‘We Dont Want any Money from Saudi Arabia’

“We Dont Want any Money from Saudi Arabia Where my Daughter was Killed” States Rizana’s Mother Fareena Nafeek

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

[dbsjeyaraj.com] In a significant gesture that shamed many Sri Lankan Muslim politicians the mother of Rizana Nafeek has rejected any offer of direct or indirect aid from Saudi Arabia the country in which her eldest daughter Rizana was wrongfully beheaded on January 9th 2013.

Despite the impoverished circumstances of the family that suffered bereavement the mother Ms. Abdul Seyyadu Fareena Nafeek has spurned direct and indirect offers of financial assistance from Saudi Arabia or any Saudi Arabian national.

She has also said that no one should visit their home or contact the family with offers of money from Saudi Arabia.

Mrs.Nafeek’s emotional statement comes as a slap in the face of several prominent Sri Lankan Muslim politicians issuing statements to the media that they are procuring financial aid from Saudi Arabian individuals and agencies to be given to the family of Rizana Nafeek the housemaid from Moothoor who was cruelly executed in Saudi Arabia.

[Read the full article here, on dbsjeyaraj.com: ‘We Dont Want any Money from Saudi Arabia Where my Daughter was Killed’ States Rizana’s Mother Fareena Nafeek]

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