USTPAC mourns the passing of Mr. JM Rajaratnam

A dedicated Humanitarian



USTPAC mourns the passing of Mr. JM Rajaratnam. Mr. Rajaratnam has been a fearless advocate for Tamil rights, and provided leadership for decades in the US on Tamil affairs.

A well accomplished global figure, strategist and thinker, he dedicated his talent and resources for the emancipation and welfare of Tamils in the political, economic and humanitarian spheres.

As one who seeks no fame or glory, no one knows the full extent of his philanthropic and action oriented initiatives that have served well the humanity at large.

I am fortune to have known Mr. Rajaratnam since the 1991 University of Sacramento conference on Tamil self-determination. When USTPAC was formed in 2009, he became an ardent supporter of our advocacy projects, and projects for prosecution and evidence collection of war crimes in Sri Lanka. He had been a trusted adviser to USTPAC, and we will miss him dearly.

On behalf of USTPAC and Tamil Americans, we convey our deepest sympathies to his wife and children and the extended family. May his soul rest in God’s peace and continue to guide us in the path to justice and liberty. – Elias Jeyarajah

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