Motherland full of orphans

By Sydney Knight

An objective study of the happenings in Sri Lanka today based on what is being presented by the media and the true stories behind news items is making it clear to at least some of us Sri Lankans that Colombo is fast losing the support of the minorities. The test of any society is the manner in which that community of human beings treats the minorities in their midst.

In the midst of the numbers game that is being played in Colombo in the form of the now famous MOUs between our country’s political parties, it is a sad reality that the two parties that have tried to govern our country over the decades are responsible for the non-implementation of the Official Languages Act. This law is about 40 years old!

Those who think that they are the ruling class in Colombo seem to think that Colombo 00700 is Colombo and Colombo is Sri Lanka. They are so insensitive to the suffering of human beings.

Leave alone the problems of those in the theatre of war in the northeast, there are the urban poor, those in the border villages, the deep south, the plantations, the Kandyan peasantry, women, children etc.

Colombo is really not concerned about these — it is the class war — for the cars on the streets of Colombo and the events in the five-star hotels tell a different tale.

It amuses me to read the letters in the press as to whether the Tamils really have grievances. The authors of these are not really aware of the ground realities.

One cannot and should not confuse the war with the problem of the minorities. Colombo is so insensitive that there is a well-known road in Colombo’s suburbia where a new name board of a lane is only in Sinhala and English!

Persons living in Perth and Washington have their own responses for all these. So one does not have to declare unilateral independence, or seek separation of Eelam or whatever it is — the ordinary solitary people of Mother Lanka are disenchanted with Colombo and its party politics. I wonder how we can sing Namo, Namo, Matha?

If Sri Lanka is our mother, then we are certainly guilty of treating some as orphans.

Over to all those who value the future of Mother Lanka.

This is important, for still there are those of us who want to live and work in Sri Lanka and build a nation for our future generations. []

[ A reader’s – Letter to the Editor of The Sunday Leader]

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