Split in the UNP: Is it retribution?

By V.C. Aruuran
[Colombo 6]

I have always voted for the UNP since the time Ranil became its leader. I was shocked during the last Presidential Election when we were told that Ranil was the genius behind the causing of schism in the LTTE. Yet I voted for him since I had identified him as a trustworthy leader with a vision for Sri Lanka.

I now believe that the split in the UNP is retribution for what was done by him and his party in undermining the legitimate struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils. But Ranil need not worry. Those who are basically racial are no more with the UNP. Ranil can now design a beautiful mosaic of UNP supporters consisting of all communities who are honest, genuine, and truly nationalist. He has been a Mr. Clean. Let him now be Mr. Honest and Genuine.

It is my firm belief that if genuine power sharing mechanisms are put in place honestly, to counter the argument of discrimination placed at the door of successive Sinhalese political leaders from the turn of the last century, the necessity for the minorities to take up to arms would vanish. The only way by which the minorities in Sri Lanka could be made to feel at ease is by sharing power with them in areas in which these minorities are a majority. After all, the Tamils of Sri Lanka never asked for a separate State for themselves at the time the British left because they felt comfortable among the Sinhalese living in all parts of the country at that time.

The necessity for power sharing arose only when they felt that they were being discriminated against on the grounds of language, religion, and ethnicity. It is useful to remember that it was a discriminated segment of the Southern society who too took up to arms in 1971.

With most of the cobwebs cleaned without Ranil having to sweep them off, let us hope he will soon shine as a genuine leader who has learned the mechanics of Karma and Retribution. I hope to vote for Ranil and his party at the next elections.

[A letter to the Editor, in dailymirror.lk]

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