Dr. Vickramabahu rebukes Daily News report

Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathne rebukes Daily News report 

Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathne has written to the Daily News rebuking several assertions of its recent report on his tour of Europe.

The full text of the letter:

Chief Editor daily news
Lake House

Request for a correction

On 28th Feb. 2007 Daily news carried a news item about my visit to Europe with many errors and lapses. I shall be most grateful if you publish the following correction.

R.Srikanthan’s report on 28th Feb. 07 is interesting and it would have been informative too if not for the following lapses. Firstly I have claimed the LTTE to be a liberation movement since its inception, in spite of its capitalist socio economic perspective and terrorist methods of which comrade Annamalai was a victim. Secondly I am yet to receive any contribution from the the LTTE. I have accepted all contributions and help from every body that was prepared to donate, including my friend Hon Mahinda Rajapakasa. But all these were used for my aims and perspectives. Thirdly it is true that I spoke in a meeting with two liberal democratic MPs and a Libdem European parliament member, a baroness. However it is lunacy to maintain the both, that I presented the view of a ferocious guerrilla organization and also helped the election campaign of English liberal barons! Presentation of a consistent democratic way out for the Tamil and Muslim people may have helped the liberal campaign.

As a Marxist I did not advocate separation. On the contrary I made a strong appeal for unity based on substantial autonomy for the Tamil speaking people. In any case if I am a loony then those who took me seriously and bestowed awards, such as then prime minister Mahinda Rajapakasa who presented a certificate with a trophy for distinguish service to the working masses, and also the academics of the universities of Peradeniya and Cambridge who gave me certificates of distinction, must also be loonies.

Finally, Srikantha is silent about my campaign against the development strategy of the Mahinda regime which has made the corrupt rich, richer while the poor has become miserable with the inflation is beyond 20 %. At the same time all social services are reduced, ecological resources are plundered, over 2500 years old both Sinhala and Tamil cultural assets are destroyed while labor and media have lost their rights.

Dr.Vickramabahu Karunarathne
President Left Front, 17 Barracks Lane
1 march 2007

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