Diaspora activists Salute Kethesh Loganathan

“The extremes of both sides are trapped in a pathology of a fanatical nationalism that will ensure only one thing – a spiral of death and destruction.” said Bob Rae, the former Premier of Ontario who flew down from Canada to give the keynote address at the Kethesh Loganathan memorial meeting held on Saturday, 31 March 2007, at the Conway Hall, London. UK.

The 200 strong memorial meeting was chaired by P. Rajanayagam, Editor, Tamil Times, and active SLDF member. The meeting started with the observance of one minute silence to honour all those who had been slain in the cause of democracy and human rights.

In the chair’s remarks, Rajanayagam said that the internalised violence of the Tamil struggle had produced many martyrs and traitors. He added, “History will make the final judgement as to who are martyrs and who are traitors. It will make a critical and harsh judgement.”

The meeting was an emotional tribute to the memory and legacy of Kethesh Loganathan, featuring solidarity messages from around the world, poetry readings, songs and music.

V. Anandasangaree, President, TULF, Shanthan Thambiah, EPRLF and Ahilan Kadirgamar, SLDF also spoke.

The speakers and those who read messages re-avowed their firm commitment to pursue peace in Sri Lanka through a democratic and just political settlement.

Mr. Rae ended his speech making a strong plea to all those wanting an end to the conflict, to follow in Kethesh’s footsteps.

“The parties in Sri Lanka have become addicted to violence. The outside world has gotten used to lethargy. And indifference has become a habit. All these things must change. Kethesh, you died believing in the possibility, and indeed the need for peace. We, you have left behind must live in the same way.”

[Full Text of SLDF Press Release]

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