No action on Army and police persons in LTTE payroll

There is growing disillusionment in the intelligence units over the lack of interest shown by defence authorities about the formers’ warning that a large number of soldiers and policemen in the North and East areas had been bought over by the LTTE.According to sources, repeated requests have been made to the relevant authorities along with the names of suspected officers. However for some reason the defence authorities has delayed taking action against the suspects.

The intelligence persons maintain there is no point in adopting even the best military strategies if the informers are allowed to work in the security forces and the police.

Defence analysts attribute the suicide attempt on the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka as a direct result of the assistance provided by these informers to the LTTE.

According to the police investigations into the Army Headquarters suicide blast, the police believe that the woman suicide bomber had a relationship with one of the senior officer in the army and using that opportunity, she gained access into the Headquarters premises.

In November, the military intelligence informed the government that the LTTE was planning to use pregnant women to assassinate VIPs in Colombo and that at least two such suicide women bombers had been sent to Colombo by the LTTE Leadership. And intelligence alleges that very little or no attention was paid to this warning.

Meanwhile, Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, who is currently receiving treatment at Colombo national hospital, is reportedly showing signs of a steady recovery. He had had a long conversation with family members on Wednesday and doctors said that his condition is improving fast.

A spokesman for the hospital however said that he has to remain in the intensive care for a few more days since doctors are monitoring the commander round the clock. [Source: Daily Mirror]

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