NGO expresses discomfort over finding hand grenade in its vehicle

Nonviolent Peaceforce is concerned and perplexed at the discovery of a hand grenade in one of its vehicles:

The Nonviolent Peaceforce Sri Lanka, (NPSL) remains perplexed and deeply concerned at the discovery of a live hand grenade in the back of one of its vehicles, (a soft top pick up truck with a low tailboard). The deliberate carriage of any form of military ordnance, particularly in one of its own vehicles, goes against the organisation’s core beliefs and principles on the renouncement of all forms of violent activity.

NPSL has no reason to suspect its staff of deliberately carrying the hand grenade in the organisation’s vehicle and can only assume that the said grenade was placed in the vehicle without the knowledge of our staff. NPSL would now like to alert all (I)NGOs and UN agencies to be vigilant to the possibility of further occurrences of this nature.

NPSL would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sri Lankan security forces for the timely discovery of the hand grenade, the removal of which prevented possible unnecessary injury or death to innocent NPSL staff or others.

NPSL is currently carrying out a full and comprehensive inquiry which will concentrate among other things on regular internal security checks of its vehicles. NPSL is cooperating fully with the Sri Lankan security forces in the investigation of this regrettable matter.

[Full Text of Press Release by NPSL]

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