Will The LTTE make an air Strike on Colombo?

by B. Raman

(“The LTTE has still much bite left in it as seen by the rapidity and deadly effectiveness with which it has hit back against the Sri Lankan Police, Army and Navy after each incident of reprisal killing by the Government in which their hand is suspected……After the spectacular assassination of Laxman Kadirgamar, the then Foreign Minister, last year, the LTTE has not been able to mount any other spectacular strike in Colombo. Most of its post-November,2005, terrorist strikes have been confined to the Northern and Eastern provinces. Is it due to operational weaknesses on the ground in Colombo or due to fears of further turning international opinion against it by operating in Colombo? It would be difficult to answer this question at present for want of adequate information on this subject”….. Extract from my article dated April 23, 2006, titled “Sri Lanka: The Wounded Tiger

The LTTE demonstrated its unimpaired capability for planning and mounting a clandestine strike against even the key nerve centres of the Government in Colombo on April 25,2006. A suspected woman suicide bomber, reportedly posing as a pregnant woman needing medical attention, managed to penetrate into a high security area of the army and blew herself up as Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, the Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, was reportedly leaving his office, which is located in front of the army hospital. The Army chief suffered serious abdominal injuries and is in hospital undergoing treatment. Eight people were killed, including some of the bodyguards of the chief.

2. The LTTE has not claimed the responsibility for the attack. It is unlikely to do so since it never claims responsibility for its acts of terrorism. Only the LTTE could have carried out an operation of this type marked by precise intelligence regarding the movements of the chief, an ability to penetrate even highly-guarded areas, precise planning and precise execution by a highly-motivated lone suicide bomber.

3.The LTTE’s targeting of Lt. Gen. Sarath should not be a cause for surprise. It is believed to suspect him to be the author of the covert action plan to keep it bleeding in the Eastern Province with the help of “Col” Karuna, a legendary commander of the LTTE from the Eastern Province, who raised the flag of revolt against Prabhakaran, the LTTE leader, in March,2004, in protest against the alleged discrimination of Eastern Tamils by the organisation’s northern leadership. Lt. Gen. Sarath is an anti-LTTE hardliner, who enjoys the confidence of President Mahinda Rajapakse, and has emerged as one of his key advisers.

4. The LTTE’s attack on the Army Commander came four days after a statement (April 21) made by Lt. Gen. Sarath in which he was quoted as saying: “If the LTTE do not participate in peace talks and continue their provocative acts, the army will have no other option other than to retaliate. There is no connection, whatsoever, with the recent killings in North and East and the army. It is the LTTE who are doing these ruthless killings. These killings are mercilessly done by the LTTE. The LTTE are forcing us for war. We will not allow this war to begin. The people of Sri Lanka are longing for peace. We too are desirous of the same.”

5. There is no reason to believe that the LTTE attack on him was provoked by this statement. He has been a marked man of the LTTE even earlier because of his suspected role as the chief co-ordinator of the anti-LTTE covert actions in the Northern and Eastern provinces. The attack on him was partly an act of reprisal terrorism and partly demonstration terrorism. Reprisal for the alleged killings by the Army and Karuna’s men of the supporters and sympathisers of the LTTE in the Eastern Province and demonstration of the LTTE’s continuing capability for precision strikes even in Colombo. It was an attack against supposedly the hardest of the hard targets—-the highly protected army headquarters– and not a soft target.

6. The Government has tactically retaliated through artillery, air and naval strikes on the LTTE positions in the Eastern Province for about five hours on the evening of April 25. The artillery and air strikes were particularly concentrated on the Muttur East area of Tricomalee District. The Government has so far avoided any retaliatory strike in the Northern Province and has projected even the strikes in the Trincomalee District as in retaliation for a naval strike allegedly mounted by the LTTE coinciding with the attack in Colombo. There is so far no credible evidence in support of the Government claim that the LTTE had made a naval strike in Trincomalee at the same time as the attempt to kill the Army Commander in Colombo.

7. The Government has been projecting its retaliatory strikes as tactical in nature, not amounting to a formal end of the cease-fire entered into with the LTTE in February,2002, and a resumption of its war against the LTTE. It remains to be seen how the LTTE reacts to the air strikes. De jure ceasefire and de facto fighting—-that continues to be the ground situation.

8. A retaliatory attack by the LTTE is very likely and it may be in kind against the air and ground assets of the Sri Lankan Air force, including its personnel. The possibilities are of a ground strike against the international airport in Colombo similar to the one launched by the LTTE with devastating effect in July, 2001 or an air-mounted terrorist strike by the microlite aircraft allegedly procured by the LTTE and smuggled into the area controlled by it in 2004. However, a factor inhibiting the use of its aircraft will be the fact that there will be no deniability of the LTTE’s hand if it uses its aircraft. [Source: saag.org]

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai.)

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  1. Foneseka is a decorated war hero of the GOSL, but for the Tamils he’s a mass murderer of innocents. Responisble for the mass graves in chemmani and the torture and death of many Tamil civilians. He’s been a target of not only the LTTE but many Tamil organizations and individuals.

    The air strikes and mortar strikes being carried out by the Sri Lankan Army targetting Tamils is largely a knee Jerk reaction with no coordination or precision. The Air Force has reportedly even bombed some parts of their own territory because they lack precision bombing technology. The chances of these retaliatory measures affecting the LTTE, who are protected in well enforced bunkers are slim. Those who’re affected as usual will be ordinary Tamil civilians.

    Who is the evil Prabakaran having syenite and fighthing for prologed conflict killing inssent civillians having child soldiers.
    He is one of a evil in the world and should be wiped off.
    Tamils say they have been iltreated and 22 years ago but now its a complete new generation its not happening now.
    But evil prbakaran want war he lives with war he cant come to the peace.
    Imagine one day a person who motvated suicide attacks hiding in the jungles, encouraged killing innocent civillians including mums who were breast feeding their infants, come to the real politics …Joke


  2. Dear Nilantha,
    I understand ur ‘mother’s worry over her child when it gets sick’. It is so good of you, atleast you have that sense. Being from jaffna throughout the life i am telling you. Fonseka, who is now ‘on the way to hell’ is a massive killer. He has to answer the tears of thousands of mothers in Jaffna. He has been the responsibility for the mass grave chemmani and Krishanthy’s ‘crush the four eggs operation’. You cannot simply count, not even by calculator the number of arrests, torture and harrasment led by him during 1990s when he has been the army commander in chief in jaffna. Selva, if pirabaharan is a terrorist, tell me who is this Fonseka?? Is he a peace promoter??? You know, why he did not die is for good. He has to realize the pain of being a victim. I am not blabbering anything just by reading the papers and articles. It is my own experience as a war victim.
    neelan, please don’t write after drunk.

  3. If we all ordinary tamils, ordinary singhalese and politicians including prabhakaran and his followers can say what’s written below, we will not suicide bombers!!!!!

    Siyalu sthvayo niduk wethwa
    neerogi wethwa
    suwapth waethwa

  4. Everybody knows the bombing is a inside job. The CID branch had admited it. Why the airforce has to bomb the Muttur area. Why they didn’t hit the Wanni area. Something fishy.
    It is another Prabha-Mahinda coordination just as
    Prabha-Pramadasa did earlier

  5. Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist conflict is rooted in the nation’s history, but the past three decades have been the bloodiest on an island colonised by Europeans and invaded by Indians.

    At least 60,000 people have been killed since minority Tamils took up arms in 1972, about 24 years after the Indian Ocean island won independence from Britain.

    The British, the last in a long line of imperialists, dominated the island for 133 years with a policy of “divide and rule” among the majority Sinhalese and ethnic Tamils.

    Moves by the Sinhalese to retake key state jobs that had been controlled by the better-educated Tamils brought communal tensions into the open.

    But folk stories have long been told of ancient wars between Tamil and Sinhala kings.

    Many believe the state policy of adopting Sinhalese as the official national language while, at the same time, dropping both English and Tamil as a turning point in the chequered history of the island.

    “The conflict possibly started in 1956 when we adopted the Sinhala-only policy,” said retired airforce chief Harry Gunatillake. “From there onwards, we have gone down hill.”

    In 1972 a disgruntled Tamil school dropout, Velupillai Prabhakaran, formed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), or Tamil Tigers, who were to become one of the world’s most ruthlessly efficient guerrilla organisations, known for trademark suicide bombings.

    Tamils have long claimed that they were discriminated against in education and jobs. Equal opportunity legislation has been put in place, but its implementation has been slow and inadequate.

    Tamil discontent, which had traditionally been expressed in small-scale unrest, turned into a full-scale guerrilla war after a 1983 anti-Tamil riot left 400 to 600 people, mostly Tamils, dead on the streets.

    Unofficial figures suggest up to 60,000 people may have been killed in ethnic clashes over the past three decades.

    The Sinhalese are mostly Buddhists while the Tamils are Hindus but religion has not played a role in the long conflict.

    The majority Sinhalese trace their origins back to a North Indian prince, Vijaya, whose father banished him for disobedience.

    Vijaya is said to have taken a native princess of the yaksha or demon tribe as his wife and together they gave birth to the Sinhalese race.

    After being colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and later the British, many Sinhalese have mixed European blood.

    Arabs, who controlled the old trade routes between the east and west, also came to Sri Lanka in search of cinnamon and ended up marrying local women.

    Their descendants, known as Sri Lanka Muslims, make up 7.5 percent of the 19.5 million population.

    They are the second largest minority after Tamils who make up 12.5 percent of the population.

    In the 5th and 6th centuries Tamils arrived in Sri Lanka from neighbouring India, but they fought many wars with the kings who ruled the island’s different provinces.

    The “Sri Lankan Tamils” are distinct from the Tamil labourers imported much later from the subcontinent by the British in the 19th century to work on their plantations.

    The British left Ceylon, the name they gave the island, in 1948 but their divide and rule policies left a legacy of ethnic conflict.

    In December 2002 a peace deal brokered by Norway, a country with no role in the island’s colonial past, was agreed. The two sides said they would settle for a federal state but that agreement has never moved forward


  6. The pain of mass murderer sarath fonseka will wipe out the tears from the mothers in jaffna. Hell is the wright place for him.

  7. Decapitated bodies feared belonging to disappeared Tamils

    “We fear that the five decapitated bodies found near Kaduvela in Avissawela may belong to Tamil civilians who have been arrested during searches and disappeared from Colombo,” said Leader of Upcountry Peoples Front (UPF) and parliamentarian P.Chandrasekaran in a letter sent to Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse Thursday, sources in Colombo said.
    Five headless male corpses were found in Puwakpitiya and Dehiowita in Avissawella police division Thursday morning. A senior police officer in the division said the victims, believed to be Tamil youths, have been brutally murdered and their headless bodies were spotted by the estate workers in the area and informed the police.

    The bodies were only partially clothed, belonged to males, and have serious cut injuries to the bodies, sources in Avissawela said.

    Several travellers coming from Trincomalee to Colombo also have been arrested and disppeared, Chandrasekaran said.


  8. No country distrusts the Tamil Tigers more than India but when Sri Lanka began bombing rebel positions this week its giant neighbour got nervous.

    The air and artillery strikes, which followed a suspected Tiger suicide bomb attack that killed 10 and wounded the army commander, halted on Thursday, with the government under international pressure — not least from New Delhi — to stop.

    “It’s very complicated in the sense that the LTTE continues to be an organisation India would like to be banned worldwide,” said Rahul Roy-Chaudhury, a South Asia specialist at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

    “But there is a sense that because of the volatile politics in South India there is no choice but to tell the government to stop the strikes,” he said.

    India, home to more than 80 million Tamils in its southern state of Tamil Nadu, armed and trained Tamil guerrillas, including members of what was to become the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), for much of the 1980s.

    But when the Sri Lankan government invited Indian troops to enforce a 1987 peace pact, the Tigers turned on the Indian army, killing more than 1,100 soldiers.

    Yet India has been among those urging restraint from Colombo since the strikes began on Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday, and raised fears that a 2002 ceasefire had collapsed and the island could return to civil war.

    Its main donor countries met President Mahinda Rajapakse on Thursday to express concern, a meeting that was followed immediately by talks between Rajapakse and the Indian high commissioner, a senior official at the president’s office said.

    Even before this week’s violence, India was said to have expressed concern over ethnic riots in the northeastern district of Trincomalee, in which majority Sinhalese attacked Tamil villages in anger after mine blasts they blamed on the Tigers.

    “Our sense of sympathy and our sense of rights of the Tamil community are not affected by our feelings toward the LTTE,” said an official at the Indian High Commission in Colombo. “There is a distinction we draw between the two.”

    At one time there were more than 100,000 Sri Lankan Tamils in camps in Tamil Nadu, some of whom remain.

    India also has economic interests in Trincomalee, home to a strategic deep-water port, not least in the form of oil storage tanks leased by Indian Oil Corporation, India’s largest refiner.

    “India is worried, undoubtedly. Especially with large volumes of investment in Trincomalee, they wouldn’t want their economic interests to be hurt,” But with local elections under way in India, its bigger fear is the possible destabilising impact another Sri Lankan war could have.

    “A fragmented Sri Lanka is the worst case scenario for India,” said Roy-Chaudhury.


  9. The CFA is not holding. It is about to end with last rites that are due before it’s burial. Mahinda is happy because that is what his partners the JVP, the JHU, the ministers and all the big wigs in his sinhala rulership expected to come by. Now that a full-scale war is in the cards all evil and corrupt sinhala leaders, the generals, the anti-tamil populous can be happy about the expected outcome. They wanted it and they are getting it. The IC can only be a spectator and may even support the evil SLG to get the beatings against the tamils and tigers as an ongoing event. The IC is busy in working out a plan to implement it’s sinister motives to fish in troubled waters in the srilankan deteriorating scenario. The IC will remain one sided all the time and never will a condemnation come against the dictatorial, genocidal SLG even in the wake of air attacks and killings where the loss is for tamils only. When tamil leaders get killed by sinhala thugs and sinhala forces the IC is silent but when an army man gets injured or killed they are up at arms to raise their cruel voice against the LTTE.The anti-tamil forces both sinhala and foreign are in the business of destrying the tamil nationalism.

  10. The backing of Canada and USA is a blessing in disguise for military terrorism of SLG. The arm of the terrorist SLG has been further strenghtened by the decision of USA to pressure the IC to take drastic action to cut the tail of the tigers. The tamils of srilanka will never get any solution to their 60 year old ethnic question by these super powers all want to bail out the corrupt SLG which is continuing it’s genocide on tamil civilians at random for no fault but for being tamils only. The 1983 communal violence has been so unforgettable in that some buddhist monks made the tamils to pronounce sinhala words and the failure of correctness determined their instant death. These and the continued brutalities against the tamils ended up in tamils taking up arms for protecting their people. LTTE is a trusted strong force to fight back state terrorism and their genune attempts at peace talks produced nothing thus far. On the contrary more sufferings are perpetrated to the community so that 50% of tamils are displaced as at present within the country. The tamils voices are no concern for the IC but when the killer army man got injured USA and the world raise their voice to condemn the tigers even without facts made known and on fabricated news from sinhala side is acceptable to the IC. It is a shame for the IC to act against the tamil community at large and is it not time for the IC to listen to the tamils to see their real stories of woe or perhaps go and see for themselves without biased views.

  11. May Sarath Fonseka suffer unbearable pain for the rest of his lifetime. This is for murdering 600 innocent Tamil during the rampage into Jaffna in 1995 and the brutal murders of Tamil Civillains once appointed Army Commander.

    According to informed sources:

    Mass murderer Sanath Fonseka is being kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), more than 48 hours after he was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with serious injuries, hospital sources said.

    Around 12 surgeons worked around the clock and performed three different major operations to maintain him in a sate at which he could be medically classified as being ‘alive’, sources added.

    However, his actual health can not be confirmed for at least another 12 hours, a hospital nurse said.

    Medical experts told this reporter that Fonseka’s injuries seem to be severe and that even if he survives “he may have to be tube fed for the rest of his life”. “He would most likely be paralysed from the hip below,” experts added.

  12. We the Tamils should be grateful to the Singhalese. I live in Colombo and enjoy their hospitality. Although even one Sinhalese cannot live in LTTE areas a vast number of Tamils live in the so called “Sinhala areas” without any problems other than those problems created by our so called “saviors” LTTE by indiscriminately killing civilians. LTTE is run by a pack of animals and those tamils who support LTTE directly or indirectly are all a part of this pack. Starting from Prabha who cannot even read or write properly to the LTTE “IGP” who is really a former police constable, the political wing head – the former barber and the bogus “Dr” Anton Balasingham who is a former clerk and posing off as a PhD. (as revealed by the Tamil Journalist Jeyaraj….. “Balasingham has not even passed his Advanced Level…. not stepped in to a University for any academic learning other than to disrupt learning by other tamils who could easily surpass him and expose him…) the LTTE is a terrorist organization run by 3rd class tamils who try to camouflage their lack of everything by trying to be cowboys.

    Thank god that Sinhalese have not lost their patience since 1983 least we the peaceful tamils would have to end up in the clutches of the murderous LTTE, giving our hard earned money to these megalomaniacs and doing peon services to these coolies.

    Tamils will find peace only on the day they get together and hang Prbha and his blood seeking pack of wolfs along the A9 road.

  13. Hay Mr. “Anthony Jones”, why are you silent these days.
    Please Mr. “..e..” , do not think that I cannot recognise you! Hope the hint I am giving above make you feel sick as I have identified you. You are the one who did “……a…” keeping your wife in the dark. (How unfortunate this blog cannot accomodate photos!). Ha!Gootcha!!

    Lets see what you have to say to this before deciding to unmask you!

  14. Sanath Fonseka may be a mass murderer. b’s he killed 600 Terrorist. then what abt ur (so called) National Leader ? how many ppl he killed ?one.. two… no 60,000+ people … all of them are innocent Sri Lankan. Tamil or Sinhala …imagine if he wasn’t there. Jaffna will be developed as same as Colombo or more. Jaffna ppl get all the privileges as Tamils in Colombo.

    LTTE is a terrorist organization. they are thirty of WAR. if there is no war. ppl loose fear. no fear no LTTE .

  15. More like Ajith Dharma should come forward; that will be a benefit to ALL (including to real Buddhism).

  16. details civilian killings by Sri Lankan forces and paramilitaries after Geneva Talks

    103 civilians, including six children, have been killed by Sri Lankan forces and its paramilitaries since Geneva Talks on 24 February untill April 27, according to a report issued by the Political Head Quarters of the Liberation Tigers Friday. 12 Tamil civilians were killed on February 27, March 5, 6, 9, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 28, and the first attack on SLA posts after the Geneva Talks in February took place on April 8th after the assasination of Trincomalee district Tamil activist Mr. V. Vigneswaran. “Readers can now make their own conclusion about who is responsible for deteriorating situation following the Geneva talks,” the report issued by the LTTE concluded.

    Download the report with details in PDF format

    Full text of the reports follows:

    Tamil civilians murdered, by and under the supervision of, Sri Lankan Armed Forces since Geneva talks on 24 February until April 27 2006

    The Tamil civilians murdered by, and under the supervision of, the SLAFs since the Geneva talks on 24 February are given in a Table in this report. With a brief explanation of the data in this Table. This Table tells the story of the gruesome terrorizing nature of the murderous campaign by the SLAFs. After reading this Table, it is not too hard to imagine the state of terror in which the Tamil people are living in the SLAFs controlled areas of Northeast.

    These murders were carried out by two main methods. These are, killing by direct shooting of the SLAFs and killing by direct shooting of the paramilitary while SLAFs stood guard nearby.

    In the case of direct shooting by the SLAFs, the victims are first arrested on a false pretext. They are then shot and the bodies just thrown in a public place to be “discovered” by the people. The murder of five young men in Puthur on 18 April is a typical case of this style of SLAFs murder.

    The other style of SLAFs murder is carried out using paramilitary. These murders are carried out after the SLAFs prepares the ground for the safety of and escape route for the paramilitary which then carries out the murder. Sometimes the roads are cleared of vehicles by the SLAFs so that the crime can be committed with minimum number of eyewitness. SLAFs has stood at the doors of neighbours preventing the neighbours from going to the aid of the victims. In all such murders people reported the presence of SLAFs nearby. When murders had to be committed too close to a SLAFs presence, people observed that the SLAFs vacated the place just before the murder is carried out; returning only after the paramilitary has safely escaped. The close synchronization of the movement of SLAFs and the paramilitary during these murderous campaigns are clear signal that the two are working closely together. These paramilitary murders are carried out in three distinct styles. These are, balaclava wearing gunmen arriving in white-van at night at the victim’s home; helmeted motorbike riders shooting and escaping in daylight; and missing people surfacing as bodies

    In Trincomalee, Sinhala mobs have also been used by the SLAFs to kill Tamil civilians. That the SLAFs stood by as Sinhala mobs continued the mayhem is now well known and reported in the international media.

    Following all such face to face killing, police is brought in to remove the bodies, a judge is also usually present at the scene, and the bodies are taken to the hospital for a postmortem report and the bodies are released to the family. The case is brought to the courts. As is now the hallmark of the Sri Lankan justice system it stops here. The Table gives the names of civilians killed grouped according to the styles of murdered described above.

    To these styles of murders, two more styles must be added. These are, the killing by SLAFs planted claymore mines targeting civilians and killing by aerial bombing and shelling of civilian settlements.

    Some of the claymore attacks and also one incident of face to face attack have been carried by SLAFs that penetrated the Forward Defense Lines of the LTTE. Since these murders are carried out inside LTTE area by the SLAFs these have been grouped separately in the Table.

    The styles of murders to look for in the Table

    direct shooting by the SLAFs,
    direct shooting by the paramilitary while SLAFs stood guard nearby, carried out in three distinct styles
    balaclava wearing gunmen arriving in white-van at night at the victim’s home;
    helmeted motorbike riders shooting and escaping in daylight; and
    missing people surfacing as bodies.
    SLAFs assisted Sinhala mobs,
    SLAFs planted claymore mines that target civilians,
    SLAFs aerial bombing and shelling of civilian settlements and
    SLAFs killing inside LTTE area
    Other major issues to look for in the table

    The number of Tamil children and women killed by the SLAFs since the February 2006 Geneva talks are highlighted in the age and gender columns of the table. Six children under the age of 18 have been killed. Three children were killed in the so called “limited operation” carried out by all three armed forced of GoSL in Trincomalee on 25 April. Among them is a four year old child. The photos of the dead bodies of these children are in page 8. Fifteen women were also killed by this SLAFs murderous campaign.

    The murders of the three high profile community leaders, Vigneswaran on 7 April, Vilvarasa on 20 April and Senthilnathan on 26 April must also be highlighted as all the three men had the potential to be parliamentary representatives for Northeast. Their murders represent an attempt to eliminate the development of democratic leadership among the Tamils.

    Another very important aspect of these civilian murders that is missed by most international observers is the fact that a total 12 Tamil civilians were killed on February 27, March 5, 6, 9, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 28. Then on April 7 Tamil activist, Vigneswaran, was killed. The first attack on SLA posts after the Geneva talks took place on April 8th. Readers can now make their own conclusion about who is responsible for deteriorating situation following the Geneva talks.

  17. Well done Rwan! Finally you have admitted as what your government always claims!! Tamils are terrorists and terrorists are tamils. so, will you say that the fifteen civilians (Sorry in your terms terrorists) killed in Trinco are terrorists?? Then what about the muslims killed in aerial blast in muttur?? Are they terrorist supporters then??

  18. Yes Mr. Thanabalu, You still cannot answer why Your Supreme Lord Prahabakaran not allowing his own children to be trained as Suicide Bombers??? Why he is scared loosing his own children. Isnt that a fact? In the same manner he don’t have brain to think about other parents children who are forced to take training to become a Suicide Bomber. Mr. Prahabakaran is very much like to enjoy BLOOD of innocent Tamils. Later he make a Mounement to respect them as HEROS. He thinks that by doing this he can just wash his blood stain hands!!! This is unpardonable CRIME. It is worst when he use another mother (a pregnant lady to satisfy his BLOOD THIRSTY). Let this factor understand by Human rights Commissions and International Community. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD SUCH A NASTY BARBARIC ACT OF USING AND FORCING AND BRAINWASHING A PREGNANT MOTHER TO ACT THIS CRIME OF SUICIDE. Think if your mother is pregannt and will you ever allow to use her to do this type act? Hope you will answer to this factor only.

  19. Mr. Clements, obviously you don’t know the difference between tamils and the LTTE. The majority of tamils are not LTTE supporters. The LTTE has dont nothing for the tamils except give them a lot of misery and a bad name in the international community. You might be a LTTE sympathizer, but they have lost all trust & regard among Sri lankans and the international community. As i mentioned before, the only language the LTTE understands is violence, war & death. A peaceful resolution has failed over and over again. Instead of the LTTE going out for a final Elam war with the GOSL, The GOSL should declare a war on the LTTE and not bow down to foreign pressure, and incinerate the LTTE. Prabakaran should be captured alive and convicted as a mass murderer. The srilankan forces should continue to attack rebel positions and wipe out the LTTE for good. The US should help and is willing to supply the GOSL with military and intelligence to accomplish the feat. Once the LTTE is eliminated, then the peace loving tamils can live in harmony and co-exist with the other ethnic groups in Sri lanka.

  20. The anilmal type slayings as shown in pictures of headless young naked bodies are a typical slaying of the sinhala thugs. Similar killings have been done in Bindunuwewa,Welikada,Chemmnani,Punkudutivu and many more places by the armed thugs recruited as military and police personnels. The animal type of slayings are nothing but the type of brutality that is being shown to human bodies. The five bodies are that of the tamils arrested by the police in colombo. The srilankan government wants peace with the tamils is not true but to kill as many tamils by brutal methods will make their hearts feel cool. If they can drink the blood of these slain persons they will certainly do it if it would quench their thirst. The sinhala brutality is unspeakable and beyond civility and is absolute barbarism. The pansalas are the places where these hate mongers are being born. Buddhism will never teach the basic values of human lives. Whether LTTE killing or Sinhala thuggerism the brunt of these murders are making Hitler a better person than these thugs of SLG.

  21. Dear Mithree, Thanks for the vote of Confidence. We have to thank Tamil Week to allow us to express ourselves freely in here. BBC and most other forums do not do that. I get to know Tamil and Sinhala opinion, moderate opnion, extremist views the lot. It’s good to know how people think.
    Dear Kingsley, as far as I understand 5 headless bodies are not Tamils. 2 Sinhalese and 3 muslims or other way round. There was interdicted Police IP and his wife gunned down same day as suicide bombing happened. That news went unnoticed. That IP was about to reveal few high politicos and officials in Police with drug connections. These five are evidence related to that. Chandrasekaran screaming these are Tamils due to the fact that he is about to get minitry portfolia from MR. So he is worried about how VPO react and making noice. Tamilnet perhaps picked that up. If you say that killing is brutal then LTTE also kills in similar manor and haven’t you seen the lamp post bodies. SL army death sqauds killed Sinhala youth in 1989 to 1991 in way beyond barbarism. But that was handfull of SL army people. We cannot blame majority on that. The commanders of that era also went unpunished. Human rights has to go still long way in SL.
    Please don’t attack Buddhsim. We don’t know those killers Buddhist or not. Just because someone born to buddhist family does not mean Buddhsm never teaches human values. Buddhsim is one of most compassionate religions. Just because Hitler killed jews and he was born to Christian family does not mean Jesus did not preach humanity and compassion.

  22. Two forces are prevalent in srilanka as at present and many more perhaps on the underground:-

    Force # 1 _ Combined forces of SLG + Paramilitary +Thugs

    Force # 2 – LTTE + Allied Peoples forces under different names

    The tamils in srilanka have to choose between the two forces is it going to be 1 or 2. As far as tamils are concerned they have lost all hopes on 1. Whether they like it or not the obvious choice will be 2. If some one will say most tamil para groups who are a part with govt. groups could be trusted then EPDP is yet a choice but their popularity at the basest level among tamils.Most of the paramilitary groups have deserted the tamil cause and have become the enemies of tamil people in their evils done to kill tamils. The SLG and the IC should think for a moment how they can convince the tamils to believe otherwise and to support the SLG any more for peaceful co-existence. Chandrika is condemning the attack against the commander but she still thinks that Mahinda did the right thing in bombing the tamils. her failure to condemn this air attack is a dismal portrayal of sinhala hegemony which is empowering the present and former leader. Tamils can never get justice from sinhala leaders and the IC must enter the scene and solve the ethnic equation.

  23. The Co-Chairs ultimately have the power to rein in on this blood thirsty Sinhala regime. It was they who bankrolled “War for Peace” – the perpetual genocide of Tamils and now they still refuse to acknowledge the Govt. record of mass murder and are merely paying lip service.

    Listening to these self appointed co-chairs clears makes you feel sick to the stomach. They just do not CARE about TAMIL LIVES.

    The LTTE should be given carte blanche authority to put the final Nail into the Sinhala regime’s coffin.
    The Co-Chairs of the Tokyo Donor Conference (the European Union and the Governments of Japan, the United States and Norway) met in Oslo on 28 April for consultations.

    The purpose of the meeting was to assess the serious situation in Sri Lanka and examine how Co-Chairs could most effectively respond to it.

    Co-Chairs reiterated their deep concern at the recent deterioration of the situation in Sri Lanka, condemning all acts of violence and calling on this to stop.

    The Co-Chairs from the EU, Japan and USA reaffirmed their support to the Norwegian peace facilitators.

    The Co-Chairs have decided to meet again in Tokyo to further discuss steps and concerted actions to encourage the parties to pursue a durable solution in Sri Lanka.

  24. The JVP and the JHU were partners in making the king called Mahinda and his CHINTHANA. The manifesto clearly spells that norway should be pushed out from being facilitator in the peace talks. The two allied partners are still opposed to norway but the co-chairs are in favour of and insisting for continued facilitation by norway. Mahinda has an obligation by the partners who were creators of his CHITHANA and put him on his pedastel of power. Now mahinda has a choice to make whether to say yes to JVP and JHU or to the CO-Chairs in the decision made now.If mahinda is honest he should come clean and tell the world which side he is going to take instead of sitting on the fence and expecting things to automatically calm down.The situation is pretty tense and opposing views can cripple his administration as a whole. Even now it looks as if there is no law and order in the country. If he desires an open war against the tigers let him do it instead of putting the people and the country to ransom. Either he decide to settle the issue or proclaim the war and seek his desired results.

  25. Dear All,

    It is by chance I got into this site. I am bewildered and saddened in what I read. What I read here is absolute bull shit, people slinging mud against each other and trying to prove who is right and who is wrong. This is pathetic. What is wrong with all of us? We have something wrong fundamentally in our system, we are being polarized and the feeling of Sri Lankans is completely lost. I will/ can assure for sure if we don’t have the feeling of us being Sri lankan’s we will never find solutions to this conflict and it “party time” for war mongers.

    The reason I say we have something fundamentally wrong in the way we run the country is due to the following;

    Education: The present education system in Sri Lanka is the first and foremost root cause to feed to the conflict. The concept of having separate school for different communities is a very big mistake. Children are taught intentionally / non intentionally that each community is different. It is engraved in their minds that people are different and the feeling of being Sri Lankan takes a back seat. If children are made to sit from their formative ages in the same class they will understand about each other and learn to tolerate one another – what is our system doing now? Segregate them even further by having Sinhala schools, Tamil schools, Muslim schools, International school
    (for the rich) etc. What efforts are we taking to build “one Sri Lanka”? Nothing. People might think I am silly and am being idealistic but in your hearts you will know and understand what I am say makes sense. Hope and pray something works out and the people who sit in the decision making chair do something about this.

    Quick fixing: Other issue that I find wrong happening in the country is trying to find quick fixes. With the conflict raging for the past 23 years in full and silently since independence some one need to have the “gut” to get into the root of the problem and take bold decisions that will benefit the nation at large. Some people will be hurt with the process of the solutions but it will be good for the nation. If we have to please all people’s feeling I guess we end up in making quick fixing decisions.

    One voice: We as a nation should agree bad happened in the past. What will it give us just bickering about the past? By dwelling in the past we forget that we have a future. Does anyone care for a strong and solid Sri Lanka? I guess not. With what I read here no one is objectively seeing and eyeing the conflict. They just respond to incidents that happen and get completely emotional – what good does it give us? I don’t have a clue. We should learn to forgive and forget what happened in the past and learn to be one. Under one banner, under one Sri Lanka that loves and respects her subjects.

    Come on fellow citizens let us forget to discuss why Sarat Fonseka was tried to be assassinated, why Prabhakaran is having his iron fisted policies, why we are stuck in a political muddle that is hindering Sri Lanka in its growth and see what can be done to address the root cause of the conflict/war. As I mentioned earlier lets discuss what went wrong and where rather that fighting like a hungry pack of wolves over a rabbit.

    Sri Lanka needs all, everyone one of us to love our nation first and then our respective race and religions.

  26. Is it not time to ask the International Community to declare the Sri Lankan Government as a Terrorist State and put their leaders on trial for genocidal attack and killing of innocent tamils in Trincomalee because the Occupying Army and their Commander were attacked by LTTE.

    What is the difference between Sudan Government and Sri Lankan Government nothing much, Both are commiting unpardonable crimes against their own people. I do not see any diffirence between what is happening in Darfur and Trincomalee its a pure etnic cleansing by the respective Governments.

    After all this how can the stupid Mangala Samaraveera ask EEC to ban the LTTE. He must be very thick.

    Read the following. Irony here is Daily News edited by that racist who used to write for that racist and fascist website TLA has cheek to publish an editorial to criticise the foreign news organisations specially the venerable BBC. It is well known Island is very racist newspaper and but they are very thick if they think they can teach Americans, Europeans and others a few things about impartial reporting. You take the newspapers Daily News and Island they are very well known for supporting racist sinhalese view and very anti Tamil and do not want give anything to Tamil. Take the future pages of those papers full of articles by the racists. You would expect if the government want to build up some goodwill they will order their newspapaers to tone down their virtioloc and racist attacks.

    You could write volume about the stupdity of the undiplomatic Foreign Minister The Pinko. First think he should know is hi is not Lakshman Kathirgamar (That’s another story leave it for the time being). This man is very anti-tamil cannot even recognise the troubles Norway is undergoing to keep peace and avoid innocents being killed.

    Rajapakse’s story is like playing fiddle while the Rome is burning. He has no Leadership, no Statesmenship but only have dim Brithership. When International Peace Negotiator come to the Country he won’t meet them may be he was planning to bomb and ethnic cleanse the Trincomalee. Bunch of amateurs running the country this what you will expect if you rely on brothers, borthers JHU, brothers JVP. God save the Country. Read the following news on the hysterical editorials from those fountains of hate, racisms Daily News and Island.

    Sri Lanka is facing a propaganda war more dangerous than the recent violence in the country, the president said, as newspapers accused foreign journalists of biased coverage.

    “The LTTE said 40,000 people were fleeing and some of the Colombo-based foreign journalists swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker,” The Island newspaper said in a front-page editorial Saturday headlined: “Call girls and call boys of Fourth Estate.”
    It singled out the BBC and wondered why “irresponsible swashbucklers” are allowed to cover such sensitive matters.

    “They have mistaken their mission here for heightening the conflict by lionising Tigers,” the privately-owned Island wrote.

    The state-owned Daily News headlined its editorial: “The truth slaughtered for Mammon” and accused foreign news agencies and broadcast media of inaccurate coverage in order to make more money.
    “Is life in poor countries so cheap that these Western media organizations would not think twice about flouting every conceivable, time-honoured norm in journalism?” the newspaper asked.

    In his Friday speech to the political parties, Rajapakse did not directly accuse the media but he said: “LTTE and their sympathizers are launching a large-scale propaganda war to tarnish our image.”

  27. Let us be realistic about facts. Is LTTE an equal and powerful force in srilanka beside the SLG. They have a powerful army,navy,airforce and a shadow government. Can anybody dispute this reality.Speaking of a unitary state while a shadow powerful entity is in existence within the country and is it not the right time to recognise them and to extend an arm of friendship and enter into a treaty to live as friends and neighbors in co-existence and to stay away from one another without combats and to be very friendly with the super power of a neighboring India and to remain without being of any danger to one another. This type of a settlement to the current prevailing tense situation may ease all enmity and bring about peace and calm to the country and the region.Assistance of foreign nations are welcome but to keep India the strong neighbor as our big brother in all fairness to all parties within the region is the most viable solution to the current stalemate. Will the SLG and IC give a thought to this and bring to pass stability in the region.

  28. Chandrika and the IC have condemned the LTTE time and again. But they never condemn the SLG bombings on civilians in trinco. When there are many foreign embassies in colombo not a single one has given it’s opinion regarding the SLG attacks against tamil civilians. The IC and the former SLG president and all relevant parties are telling the world that tamil’s lives are not valuable but if a genocidal SLG force personnel got killed these nations are quick to condemn. The present trend of beheading of arrested tamils and dumping the naked bodies out in the open is a message of the full hatred for tamils being shown by this genocidal SLG to the whole world. They are giving the signs of things to follow and earlier similar incidents prove that arrested tamil’s lives are in the hanging. If the international community would not speak loud against these SLG subversive timid leaders the lives of all tamils in custody are like those in the death row without any fault of theirs. The thousands of tamils arrested in colombo and disappearances are a sure proof of genocide. Will the IC rescue tamil’s lives and bring the genocidal SLG to wrath and condemnation of the IC.

  29. The destruction of paramilitary camps was adifficult task to the SLG but they were wiped out within a few hours of raging dawn attack by the relevant party who got the brunt of the paramilitary attacks. The casualty figures are as high as 30 or perhaps more. Now the president has a classic idea to provide 10,000 guns to sinhala civilians for their protection. This is in total disrespect for the geneva 1 talks and agreements and on the other hand he is trying to create more para groups to make the situation worse. JVP must be very happy with this decision and will earn the president some votes from JVP in this effort. It all boils down to genocide for tamil civilians and it will go un abated. The training provided by tigers to civilians in self defence also is an eye opener regarding the on coming point of no return. War has to decide the future of srilanka and peace talks are a waste of time and energy and will keep tamils stay as homeless,landless, foodless protection less within government areas. LTTE is the only way out for tamils and waiting any longer is unwarranted but declaration of Eelam is the only sure solution.

  30. Speaking of sovereignty in the perspective of sinhala chauvinists is an undivided island of sinhala sovereignity. If sinhala people think that they are sovereign and the entire srilanka is theirs then there is no room for the tamils in this country except for the sinhala mercy and kindness which allows them residency in their lands and sorrounding sea. If in the same tone tamils enforce their own sovereignity by claiming the lands and sea thet are theirs for thousands of years then who can deny their rights. If India or other co-chairs consider these facts it becomes a point to ponder as to which nation is sovereign in srilanka. Perhaps the two nations the sinhala and the tamils are sovereign in their own ways. The two nations have to live in their own homes and lands and sea sorrounding it. Sinhalese have their own territory and so do the tamils.The time has come for the tamils to take back their soverignty into their own hands and fight the evil forces that are trying to steal away their homes,lands and sea from them.

  31. The srilankan medias and their propaganda machineries are working relentlessly in their anti -tiger war mongering. This propaganda is affecting the tamil diaspora in a tremendous ways. Since the SLG has it’s foreign embassies in most lands their propaganda is done on an official level and the foreign governments believe their version as truth and nothing but the truth. The tamil diaspora being tax payers and living as blameless citizens are torn apart by this form of malice shown against the tigers on foreign lands through the SLG influence. To add insult to injury there are the lanka web and go2lanka medias are having their voices in Los Angeles and other parts of Europe. The Asia tribune is another moutn piece for the SLG and antitamil propaganda. The IC would not want to listen to the tamils but would take heed when the SLG sends its envoys to plead for banning the LTTE and take action against tamil’s cause. Canada is also a part to tamil being treated as secondary to the sinhala government and it’s advisors.The entire world can put a black mark on tamil nationalism but the tamils will not be pressured into made abroad solutions fabricated with sinhala government. A tamil consensus of 90 % shows that their leadership is their choice. The time has come for recognising the tamil leadership.

  32. How can accountability with regards to Tsunami relief funds to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars be shown by this president and his government . Even during his days as prime minister under Chandrika he was caught with theft of Tsunami funds amounting to several million dollars. Now that he is the captain of the ship he is empowered to do anyhting he wants with this massive money poured into the country as donations and grants. Since the captain of the, ship called srilanka, is a thief himself he can do anything and who is there to question his modalities and ways of robbery. He is on a collision course and may ruin the whole country due to his bad non accountability of all affairs that are happening in the land.

  33. A sinister attempt is on the way in arming the serunuwara sinhala residents to keep the displaced tamils away from their homes. The government has provided guns for self defence it seems. The SLG wants trincomalee to be extracted free of tamils and that is the motive in these attempts but if the tamils on the other hand will also get their arms and ammunitions from the tigers on a counter measure where does the SLG stand on this issue. India may be having it’s oil tanks and other interests in trinco but what is the guarantee that even India’s properties will be protected by this traitors government. This is the time India should give thought to the situation and put a full stop of trusting the SLG and turn a page to give it’s full support to tamil nationalism and it’s leadership.

  34. The investigations against the STF in the brutal killings of tamil university students in trincomalee has been found futile due to lack of evidence as is reported. These investigations are showing that the killer and the investigator are the same such as the SLG and it’s president. No killings are unknown as is revealed by investigations but being the killer and investigator they can never punish the perpetrator since it is done by the SLG itself. The many young tamils killed recently has become a pattern and may be an un written manifesto of Mahinda Chintana. Mahinda Chintana is multi-faceted and the main and most holy one of these Chintana is annihilation of tamils. His chintana as far as killing of tamils has thus far produced some favourable results. Though JVP weerawansa want to be an angulimala to make garlands with the thumbs of tamils killed ,the Mahinda chintana is trying to make a garland of tamils heads and counting has begun to aquire as many heads as possible in the beheading of tamils. In order to cling to power he has got the latest idea to strengthen his vote base by shuffling of ministries to suit his greed for power needs. The tamil question is not a matter to this monster but his remaining as president by hook or by crook is important. Knowing that he doesn’t have a tamil vote base he has to maintain the sinhala base without minding the tamils whether they live or die is not his concern.

  35. Hey, LTTE mouth pieces,

    Why are you talking about a few “innocent” Tamils that have been killed by anti-LTTE elements while ignoring the large number of innocent Sinhalese, Tamils, moors and burgers killed by LTTE and pro-LTTE groups? You all are reaping what you have sowed. The LTTE were the pioneers of indiscriminate killings of really innocent civilians in this country and a few others too have mastered the LTTE/pro-LTTE tactics. Now why are you yelling “foul! foul!” Face the music or stop LTTE killings and automatically the other killings will also stop. The rulesapply equally to all. Why, you people think that the LTTE has a monopoly to kill?

    You people think that the world if full of idiots other than you guys. LTTE was fooling the IC for a long time but they could not fool them all the time.

    The result! LTTE banned in India, USA, Canada, EU, Singapore and Malaysia!

    Hats off to the IC. Teach the LTTE the lesson of their lives!!!

    Long live united Sri Lanka!!!

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