“Liberation Tigers amidst the currents of a favorable breeze”

“Government’s willingness to do something is only due to a necessity” – Senior LTTE member Balakumaran

Our long struggle enduring economic hardships has now awakened the international community but Sinhala seem to have not realized it. Today if the Sinhala government is showing a willingness to do something it’s only due to a necessity that has arisen,” says Senior LTTE member K.V. Balakumaran in an interview to Thiankkural, a leading Tamil daily published from Colombo.

Talking in Kilinochchi to the widely read newspaper, the former EROS leader who has been a long time confidante of the LTTE leader V.Pirabaharan said “Even though they are coming for the talks due to this necessity, we are not attending them with sureness either”.

He spoke of the LTTE views to the newspaper on current political conditions and the approach of international community; excerpts as follows:

“You can see the Liberation Tigers amidst the currents of a favorable breeze from the international community these days. If we continue to keep talking at the peace table, we may be cajoled into and even be removed from the list of ‘terrorist’ organizations. Getting off this list is among our priorities. Our desire is for who ever called us ‘Terrorists’ will one day to call us that we are not that. This will give us a boost for the long haul.

But we cannot journey on this long path laden with oppression and atrocities. Continuing to talk under these circumstances will be in vain. We too have certain time limitations and how much longer to reign in. Our National Leader will determine the course of those. He knows when, where and what move to make. The Tamil aspect has presented a time frame to the International Community and the Sinhala side. We can be accused that this interval is to buy weapons and boost the rankings of our troops. In the meantime the international community may deem that we will continue to be at the Peace table.

But that is not our intent. Our purpose is how the people of Thamil Eelam could apply this period to their aspirations and put forward the stance. You are now seeing the results of this position.

Today the Sinhalese stand in terms of the international community, seems to be of a defensive posture. Even the Sinhala side realizes this very well. What will the Sinhalese do in these circumstances? Therefore they will prefer only to move to a situation where there are neither talks nor war. But even this will be one day be jeopardized by JVP. This is why Mahinda is trying taking all the Southern political parties along with him.

Q: How do you view the mention of the paramilitaries in the US State Department Human Rights Report?

A: The more authentications we get, the more we will keep talking – this seem to be the belief of the international community. We could view this as an incentive to keep on just doing that. However the truth is that this should have been done long time ago. We are being accused of enlisting children to our forces. However no one cared when embryos were killed in 1958. Today we are compelled to pay a heavy price to arrive at this juncture.

Q: What do you think of the Geneva agreements…could we anticipate that they will be implemented?

A: We are not waiting in the hope that the Geneva agreement will be implemented.

The Tamil people have been at this ‘receiving end’ of promises by the truck loads. We have been given assurances since 1918. What happened to the Sinhala pledge that Tamil representation will be given (for Tamils) in the Western Province. This dilemma continues to date. From 1918 through the agreements reached in Geneva, the timespan is filled with broken promises and barren pledges.

But as a liberation movement we never lost our conviction. We know how to solve this without inflicting anguish and agony to our people. That’s what we are striving for. Concurrently we are not going to bungle from our deep seeded commitments either. We will not move away from our goal. Without laying down the arms and not losing sight of our ultimate aim, we continue to participate in the peace process. Nobody can drive us away from this. [TamilWeek Mar 26, 2006]

[Thinakkural interview by R.Bharathi] – [Translation by TW news-features]
‘We support Tamil right to self-rule in Sri Lanka’ ….- Erik Solheim

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  1. terrorists always terrorists , they kill any body, in sri lanka terrorist kill sinhalese,TAMILS,Muslims,but terrorist leader, or their friends never get killed , their kids going to school, pass all the examination, but other poor sri lankan loosing everything(most of them)sri lanka not belongs to tamils , or india.

  2. The diaspora community talks big from wherever they are ,without having gone through / going through the torture and trauma of the political situation of the country. We should be happy that, at least somebody is speaking for the Tamils. Otherwise we are nowhere now. But hardly anybody understands it. Why can’t we get together and act together?

  3. LTTE is not speaking for any Tamils..all they trying to do it get some power. If they care about tamils why would they ask to disarm their own karuna because he is not with them. Also read the Human rights watch (HRW) report how the LTTE is harrasing their own people specially in Canada and UK. Also think of the fact Tamils live all around SL without any problems, but not a Tamil nor Sinhalease can live in the North East without paying LTTE. After all they are terrorists and they will always be.

  4. The history of Sri Lanka — Buy corrupted Tamil politicians or corrupted Tamil criminal and use them to oppress Tamils since 1918.
    The Sri Lankan politicians never understand what is freedom. They do not have experiences. They were slaved over 500 years and they do not know what is freedom.
    JVP live in juncle how do they know how to govern a country.
    If the Sri Lankan could not eliminate corruption in all level, how can they resolve the Tamil conflicts.
    Only way Tamils can get freedom, fighting — Non- violent all over Sri Lanka. Do not expect LTTE fight for it. We would like to see over 500 thousands Tamils should be in jail for freedom of Tamils like Ghandi did it.
    LTTE is fighting and protecting Tamils, normal Tamil watching TV.
    All Tamils should participate in freedom of Tamils. Every day they shoud fight until they get freedom or stay in jail. Like South African Mandala was in Jail for 25 years for freedom. But we never see any Tamils in jail for Freedom.

  5. There are Tamils , Sinhalese and Muslims living in North and East of Sri Lanka without paying a single cent to the Tamil Tigers. It’s the pure Sinhala mentality, not to think beyond the limits.

  6. The government of srilanka is giving amnesty to army desrters. The current statistics of deserters is running into the 85,000 mark and more are still running away. With all the good wage of around 15,000 and all the perks still the desertion continues. In other countries army desertion is not heard of and if at all it may be very low. But the reason for these desertions are many fold . There may be peace loving army men who don’t want to stick around with a corrupt and evil force may be one reason. The government policies may be another reason. The army big guns may be forcing them to practice force on people and properties which many men cannot take it up. If tigers can build up their forces the army is against it but they can’t keep their men in tact with all the incentives they offer. I think the army is going to lose it all when tigers start to attack. Only God can interfere and protect our nation.

  7. The current mood of the international community must be utilised to seize a long-lasting settlement – starting with Geneva in April (2nd round) The Sinhalese
    are now ready to concede more than ever before. The int’l community should be asked to rein in the recalcitrant JVP-JHU-PNM, all of whom will lose their relevance if there is a settlement to the National Issue. LTTE must repair their
    relationship with India. The Tamil people must go back to their homes, their livelihoods and they must regain their dignity and freedom they enjoyed prior to
    the 1980s. This is the challenge before all those who have taken up the noble cause to fight for Tamil rights, justice for Tamils and a “new future” for theTamil people in Sri Lanka.

  8. The time had come for Sinhala state to change the constitution to accomodate Tamil political will. Thus, so far the sinhala state is marred with broken promises to the Tamils. It is matter of time, the impotent political will of Southern society will see its consequences. to rather have a friendly neighbour than a broken and unhappy family.

  9. Balakumaran is very outright in his decisions and analysis. The current situation in the country is so obsessed in hipocricy and lies it feels that Mahinda has lost control of governing the country instead he has openly declared war on tamils. Mahinda is going to fail miserably because the patience of tigers has gone overboard and the attack is imminent. No power on earth can hinder the tigers to represent the tamils and win Eelam for the tamils. Eelam being currently a shadow government with full powers to provide the government tamils deserve the sinhala thuggerism cannot put a stop to their pledge of UDI that will shortly follow and to drive out all the forces that would like to sabotage it.Only friends of tamil Eelam will be entertained and enemies will be destroyed.

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