Program to foster friendship between Tamil children: ‘Mail Link’

The Program:

“Mail Link” is a letter writing program to foster friendship between the Tamil children of North America and the Tamil children affected by the war and Tsunami in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

The program commenced in April 2005 with 15 kids from Canada writing letters to the children residing at Senthalir Illam (Tender Sprout Home), a home for orphaned children and/or children with one parent and/or children living in extreme poverty.

Senthalir Illam which is located in Mullaitivu was not only completely destroyed by the Tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 but also lost many of its occupants as well. Currently, there are approximately 120 children at Senthalir Illam.

“Mail Link” was initiated to help in healing the hearts of those children who survived by fostering friendship and care through regular mail correspondence.

We currently have about 40 children signed up in “Mail Link”. We want more kids to join the program and encourage children between the ages of 5 and 16 to sign up.

How can you join?

Write an introductory letter by simply beginning your letter with “Dear Friend… ” (include your age, grade in school, your hobbies and what you would like to learn about your friend);

• Have it delivered/mailed to: 250 Bridletowne Circle, Unit #10, Scarborough, Ontario M1W 2G8 to the attention of “Mail Link”;

• Along with your letter, please include your contact information (including address, phone number and/or email address);

• Letter needs to be delivered/mailed no later than the last day of each month;

• Your letters will be sent through people travelling to that Region or via other means;

• The Administrators of Senthalir Illam will find a friend to respond to you with whom you will continue to correspond on a one on one basis;

• Responses will be either mailed or delivered to you;

• We encourage you to write as many letters as possible though a response may not be as frequent due to the poor mail service at the other end;

If you have questions please contact
Thanja at 416-497-0885.


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