Photo Essay: Celebrating New Year, ‘Sarvasiththu Varusha’

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

The New Year was celebrated today-April 14th 2007 in Sri Lanka.

Special poojas were performed at the Hindu temples. Many gathered at temples since morning to celebrate the New Year with religious rituals.

Later the first cash transaction (“Kai Vishesham”) was made at homes and work places.

Hindus gathered at temples to welcome “Sarvasiththu Varusha” New Year

A special “Abhishekam” was performed at Sri Venkadeswara Maha Vishnu temple in Nedimala

Pooja is performed at “Vasantha Mandapam”

Devotees gathered at temples in large numbers

Traditional “Kumbam” is set for the New Year

Kumbam“: a pot filled with water and on the mouth of it is placed a coconut and in between the coconut and the mouth of the pot are placed mango leaves. The pot is placed on a bed of paddy or rice spread on banana leaf or tray.Kumbam symbolises prosperity.

Sathya Sri Narayana Kurukkal blesses the devotees

A Hindu female devotee worships the Sun God

“Thavil” (a traditional drum) is played at the temple

The main “Kumbam” is taken on a procession

A Hindu priest blesses the devotees with rice soaked in saffron

A female devotee places Kumkumam on another female’s forehead and wished her good luck

Kids play on outer route of the temple

A female devotee offers water to an idol of a snake

“Sarvasiththu Varusha” is the 21st in the Tamil calendar cycle

Milk is being boiled to cook sweet rice

“Vadai” offered to the Sun God

Vadai is a savoury Tamil snack shaped like a doughnut and made from black lentil / black lentil.

Offerings to the Sun God

Indrajith Sanjeth plays with light wire crackers

Potkodi Subramaniam gives “Kai Vishesham” to her grand son Indrajith Sanjjeeth

New cash notes were given as “Kai Vishesham” by the most eldest member in the family

People want to live in peace and harmony

New life with new outlook begins on New Year

Source: humanityashore


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