Rev, Fr. S.J. Emmanuel’s 80 years in Service to God and Humanity


Fr. S.J. Emmanuel turns 80 today (January 6, 2014)

On behalf of Tamil Americans, USTPAC wishes Father Emmanuel a Happy 80th Birthday.

From his early carrier as a Chemistry and Science teacher after University graduation, working as part time news correspondent, then answering God’s call to become a Catholic priest, teaching hundreds of Sinhalese and Tamil priests including several future bishops, being the Vicar-General of Jaffna Diocese, the Exodus of 1995, and to the exile later, through his writings, speeches, actions and life throughout, Father has been seeking and spearheading nothing but Truth and Justice for humanity, and especially for his people. Global Tamils are privileged to have his his moral leadership in the darkest hours for Tamils.

May God Almighty bless him with good health and long life to see the promised land in all its splendor.

elias jeyarajah

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