Buddhism, racism and patriotism

By G. S. Ananda

Neither science nor religion acknowledges the existence of any particular distinct race other than the one and only human race on Earth.

Lord Buddha clearly and vividly explained this fact in Vasetta Sutra viewing many a conflict situation that prevailed upon people due to this conceptual division factor followed with bloodshed, destruction and great suffering to humanity.

Sri Lanka proudly claims to be a Buddhist country and we can often see in the news media its leaders sitting before statues of Lord Buddha in meditative posture. This is all but pure hypocrisy as they openly encourage killing, stealing, lying, consumption of liquor etc; the most basic precepts the Buddhist laity should abstain from.

No wonder, the very same disciples of Lord Buddha are the people who always opposed and stood in the way whenever a peaceful solution is proposed to settle the ethnic crisis which has caused so much of destruction to Sri Lanka since independence.

The so called Sinhala Buddhists, Tamil Hindus, Christians and all others are Sri Lankans and above all, all of them are human beings inseparable from one another although they carry different conceptual identity labels.

Their leaders in the past fought together to win the much cherished independence for Sri Lanka.

It is the mentally sick and selfish fanatics who have mislead the people over and over for personal gain, exploiting the racial issue since independence costing the entire nation billions upon billions worth of assets, every cent of which we and the generations to be born have to bear while they, the pseudo patriots, enjoy life to the maximum.

This makes democracy a mockery as practiced under the presidential system with powers vested in one individual who enjoys legal immunity. [A letter to the Editor, in themorningleader.lk]

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