Nanthavil Amman Temple: Mondays are auspicious days in March Hindu Calendar

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

The “Katpulaththu Manonmany Ambal” temple is situated in Nanthavil, Kokuvil East in Jaffna Peninsula. This temple is one of the many famous “Amman” temples in Jaffna district. It was built in 1743. It was destroyed like other Hindu temples in the district during the war. Later it was rebuilt, and all the “Poojas” performed.The annual temple festival takes place in June.

“Panguni Thingal” is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. “Panguni Thingal” – Mondays in March Hindu calendar falls during the middle of March though the middle of April, just before the New Year.

The devotees come to this temple to fulfill their vows and get the blessings.

“Kopura Tharisanam Kodi Punniyam” – Religious Saying

Kopuram or the tower over the entrace of the temple – Covered with sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses and mythological beasts, the tower is meant to be visible from afar so that devotees can even say their prayers without stepping inside the temple.

The devotees especially worship the “Amman” on the “Panguni Thingal” – on Mondays in March Hindu Calender

The residents of Nanthavil believe that “Katpulaththu Manonmany Ambal” is very powerful

Devotees come as far away as like Valvettithurai and Point Pedro to worship “Katpulaththu Manonmany Ammal” and fulfill their vows on the “Panguni Thingal” – on Mondays in March Hindu calender which is btween mid March to mid April.

“Mothagam” – Sweet lentil ‘timbits’ like treats with coconut and jaggery – is being boiled by a devotee.

“Mothagam” is offered to the Goddess on auspicious days – Sweet ‘munchkins’ like treats – filled with sweet lentil, cocunut and jaggery.

“Uzhunthu Vadai” – spicy lentil donuts- being made

The devotees make “Uzhunthu Vadai” and offer them to the Goddess on an auspicious day like “Panguni Thingal” – Mondays in March Hindu calendar.

This temple is surrounded by paddy fields and water lakes

The devotees go to an “Amman” temple on every Monday,during the month of “Panguni” – March Hindu Calendar, which runs from Mid March to Mid April

The offerings to the Goddess

“Vasantha Mandapa Pooja” is being performed

This temple was destroyed during the war, priest and two devotees were killed in the temple premises in 1990.


The people prefer permanent peace.


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[TamilWeek, Apr 9 2006]

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