JVP has a perverted desire for war – says LTTE

Norway’s ouster will lead to collapse of peace process says Bala

“JVP’s demand for the expulsion of Norway is absurd and irrational and can only be characterised as political infantilism” Says LTTE Chief Negotiator Anton Balasingham in an interview to the Sunday Leader.

The LTTE has warned that the peace process in Sri Lanka will certainly collapse if Norway withdraws its facilitation and will eventually lead to war.

Mr. Balasingham made the organisation’s position clear on the issue of Norwegian facilitation after the JVP on Friday officially issued the President with an ultimatum to oust Norway.

The JVP has threatened to withdraw support to the government unless Norway is ousted immediately and the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) completely revised at the next round of talks scheduled for April 19.

He said it can be assured that the LTTE will not engage in direct negotiations with the Sri Lankan state without the facilitation of the third party, the Royal Norwegian Government.

Balasingham charged that it can be safely assumed that the JVP was opposed to peace and wanted war.

“The anti-Norwegian-ism therefore is a perverted form of their desire for war and military conquest of the Tamil homeland. We have our grave doubts as to whether President Rajapakse could advance the peace process by aligning with these irrational forces,” Balasingham said.

He also said the LTTE has always insisted on third party facilitation because of mutual suspicion, distrust and hostility between the parties in conflict.

He further said the LTTE was happy with the Norwegian facilitation for their unbiased, objective neutrality and for their sincere commitment to bring peace, prosperity and ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Balasingham told the Colombo newspaper The Sunday Leader, the LTTE as a party to the CFA will not agree for amendments or modifications and it would be a futile exercise if the government delegation makes further efforts to bring amendments at Geneva to placate the Marxists’ demand.

“On the question of the CFA, the LTTE’s position is firm, clear and unequivocal. There is no need or urgency for revision or amendment of the truce agreement. What is urgent is the smooth, effective implementation of the obligations of the agreement by parties in the conflict. We stood by our position firmly in Geneva, in spite of feeble and futile attempts made by the government delegation to bring about amendments. Amendments or revisions cannot be made to the CFA without mutual consent as per Article 4.3 of the CFA,” Balasingham added.

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