelve tribes next time he conveyed the Gods resolution on this matter. Prophet Samuel said that God doesn’t support the idea of anointing a king as leader of the twelve tribes and God is happy with judges and Prophets governing people. Rational of the God was when the king was appointed all the people have to give all their best utilities to King as King is the superior power and King will take by force if people did not give. King will take all their good men as his soldiers and pretty women as his maids and concubines and all the best and fertile lands will be confiscate as Kings property and all the people have to pay taxes to maintain a king. People did not want to listen to God but shouted for a king Samuel finally chose a handsome young man with good physic as the King of twelve tribes. As God said king became a burden for the national and they were absorbed in to a never-ending cycle of war and ego building and nationalism. Old testament is the best document to read nationalism or building of nationhood and patriotism and chauvinism in all means. It clearly shows how does this young nation comprise of diverse and scattered twelve tribes come to a consensus politics and build the nation.

My focal point is not nation building but the serious statement of a senior Minister in the government reported by Lanka E news. According to LEN Minister Alahapperuma has told that they even not dares to bring a military government if things go wrong. As a person believes in democracy this is a serious signal if he really said so. He should correct this if he hasn’t said so. My attempt here is to find out what will be the atmosphere if we bring a military government and to discuss the hidden side of Military governments.

I start my argument saying there is no success stories in recent military governments in any part of the world. When I say recent its specially talking about post cold war era. Post Cold war dynamics change the power dealing tactics and it doesn’t approve the old style regimes simply for face saving. Therefore first indication is that there wont is good international support for any military regime. Two recent experiences in Thailand and Bangladesh is note worthy as it happened in different contextual backgrounds. Bangladesh is defined as quasi-military government and Thai as fully pledge military government. Thailand is one of the economically improving states in Asian and it doesn’t have a strong conflict other than southern issue. Bangladesh is blessed with all kind of conflicts and they are promised for quick elections. What ever it is my argument is both these countries will experience economical set backs and specially Thai Military Junta have to hand over power to civilian governmentsooner or later to a civilian if they wants economical development. In the other hand these two countries suffered enough under military regimes and Thai economical development achieved only during civilian and democratic governments. Both states didn’t achieve any economical achievement with the past Military regimes. So these two experiences of our Asian neighbors telling us the economical disasters if we accept military regimes and specially a country like Bangladesh is in a alarming situation for crumbling social well-being.

Secondly the achievements we enjoyed over 50 years as democratic state will be restricted and we will be call for a restricted freedom. Many intellectuals and think tanks will move away from the country and even business and economy will be interfered by the military rankers and ever body might need an un official military friend as what happening in Pakistan. Pakistan is another good experience of failed Military state where every thing is controlled by the military and “gundas” of Military directly or indirectly .

Military will become the cause the resolving power and military will become the judiciary and military will become the power of every thing if Sri Lanka gets a military state as it happened in pakistan Judiciary . Some people dream for non corrupted good governance under military state, which is only a daydream as military, will be the beginning point of all conflicts. People some times supporting thiese ideas as many of them have relatives in military that they can get favors through their relations, but again it will be a dream as low rankers will not have any say in such government. Military will take all our good things, properties , good schools for their children and including our freedom as it happens in other coutries where military become the kings and authority over us. I cannot see any good out come of a military government instead of a nightmare of horrible period.

How did the minorities will take the issue as present Sri Lankan security forces are Singhala security force as there are no proper minority in it , not even 0.001% Tamils as rankers or soldiers and very few percentage of Muslims are in the military. Diaspora communities of minorities will look at this as utmost discrimination against their community, The conflict will move to new directions and entire productivity of the country will challenge. In the present corrupted environment and given life styles no Sri Lankan will enjoy a military terms for their lives.

Its true that we all are lacking some ting in our society and really frustrated and saddened over the directions but we should never thought that strict military type rule is what we are lacking as Early Israelites thought. We will be misleading if some one brings us to that directions, as we will never gain any thing in such endeavor. What we are lacking is participatory democracy that needs political consensus, transparency and devolution of power. Instead of these establishments if we impose military government we will be ended up in the worst country of the world.

Sri Lanka is a special community similar to Indian experience and we wont be able to uphold a military interferences as a part of our governing systems. Sentimental bonding of religions and the military will further deteriorate the freedom and the diversity we enjoyed over the years. Can we compromise these best practices for the sake of discipline or unity? These questions need to be answered by those military promoters. Once we entered in to a military government it will become a habit of the country and irreversible. It will affect friends and enemies both and the experiences of Pakistan , Bangladesh , and Thailand are good lessons to understand the gravity of it. Since beginning present government we are experiencing a large presence of military in the decision-making and this needs to attend by all leaders, as it will not lead us to good ends or resolution of our conflict.

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