Displacement continues, nearly One and a Half years since Tsunami

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Another Face of Tsunami:

W.Vivian Charlet Fernando is from Moratuwa. She had a house on the coastal belt, which was washed away with the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. She lost all her belongings. She is now living with her grand sons in a school in Wellawatte.

Vivian Charlet Fernando continues to be diplaced and homeless, nearly one and a half years since the Tsunami.

At the age of sixty three, she is still struggling hard to earn her daily income. Her average daily income is Rs.250/=.

She travels from Wellawatte to Piliyandala fruit market to buy fruits, where the fruits are cheaper. And travels by bus to Bambalapitiya to sell. She walks to the houses in Bambalapitiya.

She has been selling fruits in Bambalapitiya for eighteen years.

W.Vivian Charlet Fernando (63) has been selling fruits for 18 years.

She sells Papaya for Rs.75/=

Although she is party blind, she has to travel in the public bus with the basket of fruits.

The fruits are in great demand due to the prevailing extremely hot weather in Sri Lanka.

“I am getting older. I beome very tired now, so I can’t travel daily and sell fruits. But I have no other way of earning daily income. I am still homeless and I am frustrated” says W.Vivian Charlet Fernando

Her best customers are in Bambalapitiya according to Vivian.

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Source: HumanityAshore.org

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