Tamil Journalist killed in Sri Lanka artillery barrage

Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoothy, journalist and political analyst, well-known and highly respected by the Tamils around the globe, sustained serious injuries in the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) artillery barrage Thursday, Feb 12th on Theavipuram in the ‘safety zone’ declared by Sri Lanka government in Mullaitheevu district in Vanni, and succumbed to his wounds.

Lack of proper medical attention contributed to his death, according to relatives who cared for him after the incident.

[Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoothy ~ Oct 30, 1972 – Feb 12, 2009]

Born in Mannampiddi in Pollannaruva district to parents from Mandaitheevu in the islets of Jaffna, Sathiyamoorthy later lived in Jaffna where he continued his studies in Jaffna University.

His live commentaries from Vanni were widely aired on several television and radio newscasts around the globe.

[Last respects held this way due to unavailability of coffins]

True to his name, ‘Sathyamoothy’ (Manifestation of Truth), was known for his forthright and candid description of unfolding events.

Click for mp3 audio: last commentary on the air waves by Sathyamoothy [In Tamil] – Jan 24, 2009

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