What Happened in Canada

by Bheeshmar – Thinakkural – Colombo

The Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day of the Neo Conservative government that came into power on the 6th April banned the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the 8th instant on grounds of terrorism.

This new government is based on Neo Conservatism. The new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, formed this party in 2003. Harper, who opposed the Liberalism that existed in Canada, wanted to bring about a tighter perspective in the administration. It was expected that he would ban the Tiger if he were to come into power. And that has happened.

At a time when the Tamil struggle has just reached an important stage, when international expectations are at its peak, this will bring distress to the Tamils. But it is only at this stage, it is essential that this declaration has to be approached in a balanced manner. Without knowing the cause of the disease, one cannot be talking about the pain. It is important that the Tamils should treat this as part of their liberation struggle and that as part of the present stage of their liberation struggle. It will be wrong to view this as a problem of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). This problem has to be viewed from two angles.

First; the immediate reason or reasons for this problem and the underlying causes behind it.

The Canadian minister, Stockwell Day, has also revealed the causes for it. He was referring to the points raised recently by Jo Becker from Human Right Watch, particularly the raising of funds by the Tigers forcibly from the people.

The effect of this report is important. Those organizations, which talk about the violation of human rights mostly, refer to the violations taking place in the Tamil areas. But this report has dealt with the incidents taking place in Canada, quoting examples. We are aware as to how the GOSL made use of this report to their advantage. The doubt created initially on this report is what is behind the presentation of this report. When inquiries were made to find out the truth behind it; it transpired that Becker organized a meeting on Human Rights and some one disturbed that. Was the meeting actually disturbed? How was it disturbed? Was the meeting disturbed without debating the pros & cons of the views of Becker? These questions become vital. Apart from this, what is the relationship between Becker and the elements in Sri Lanka.

Those who are in possession of these details should come out with it.

Now we come to the second aspect. There are three matters that are important. The first one is, why this matter is important to the Stephen Harpers regime. Being Neo Conservatives, how significant is this to their government? This is a very vital question. Apart from whether they have connections with the Bush administration, we have to focus on how they are viewing “terrorism” within Canada. By saying this, an unbiased report about those who officially represent the Tigers, about their conduct, how they transact with the Tamil people and their relationship with the government becomes essential. The important question is: do they consider themselves as political propagandists or as managing directors? This is because the reason for the government’s decision is based on the information supplied by the Canadian intelligence agencies. This is quite evident from the report of the 8th April. The important factor is whether the charges made in Becker’s report were also reflected in the reports submitted by the intelligence agencies.

The second question of the second phase is next. This is an essential subject. Those who level charges against the Tigers, are they locals and who are they?

According to a rough estimate, there are between 350,000 to 400,000 Sri Lankans living in Canada. Among these, there are only 50,000 who are Sinhalese. Three to three hundred and fifty thousand are Tamils. Among them there must be two to two hundred and fifty thousand who are Canadian citizens. What is the political influence of these 250,000 voters? Do they have a place in the political parties? This is an important question. At this stage, it becomes necessary to compare the fifty thousand Sinhalese and the two hundred and fifty thousand Tamils from a political perspective. By doing this, it reveals some unpalatable truths about these two hundred and fifty thousand Tamils.

A vast majority of these are buried in the Jaffna culture, literature and politics. It becomes evident that they are immersed only in how to transplant Jaffna in Canada and not how to adopt themselves as Canadian Tamils and try to combine both.

More than this, another dangerous fact is that some Tamils (youngsters) living in Toronto are involved in unlawful acts, violence and hooliganism. It may be the number is small, but it is definitely happening. Recently, there were reports in the international media that Tamil university students killed two of their colleagues by knocking down their victims with their car. This was highlighted in the Sinhala media as well. This is according to the saying in Tamil: testing one pot of rice from one grain of rice. The local Canadians say that, while the parents go round carrying the statue of Navalar, it has become common for the children to roam with cycle chains. In this respect the Vietnamese and the Tamil refugees are behaving very badly.

Lobbies and lobbyists on behalf of Tamils:

This is leading us to the third question. This is very important. Are there lobbyists to present the true state of affairs of the Sri Lankan Tamils among the higher strata of the Canadians and the media? Such lobbies are essential. Two truths emerge at this stage. It is important to have lobbyists to propagate the state of the Sri Lanka Tamils, their struggle and their situation among the higher society. Intellectuals comprising of doctors, lawyers and university professors normally constitute these lobbies. Such lobbies are short in other countries and nil in Canada.

When one tries to find out the cause for this situation, it is said that due to the bossy attitude of the official representatives, the intellectuals do not wish to identify themselves with this. As far as Sinhala lobbies are concerned, the situation is entirely different. The Sinhala lobby in Ottawa meets the Canadian intellectuals and holds discussions. Therein they present the struggle by the Tamils as unjustified. Among the Canadian Tamils, such lobbies do not function. One can forget about it if it is not functioning. But it is said that certain influential people do not want such lobbies to function. While finding out the truth in this, it is important for those in charge to account for this. In this matter, the basic truth has to be told.

Except for those who have a personal conflict with the movement, the majority of the Sri Lanka Tamils are of the opinion that the struggle of the Sri Lanka Tamils cannot be separated from the Liberation Tigers. Even though some may disagree with certain aspects with the Tigers, there are no professionals denying their leadership. Under such circumstances, it is important to form such lobbies mentioned above.

These questions and answers are very important. At the same time, the next question becomes the main thing. What is going to be the response by the Canadian Tamils who are Canadian citizens to the recent act of the Neo Conservative minority government? It is different for those Tamils without the citizenship, but what are those who have obtained citizenship going to do? How and who is going to bring about a unified political forum? This is important. It is good that such thoughts have emerged to adopt new tactics when the need for international goodwill has become a necessity. The chaff should not be encouraged to dominate over the paddy. This is the time for the Sri Lanka Tamil lobbies and lobbyist to function effectively. It has to be construed that the multi-faced and complicated political issues we are confronted with is brought to us more by the Sri Lanka Tamils than the Canadian government.

In order to purify the gold, it has to undergo calcinations. It means taking the out of the fire. There cannot be anyone who likes to keep gold as black gold because of the fear for fire.
[Translated by Kandiah Mylvaganam]

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  1. Fear

    Increasing attacks on civilians have sparked inter-communal violence, with Sinhala mobs burning and looting Tamil homes and shops, reports the BBC’s Dumeetha Luthra from the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

    Thousands of Tamils in the east of Sri Lanka are reported to have fled their homes in fear of reprisal attacks.

    Tension in the Trincomalee district has been high since 16 people died in bombings and rioting in Trincomalee town in the middle of April.


  2. ‘It is time the rest of the world took Sri Lanka seriously,’ Michael Vatikiotis of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore said in an opinion piece in the International Herald Tribune.

    He said the ‘threat of force’ was needed to bring the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to the negotiating table ‘and keep them there’.

    Vatikiotis said India was well positioned to exert pressure on both sides but it preferred to lend quiet support to the Norway-backed peace process that is now under serious strain.

    He said South Asia’s major donors and strategic allies, ‘using their enhanced access to the region, should persuade South Asian nations to cooperate more closely to bring an end to the war in Sri Lanka’.

    He added that admission of the US, China and Japan as observers to the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) ‘will make it harder for India to ignore instability on its fringes’.

    The scholar added that the growing categorization of the LTTE as a terrorist group had not helped.

    ‘The progressive isolation of the Tigers, now banned as terrorists in Canada and Europe as well as in the US, doesn’t help.

    ‘Instead of pushing them into terrorist oblivion, where they could prove even more dangerous, governments should be finding ways to engage with them through the widely dispersed and hugely sympathetic Tamil diaspora.

    ‘More forceful engagement with both sides could push them to respect the ceasefire agreed to in 2002 and lead to discussions about an acceptable federal solution.’

    Vatikiotis credited Norway, the peace facilitator, with ‘valiantly leading attempts’ to revive the stalled peace process but warned that ‘there is precious little help coming from elsewhere.

    ‘It seems perverse that a world gripped by the scourge of terrorism neglects the bloody conflict in Sri Lanka…

    ‘Each side accuses the other of not being serious about the talks, and a full-blown resurgence of this vicious war looms…

    ‘A major part of the problem is that both sides in this conflict have proved reluctant to negotiate.

    ‘The Tigers are strong. They control territory and have a respectable military capacity. They aren’t going away.

    ‘The government in Colombo wants to play it both ways – seeking to isolate the Tigers and engage them in a peace process.’


  3. Maran: Right on spot man. Karuna is nothing but a common thief. He is a disgrace to the LTTE. He is thief, a womanizer and a traitor. He is lucky that he is still alive. He ran away because guilty of stealing, damn well knew that he was going to get his head cut off. Pottu Amman let one slip away. Prabaharan had the atmost respect for this guy because of his war craft. But greed got the best of him. For those easterrn Tamils crying fowl, please, give it a break.


  4. Hi Jeyasuriya,

    I agree with most of what you have quoted here earlier, and I do appreciate the fact that you are writing impartially and the truth more than most of our Tamils who are writing on this site.

    To add to your comment on banning the LTTE, SL government thinks that they can succeed in covering up their covert-combined activities with Karuna and other groups and putting a terrorist label on LTTE. But, they are going to fail big time. At the moment, the international communities are not educated and they do not know what SL government is doing behind the scene. It is going to be crystal-clear very soon, once the international communities come to know their game.

    I also think that LTTE is shooting on its foot by not addressing the issues properly. They have not figured out how to address in the international community what SL government is doing. They do not even know how to defend themselves from the terrorist label so far, especially even when they are functioning as a government with a structure. Once, they figure this out and start to function in all six cylinders, the SL government will tuck its tail between its legs.

    Furthermore, if SL government succeeds in making EU ban LTTE, there is nothing for LTTE to lose afterwards. After that the government will realize its mistakes in a big way. So far the government and most of the people think that the war is in another country because so far the only sufferings are in the East and North; the Sinhalese people don’t know anything about the sufferings of Tamils because they think that the war is somewhere that they can’t see. But, this time the situation will be very different.

    SL government has not even implemented the first condition that they agreed to do during the peace talks. Only way to get out of this war mode is by SL government making the first move being genuine and winning the hearts of Tamils and LTTE. It is easy to do as Tamils are passive by nature.

  5. Re: Dr Mike Adrews M.D ‘s comment on April 21, 2006 @ 10:45 pm

    Dear Dr. Mike Andrews M. D,

    Sorry, I did not notice your comments earlier on time. I did a physician search on your name through my brother who is a MD, but we could not find you and locate you. Is your real name Mike and Adrews? How did you get these names, and where are you from in Sri Lanka? What is your license number? Just curious.

    I don’t mind our fellow Sinhalese being so naïve and ignorant as their government, media and their Buddhist monks lie to them all day long, biased, being racists, undertaken a mission to destroy the Tamils in all different angles systematically. It is understood well the in the international forum.

    But, it drew my attention and made me wonder, how a US educated Tamil M.D could be a Moron. Many people are educated in US, but it is an insult to US educational system and the abbreviations Dr. and MD to see a person like you being a Moron. Don’t write in this forum. Many people including the Sinhalese in this forum know about the Tamil struggle way more than you do.

    I thought I will do a favor to you by writing this so that you can get re-educated, only if you are willing to learn. Otherwise, you will be a Dr. Moron all your life. Here is my straight comment to you. Go and research on the Tamil struggle: Why it happened, how it is evolved, who created it, what are the root causes, what happened to the Tamils in 1958, 1977, 1983 and then every year after wards. What are the things happened to Tamils in those particular years. Who did it and how they did it. Why our own Tamil people helped the Sinhalese to isolate us from the system.

    Then, read about democracy and non-violence struggle, and WHERE WOUD IT WORK. When you understand all those, then, you may want to learn about the Sinhalese people and the government, their mentality, goals, their mission and who is driving them, WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO TO TAMILS. Then it is a “straight home run,” for an US educated Tamil MD, if you know what that means.

    Then come back and tell us how Tamils can create a “democratic Tamil struggle against SL Government” and how Tamils can get at least one hundredth of human rights that others have in the western world. We would love to hear from you. You can do it in a week. I still believe you are a real MD.

    Thank you

  6. A Good Article, gives the brief of what happened for people who dont even know the basics of the problem. Please read this:


    Here I quote something from the article below, how Sinhalese people were iriginated. We are dealing with these kind of people.

    Here is the quote from the article:

    “The majority Sinhalese trace their origins back to a North Indian prince, Vijaya, whose father banished him for disobedience. Vijaya is said to have taken a native princess of the yaksha or demon tribe as his wife and together they gave birth to the Sinhalese race.”

    It is a good article that gives the basics for ignorant people like Dr. Mike Adrews, M.D and others who are very naïve about the origin of the Tamil problem.

    So, it is about Tamils to Unite and bring the Genocide out to the public. Civilians including women and children are being butchered in our Tamil home land. Sinhalese government is executing just what they did in 1983 and doing false propaganda in the international forum. Many Tamils are being butchered everyday even in the south. The government has staged and well executed the Tricomale massacre, similar to what they have done in 1983. I have articles that are written by Sinhalese in the last week about what government has done with their hooligans, Karuna Group in Trinco. Government is solely responsible for the Trinco incident and for the massacre happening everyday. LTTE has reacted to it in frustration but not soundly yet. This government does not understand what it means by the word “peace” or “human rights.” If they really want to talk peace, why would they use Karuna to kill the civilians and not facilitate the LTTE to transport them to Geneva.

    So, Karuna lovers, please see the damage your man has been doing to the Tamil community in the east and south as well.

    Wake up and smell the coffee people.


  7. details civilian killings by Sri Lankan forces and paramilitaries after Geneva Talks

    103 civilians, including six children, have been killed by Sri Lankan forces and its paramilitaries since Geneva Talks on 24 February untill April 27, according to a report issued by the Political Head Quarters of the Liberation Tigers Friday. 12 Tamil civilians were killed on February 27, March 5, 6, 9, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 28, and the first attack on SLA posts after the Geneva Talks in February took place on April 8th after the assasination of Trincomalee district Tamil activist Mr. V. Vigneswaran. “Readers can now make their own conclusion about who is responsible for deteriorating situation following the Geneva talks,” the report issued by the LTTE concluded.

    Download the report with details in PDF format

    Full text of the reports follows:

    Tamil civilians murdered, by and under the supervision of, Sri Lankan Armed Forces since Geneva talks on 24 February until April 27 2006

    The Tamil civilians murdered by, and under the supervision of, the SLAFs since the Geneva talks on 24 February are given in a Table in this report. With a brief explanation of the data in this Table. This Table tells the story of the gruesome terrorizing nature of the murderous campaign by the SLAFs. After reading this Table, it is not too hard to imagine the state of terror in which the Tamil people are living in the SLAFs controlled areas of Northeast.

    These murders were carried out by two main methods. These are, killing by direct shooting of the SLAFs and killing by direct shooting of the paramilitary while SLAFs stood guard nearby.

    In the case of direct shooting by the SLAFs, the victims are first arrested on a false pretext. They are then shot and the bodies just thrown in a public place to be “discovered” by the people. The murder of five young men in Puthur on 18 April is a typical case of this style of SLAFs murder.

    The other style of SLAFs murder is carried out using paramilitary. These murders are carried out after the SLAFs prepares the ground for the safety of and escape route for the paramilitary which then carries out the murder. Sometimes the roads are cleared of vehicles by the SLAFs so that the crime can be committed with minimum number of eyewitness. SLAFs has stood at the doors of neighbours preventing the neighbours from going to the aid of the victims. In all such murders people reported the presence of SLAFs nearby. When murders had to be committed too close to a SLAFs presence, people observed that the SLAFs vacated the place just before the murder is carried out; returning only after the paramilitary has safely escaped. The close synchronization of the movement of SLAFs and the paramilitary during these murderous campaigns are clear signal that the two are working closely together. These paramilitary murders are carried out in three distinct styles. These are, balaclava wearing gunmen arriving in white-van at night at the victim’s home; helmeted motorbike riders shooting and escaping in daylight; and missing people surfacing as bodies

    In Trincomalee, Sinhala mobs have also been used by the SLAFs to kill Tamil civilians. That the SLAFs stood by as Sinhala mobs continued the mayhem is now well known and reported in the international media.

    Following all such face to face killing, police is brought in to remove the bodies, a judge is also usually present at the scene, and the bodies are taken to the hospital for a postmortem report and the bodies are released to the family. The case is brought to the courts. As is now the hallmark of the Sri Lankan justice system it stops here. The Table gives the names of civilians killed grouped according to the styles of murdered described above.

    To these styles of murders, two more styles must be added. These are, the killing by SLAFs planted claymore mines targeting civilians and killing by aerial bombing and shelling of civilian settlements.

    Some of the claymore attacks and also one incident of face to face attack have been carried by SLAFs that penetrated the Forward Defense Lines of the LTTE. Since these murders are carried out inside LTTE area by the SLAFs these have been grouped separately in the Table.

    The styles of murders to look for in the Table

    direct shooting by the SLAFs,
    direct shooting by the paramilitary while SLAFs stood guard nearby, carried out in three distinct styles
    balaclava wearing gunmen arriving in white-van at night at the victim’s home;
    helmeted motorbike riders shooting and escaping in daylight; and
    missing people surfacing as bodies.
    SLAFs assisted Sinhala mobs,
    SLAFs planted claymore mines that target civilians,
    SLAFs aerial bombing and shelling of civilian settlements and
    SLAFs killing inside LTTE area
    Other major issues to look for in the table

    The number of Tamil children and women killed by the SLAFs since the February 2006 Geneva talks are highlighted in the age and gender columns of the table. Six children under the age of 18 have been killed. Three children were killed in the so called “limited operation” carried out by all three armed forced of GoSL in Trincomalee on 25 April. Among them is a four year old child. The photos of the dead bodies of these children are in page 8. Fifteen women were also killed by this SLAFs murderous campaign.

    The murders of the three high profile community leaders, Vigneswaran on 7 April, Vilvarasa on 20 April and Senthilnathan on 26 April must also be highlighted as all the three men had the potential to be parliamentary representatives for Northeast. Their murders represent an attempt to eliminate the development of democratic leadership among the Tamils.

    Another very important aspect of these civilian murders that is missed by most international observers is the fact that a total 12 Tamil civilians were killed on February 27, March 5, 6, 9, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 28. Then on April 7 Tamil activist, Vigneswaran, was killed. The first attack on SLA posts after the Geneva talks took place on April 8th. Readers can now make their own conclusion about who is responsible for deteriorating situation following the Geneva talks.

  8. Hello,
    Sri Lankan goverment has just executed another 1983 type of riots very well. This time with the help of Karuna group:

    Here is the sequence of planning by SL government:

    1. Systematic planned killing of civilians by both Karuna Group and SLA, after promising that they will disarm Karuna group when they were in Geneva.

    2. Created a tension by killing prominent Tamils and civilians to make LTTE react.
    3. Then they planned a riot and butchered the Tamils and burnt the Tamils’ belongings, just like the way they have done it in 1983 in Colombo.
    4. Then they planned an aerial bombing as soon as anything happens. They accused the blast in Colombo for the aerial bombing, but it was already pre-planned by the government.

    Please note at this point there is not enough information to accuse the LTTE for the attack in Colombo. Only time will tell us. As it is for now, the SL government has staged it as well with the help of Karuna.

    So, anyone who still thinks that we can democratically solve the problem with Sri Lankan government? Can people like Dr Mike Adress, Arun Vincent or any other Karuna lovers tell us more about non-vilolence solution with SL Government please?

    Sinhalese people,
    Do you think that Tamils can live a peacefully with these monsters? And, can you tell us, if Sinhalese people can kill, rape, butcher innocent women, children and burn our properties, why shouldn’t we kill them for self protection? If they Sinhalese can butcher the children, why are they dropping crocodile tears for LTTE using child soldiers, especially when there is no law that says you cannot use anyone above 15 yrs old? For me, Sinhalese Government’s excuse looks like the saying in Tamil, that the wolf was worried for the goat being wet in the rain.

    Karuna lovers, your man is funneling the fuel for the people in the East after he stole half a million US dollars from them. He changed because he liked the prostitutes in Thailand when he came for the peace talk conference meetings. Is he your leader? Does he know that SL government is going to drop a bomb shell on him too later?

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