Lasantha murder: No police progress despite Sri Lanka President promise

Busy for six months

‘Other commitments’ more important than court for police

Six months after the murder of The Sunday Leader’s Founder Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge police investigations into the killing are reported to have made no progress whatsoever.

Further, on consecutive occasions when the Wickrematunge murder case was being heard at the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate’s Court police representatives failed to make an appearance forcing the postponement of the hearings.

When questioned by The Sunday Leader as to why the Mirihana Police had failed to appear before the court, Police Spokesman Ranjith Gunasekera claimed that ‘other commitments’ did not allow them to attend the sessions.

Where are his killers? over to you Mr. President


Exactly six months have passed since the day when the collective lives of Lasantha Wickrematunge’s three children were shattered. Ahimsa his daughter, still cries from time to time, as if her heart would break, for the father she loved so much. Lasantha’s 10 year old son Aadesh says that he misses the daily phone call from his dad, so very, very much. Even now, six months later, when the phone rings, for a brief, incredulous moment, his eyes light up in a flash of hope. Avinash his eldest son – to date cannot find words to express his deep sorrow. A pain, that has not, yet dimmed.

“It’s not that the Mirihana Police wanted to stay away from court but they have other pressing obligations that need be carried out,” he said.

Wickrematunge was brutally assassinated on January 8 at the Attidiya Junction in broad day light in a high security zone in close proximity to the Ratmalana Airport and Air Force Base.

While several witnesses were reported to have been present at the murder scene the combined efforts of the Mirihana and Mt. Lavinia Police have failed, as yet, to make a credible breakthrough in the case.

On April 2 the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate directed the police to submit a full investigation report into the case by April 16 but for the past three months the police have failed to submit either the investigation report or the Government Analyst’s (GA’s) report on the crime.

According to Athula S. Ranagala, the attorney appearing on behalf of Lasantha Wickrematunge’s wife, Sonali Samarasinghe Wickrematunge, the police have also not submitted a Moratuwa University report on the telephone data related to the crime, which is known to be in their possession.

“If the police genuinely want to take the investigation forward they would have made a sincere effort. Now it’s more than three months since they received the GA’s report and the Moratuwa University report on telephone data but so far none of this has been submitted to court,” Ranagala told The Sunday Leader.

The lawyer also stated that he would submit a formal request to the Attorney General to have the investigation transferred to the CID as police investigations have not made any progress over the past six months. []

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  1. The present government is highly involve in h is murder under these circumstances we will never be able to find the culprits. May be after the next election.

  2. LW was a hero!Can’t believe it’s been almost an year?
    I never grew up in SL but my grandmother had some lankan blood
    there should be more ppl like him in this world, At least Lasantha wickramatunga
    left a huge part of him back his three kids!

    Hope to meet them one day shak their hand and tell them how huge their dad was!

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